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Lake Worth Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Compared to larger vehicles such as a car or a truck, motorcycles offer a very limited amount of protection. When involved in a collision with a vehicle or any other type of crash, motorcyclists are vulnerable to severe and catastrophic injuries.  Many motorcyclists have experienced trauma to the spine or the brain and often incur bone fractures.

A motorcyclist involved in a devastating accident may strongly benefit from a seasoned attorney. Some injuries can be extensive and may often require expensive medical treatment. A Lake Worth motorcycle accident lawyer could help a person examine different potential legal options. They may also help establish liability in your motorcycle accident.

Potential Compensation Options in a Motorcycle Accident

Compensation for damages incurred in a motorcycle accident could be available, as a negligent party may be responsible. Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be a long and extensive process. Expenses can quickly become overwhelming and a person may struggle to handle their strained finances. A personal injury claim may help recover compensation for loss of income, medical expenses, and physical pain and suffering.

Some of the primary causes of motorcycle accident litigation include:

  • Product liability
  • Not observing traffic safety laws
  • Driving that is aggressive, distracted, or impaired in some other way
  • Unsafe road conditions like inclement weather or construction
  • Improper passing, not signaling, or unsafe lane changes

Before filing a claim a person may want to consider the statute of limitations pertaining to their case, amount of damages they need to cover expenses, and obtaining experienced legal counsel. A qualified Lake Worth motorcycle accident lawyer could help negotiate with the insurance company and work to fight for all available compensation.

Impact of Comparative Negligence in Lake Worth

Wearing a helmet while operating a motorcycle in Florida is not mandatory for drivers and passengers who are over the age of 21. This often leads to passengers or drivers being vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries or other cranial injuries.

Comparative negligence is a legal term that typically limits the number of losses a person may recover from another party if they are found to share any fault in an accident. Motorcyclists that operate their vehicle without wearing a helmet may increase their risk of being found partially at-fault for their accident.

Typically, the statute of limitations allows claimants up to four years from the incident to file a claim against a potentially negligent party. In the event of wrongful death, the time period is two years and includes a vast range of damages such as medical costs not covered under the personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.

Contact a Lake Worth Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries that may lead to many expenses. Before taking on costly medical payments, consider filing a claim for compensation which may ease your financial burden. An experienced attorney could examine the facts surrounding the case and possibly help determine liability.

Understanding the different aspects of a motorcycle injury case before attending court proceedings is often advantageous. Consult a dedicated Lake Worth motorcycle accident lawyer to schedule an appointment today.