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Lake Worth Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether injured from a collision, or a defective product, a person could be eligible for compensation by the individual, or business that was negligent. It typically takes more than filling out a form or asking for reimbursement to receive compensation. Sometimes, insurance companies avoid taking responsibility by agreeing to pay out smaller settlements or no settlement at all.

A serious injury can lead to expensive medical treatment, contact a Lake Worth personal injury lawyer and ask about how to file for compensation. Seeking compensation can be difficult as most parties are inclined to refuse liability. A compassionate personal injury attorney who understands personal injury cases and familiar with the local court system could strongly help someone file a successful compensation claim.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Demonstrating that the other party was at fault for a person’s injury may allow them to collect compensation for losses. Monetary compensation could help solve financial issues which may include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages from work
  • Property damage from the incident
  • Hiring home health care
  • Emotional trauma, pain, and suffering
  • Damages for permanent disabilities
  • Wrongful death if surrounding the death of a loved one

A Lake Worth personal injury lawyer could help someone pursue compensation for their injuries.

Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury lawsuits can result from many different incidents. Regardless if an injury occurred on public or private property or in consequence of a traffic violation these types of accidents can leave a person severely injured. Many of these accidents can include:

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are an extremely common cause of personal injury cases in the United States. When an accident occurs, a driver typically has failed to follow the rules of the road or drove recklessly. A negligent driver could be held liable for injuries and damages from a motor vehicle accident. Bikebus, pedestrian, boatcarLyftUber, and motorcycle accidents are also frequent traffic accidents that can cause serious injury.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims stem from when a doctor or another health care professional fails to provide proper medical care due to error or negligence, and a patient is injured due. This includes prescription drug errors, improper treatment, surgical mistakes or failure to diagnose.

Product Liability

Defective or dangerous products cause thousands of injuries every year. Manufacturers can be held liable for knowingly or unknowingly making defective or damaged products.

Dog Bites

Dog owners can be found responsible for bites and other injuries caused by their pet. In some cases, strict liability rules exist, and the dog owner can be held liable for injuries caused by the dog, even if the dog has never been aggressive or bit anyone before.

Speaking with a Lake Worth Personal Injury Attorney

Holding individuals or companies responsible for an injury may require the assistance of an experienced Lake Worth personal injury lawyer. Without a legal representative, the outcome of a case could be unfairly determined by another party or the insurance company.

Severe injuries like slip and fall accident, truck accident, and wrongful death may incur significant medical costs without a sufficient way to fund them. Schedule an appointment with an attorney who can navigate local court proceedings and carefully examine the different facts of your personal injury case.