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Lake Worth Bicycle Accident Lawyer

While riding a bicycle is a common activity in Lake Worth, some vehicles may operate without regard to the safety of bicyclists. This frequently contributes to collisions between bicycles and cars. Florida traffic laws and road sharing regulations have attempted to help bridge the gap between driver carelessness and bicycle safety, but negligence remains an issue. Many vehicle operators forget to respect a bicyclist's right of way on the road which often produces accidents. In many accidents between cars and bicycles, the rider on the bike usually incurs most of the injuries.

Medical bills and treatment can quickly become a costly expense. Someone who has experienced a bicycle accident may strongly benefit from consulting with a compassionate personal injury attorney. You might be eligible for compensation that could help cover medical expenses. An experienced Lake Worth bicycle accident lawyer could examine the facts of your case and possibly help determine liability.

Reasons Why Bicycle Accidents Occur

Often times, bicycle accidents are caused by reckless motorists who do not follow traffic laws and guidelines related to cyclists. A few common reasons bicycle accidents occur may include:

  • Poor decisions made by impaired drivers
  • Passengers or drivers carelessly opening vehicle doors in the path of a cyclist
  • A motorist who fails to appropriately yield the right of way
  • Reckless drivers not adhering to the speed limit and disregarding stop lights or signs
  • Distracted drivers turning into a bicyclist or pulling out in front of one

If you are involved in a bicycle accident caused by some type of negligent driving by a motorist, consult a Lake Worth bicycle accident lawyer. They could help identify legal options and fight for the maximum compensation available for your case.

Negligence and Compensation in Bike Crash Cases

Typically, there are several options available when a person attempts to build a case for negligence in court. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, an attorney may advise pursuing a motor vehicle negligence per se or negligence claim.

Generally, the legal term negligence per se is used to describe an action that is regarded as negligent because it violates a regulation or statute. A driver whose actions broke state law and resulted in a collision could be considered negligent per se. This may also qualify the incident as a criminal case involving a police investigation.

Establishing a driver's negligence usually involves proving the following points:

  • It was the driver's duty towards others to drive the vehicle in a safe manner and in keeping with state law (duty)
  • The driver did not adopt adequate measures to drive the vehicle in a legal, safe, or reasonable manner (breach of duty)
  • The bicycle accident was a result of the driver's breach (cause)
  • The accident caused the injuries or other kinds of compensable damages (damages)

When it comes to compensation, medical expenses are one of the most commonly sought damages. In some cases, injuries sustained in a crash could lead to medically necessary treatments that may be required for a patient's long-term well-being. However, a person could also file a claim for loss of income, as well as pain and suffering.

Contacting a Lake Worth Bicycle Accident Attorney

Although bicycling is a popular form of transportation, bicycles offer minimal protection for riders compared to a driver in a vehicle. When a driver operates their vehicle negligently, they may strike or collide with a bicyclist. This may make a person who was struck on their bike by a negligent driver eligible for compensation.

Bicycle accidents may leave a person with severe injuries, a long recovery, and expensive medical bills. A dedicated bicycle accident lawyer could help you hold a driver, whose negligent actions inflicted significant pain and injuries, accountable. Compensation for damages could potentially help alleviate the financial strain of experiencing such an accident.

If you have suffered injuries in a bicycle accident due to another's fault, contact a Lake Worth bicycle accident lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could examine your case and potentially provide representation in court.