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Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer

In the U.S., approximately six million car accidents happen annually. Car accidents can cause severe injuries or possibly death to all parties involved. Often, these collisions are the result of the negligence of at least one of the parties involved.

Motor vehicle accidents often occur because one driver is at fault. To be considered at-fault, the driver did not operate the vehicle in a reasonable manner, which may include driving at an excessive speed, failing to signal a turn or lane change, running a stop sign or a traffic light, texting while driving, or driving while impaired.

If you are injured in a car accident, you may need to speak with a Lake Worth car accident lawyer to determine the validity of your personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in receiving fair and just compensation for your accident injuries.

After Being Injured in a Car Accident

Typically, a police report is issued when an accident occurs. A report is filed when someone requires an ambulance, or if the involved motor vehicles are towed from the accident. The police report gives a summary of how the crash occurred and lists the parties and witnesses that are involved.

If possible, it is critical to obtain your own information about the accident. If you are not seriously injured, it is important to take photos of the damage. Both drivers are required to exchange contact and insurance information with each other by law. A person may then want to consult with a Lake Worth car accident lawyer to review the evidence obtained.

Typical Types of Injuries from Lake Work Car Crashes

The types of injuries that happen in a motor vehicle accident can vary. Some common injuries include:

  • Broken Bones – broken bones may require surgery, can be extremely painful, and require a long recovery time
  • Soft Tissue – soft tissue injuries include strained muscles, stretched tendons, and torn ligaments where the pain can be minor or significant
  • Brain and Head – concussions, severe brain injuries, skull fractures, internal bleeding in the brain, or lacerations
  • Back and Neck – these types of injuries include herniated discs, whiplash, sprains, or strains and may require physical therapy
  • Burns – burns could be minor or severe and serious burns can require skin grafts and result in scars
  • Spinal Cord – damage to the spinal cord (depending on the severity of the injury) may cause temporary loss of movement or permanent paralysis

Contacting a Lake Worth Accident Attorney

You may have medical bills resulting from the accident and future medical expenses if you require more treatment. You can also seek compensation for loss of wages from missing work, both your past and future earnings. You may need an experienced Lake Worth car accident lawyer to help you get a fair settlement when your injuries and damages happened due to another person’s reckless driving.

A lawyer can collect any necessary evidence to facilitate your case, including medical documentation, police reports, and witness testimony to prove your case in court. They can work with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours, allowing you to recover from your injuries without worry or stress. Contact an attorney for a free consultation today.