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Bus Accident Lawyer in Miami

Public, charter, and school buses are extremely large means of transportation that can lead to serious injuries for those involved in an accident. Much like commercial 18-wheelers, damage from a bus accident differs wildly from your typical car crash. This is because buses contain much more mass than almost any other vehicle. Additionally, because many people use buses as a primary means of transportation, these vehicles tend to carry many passengers. Based on sheer numbers, this makes it much more likely for a passenger to fall victim to a serious injury should something go awry.

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Miami Bus Accident Attorneys

Victims of bus accidents face a costly endeavor, no matter who is at fault. Some of the costs can be easily measured. These expenses include property damage, medical bills, and lost wages. On the other hand, some expenses are not so easy to calculate. Such costs include increased insurance rates, lost productivity at work, and administrative fees. The fact is that insurance company adjusters will do everything in their power to minimize your settlement. Hiring a team of experienced personal injury lawyers, such as the Ward Law Group, will give you a fair chance when negotiating a more appropriate settlement.

Common Types of Bus Accident Claims We Settle

Several US states report that nearly 30% of all their bus accidents result in some personal injury. As far as motor vehicle accidents are concerned, this statistic is very high. Common types of bus accidents include:

Rollover Accidents: Rollover accidents are complex and typically more catastrophic than other bus accident subtypes. Vehicle types play a significant role in a potential rollover accident risk. The taller and narrower the vehicle is buses, SUVs, and vans- the higher the susceptibility for a rollover event.

Impaired Driving: Roughly half of all life-threatening rollover accidents involve alcohol in some regard. Alcohol-induced impairment may result from any blood alcohol concentration level above .08.

School Bus Accidents: Many children around the country depend on this form of public transit to access school. As such, the Ward Law Group will ensure that your family gets the best possible settlement for your child. Many of these school bus accidents result from distracted or negligent driving.

Of course, these aren't the only sources of personal injury with which the Ward Law Group has dealings. Other examples include:

T-Bone Accidents: This occurs when a motor vehicle collides with the side of a bus. Usually, T-Bone collisions occur in intersections, parking lots, and multi-lane highways.

Defective Motor Vehicle Parts: These cases are more complicated, as they inspire debate about liability vs. negligence. Usually, the plaintiff must prove that defective automotive parts led to the injury. The defendant tries to counter this by claiming that the plaintiff's accident was instead caused by contributory negligence.

Head-on Collisions: A very serious collision that results from two motor vehicles smashing their fronts together. Usually, these happen on one-way roads. As a consequence of the physics involved, injuries can be serious.

Types of Injuries and Bus Accident Compensation

Traffic accidents vary widely, from low-speed fender benders to devastating collisions that lead to fatal injuries. Of course, bus accidents are no exception to this. Additionally, many buses are not equipped with safety restraints or other safety devices, such as seatbelts and airbags. Therefore, it is not so much a matter of the prevalence of bus accidents but rather the risk of personal injury when bus accidents occur. Common forms of personal injury associated with bus accidents are:

  • Slipped or Ruptured Discs
  • Moderate or Critical Brain Trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • Whiplash
  • Lacerations
  • Burn Wounds
  • Internal Injuries

...and more

What are Some Types of Compensation for Bus Accidents

Whenever you suffer a critical injury due to third-party negligence, seek experienced legal advice to secure the most appropriate settlement. An experienced team, such as the Ward Law Group, may be able to net you the following compensations:

Property Damage: Most think this solely means vehicle damage, but it does not end there. The property inside the bus, such as laptops, smartphones, jewelry, and more, may also be included in an insurance claim.

Medical Bills: This includes costs incurred from the medical treatment of your injury (regardless of whether it's staying at the hospital or simply receiving therapy).

Lost Wages: Serious injuries usually put people out of work. Lost wages refer to the income forfeited during this timeframe.

Emotional Distress: Commonly refers to psychological injuries or mental abnormalities that resulted from the accident.

Loss of Consortium: The deprivation of family-related benefits from civil wrong. Most commonly, this refers to the victim's significant other, who now suffers by proxy.

The Ward Law Group has undertaken thousands of personal injury cases, resulting in millions of dollars recovered for the victims of motor vehicle accidents. Several Ward Law Group cases have led to million-dollar compensatory payments to the victim and their family. If you have had an accident that led to personal injuries, contact the Ward Law Group today. Our team will provide you the same consistent service we have delivered to our clients for the last 20 years. You can rest assured knowing that your claim is in skilled hands.

Why Choose a Top-Rated Bus Accident Attorney​

In addition to serving English-speaking personal injury victims, The Ward Law Group is passionate about providing bilingual legal services to the Spanish-speaking community. Don't let language become a barrier to getting the compensation you deserve for your claim. Contact our team of legal advisors at the Ward Law Group today!

Gregory Ward and Jany Martínez-Ward have recovered millions of dollars in personal injury compensation for car accident victims. They were recognized for a top 5 verdict in Florida in 2021. They obtained more than $2,000,000 in compensation for the victim of a truck accident. Don't leave the fate of your settlement to chance. Contact The Ward Law Group today to secure your legal rights and hire reputable insurance companies.

Maximizing Your Claim: Immediate Steps to Take After a Bus Accident

It is very important to receive a thorough medical evaluation immediately after a motor vehicle accident. This is especially true in the case of bus accidents (or any large vehicle, for that matter). This is important for the victim's health and well-being and will help the Ward Law Group gather evidence for settlement negotiations.

Most buses are owned and operated by cities or other public authorities. Suing governmental agencies is usually a bit different from suing private individuals. In many cases, claimants may have less time to file their claims than in a normal case due to different statutes of limitations.

When you contact an attorney shortly after an accident, they will usually send out investigators to gather pertinent evidence to substantiate your claim. This may stretch across several mediums, from photographic pictures to eyewitness testimonies. During this time, your attorney will also help you determine the damages incurred from the motor vehicle accident. This includes taking care of any important paperwork your insurance company will require.

Lastly, it is important to provide your insurance company with relevant information that accurately displays the severity of your case. This includes everything from personal injuries to the potential earnings lost from being unable to work. You will also need to share any medical expenses or applicable information regarding your health. These moving parts will give your attorney the evidence they need to substantiate your claim.

Contact a Miami Bus Accident Attorney For Help!

Straight to the point: corporations and large insurance firms will do anything to avoid giving you the compensation you deserve. They want nothing more than to minimize the amount of money they owe you for your suffering. Luckily, you don't have to accept that.

The Ward Law Group handles these tricky matters efficiently and easily. Our team will ensure that you receive every applicable form of compensation for your specific case. This includes everything from mental turmoil to personal property damages.

Remember, language is not a barrier with the Ward Law Group. It's a feature. Our English and Spanish-speaking attorneys are ready and able to take on the world for your benefit. Contact our team of legal experts today!