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Miramar Truck Accident Lawyer

When motor vehicle accidents involve large trucks, they can be more devastating. Semi-trucks, big-rigs, large vans, and other types of commercial vehicles all count as trucks in this regard and the process of recovering from an accident involving these types of vehicles is often complicated. If you need help after a vehicle crash involving a commercial truck, a practiced injury attorney may be able to help. Contact a Miramar truck accident lawyer for assistance in filing a compensation claim for damages sustained.

Physical Damages from Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are different than run-of-the-mill car accidents, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, these vehicles are created to transport large, heavy loads across the United States. As such, the simple physics of these vehicles being on the road creates hazards for the drivers around them.

For instance, trucks require greater stopping distances and have harder impacts in accidents due to their size and weight. When trucks cannot stop in time to avoid a hazard on the road, the results can be disastrous. The physical force of the truck is transferred from the truck to the car it hits, and the car and its driver typically sustain the most damage.

Insurance in Miramar

Large trucks are insured differently than cars. Whereas a car is insured through a single insurance company, it is possible for a commercial truck to have multiple insurance coverages. This could be because the truck cab and the trailer attached to the truck are owned by different entities, the goods within the truck are covered by a specific company or various other reasons.

In light of this potential complexity, the help of an experienced Miramar truck accident lawyer could be critical to navigating the multiple insurance lines and negotiating with all the parties involved. It is possible to hold multiple parties accountable for the negligence that caused a truck accident, but doing so usually requires assistance from a skilled attorney.

Common Causes of Accidents

Truck accidents may result from the same kinds of causes as normal car accidents, such as distracted driving and speeding. However, because the transport of goods using large trucks involves multiple people at various stages of the process, there are more opportunities for negligence to occur.

For instance, truck accidents may stem from negligence in the production or maintenance of the truck. The maintenance of a commercial truck is not always the responsibility of the driver. If the truck is company-owned, maintenance may be outsourced to a third-party who is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is in good operating order. If an accident occurs because of a mechanical failure that regular maintenance should have addressed, it could affect liability for the incident.

Accidents could also stem from improper loading. These vehicles are created to transport thousands of pounds of goods, but improper loading could lead to the goods shifting during transit. If the weight inside a truck is suddenly thrown to one side, the truck driver may be unable to control the truck and cause a significant accident. Speak with a Miramar truck accident lawyer for more information about the common causes of accidents.

How a Miramar Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were involved in a truck accident in Miramar, it could be imperative that you seek out experienced legal help. Truck accidents are often complicated and involve a number of different entities, including multiple insurance carriers, various owners, the driver, and possibly more. With so many parties involved, there could be a number of causes of negligence that a civil case could be based around.

A seasoned Miramar truck accident lawyer could understand how to gather the witness and subject-matter experts needed to negotiate a settlement or bring a lawsuit against involving multiple parties. For help with your truck accident case, schedule a consultation with a local attorney today.