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Miramar Slip and Fall Lawyer

It may come as a surprise to many of how common slip and fall accidents are across America. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that one million emergency room visits each year in the United States are for injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall accidents often occur when someone fails to repair dangerous conditions on their property or properly warn about the danger, or when someone creates a dangerous condition through a personal act of negligence. If you are involved in any type of accident caused by such conditions, a Miramar slip and fall lawyer may be able to help you by providing professional legal assistance and advice. Contact a seasoned attorney today to get started on your claim.

Classifying Visitors to Property

Depending on their reasons for visiting, a guest on someone else's property may be classified as either an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser. This classification has a significant effect on the protections the property owner owes that visitor, and subsequently what the visitor may be able to recover in the event of a slip and fall accident.

Invitees are, as the name suggests, invited onto the property for a business purpose, an example being a shopper in a retail store. Licensees are those visiting for non-economic purposes, such as family friends visiting a private residence, while trespassers are those who enter private land without permission from the owner. Invitees are afforded the highest level of protection under the law, while trespassers are afforded the least. For more information about the classification of visitors, individuals should call a dedicated injury lawyer.

Establishing Negligence

The person or entity who bears responsibility for a slip and fall may depend on the type of property. Since the details may make a subsequent slip and fall case tricky, it could be important to seek out a slip and fall lawyer in Miramar who knows how to specifically navigate accidents on property.


Slip and fall accidents may happen on a private, residential property, such as a house. Usually, a homeowner is not responsible for situations that are out of their direct control. For example, a sudden accumulation of snow or ice on a sidewalk. Exceptions can be made to this rule, however, if the homeowner does not take reasonable care to address such conditions or warn visitors of their presence.

Apartment Complexes

Landlords have a duty to tenants to regularly inspect, repair, and maintain all parts of the property under their control. This is particularly relevant in apartment complexes with common areas that all members of the complex share.

These high-traffic areas, such as staircases, sidewalks, picnic areas, and playgrounds, tend to be common sources of injury. The number of slip and fall injuries from stairwells during the winter increase exponentially, for instance, and it is the duty of landlords to ensure these common areas are safe for tenants.

Commercial Property

Commercial property is property owned for the purposes of business, such as a grocery store or shopping mall. Generally, the owner of a commercial property has a higher duty, as they actually invite people onto their property to do business. This means they are responsible for any dangerous conditions that they know or should have known about.

For example, if a shopping center in Miramar has a leaky roof and the owner or manager chooses to neither repair it nor place a warning sign nearby, they could be held responsible if a shopper slips, falls, and injures themselves as a result.

Government Property

Finally, slip and fall accidents can happen on government property, such as at the post office or DMV, that is also considered public property. This descriptor also applies to any city-owned property and municipal buildings.

When a slip and fall accident happens on public property, the government entity in charge of that property could be responsible for any ensuing injuries, provided they are not protected by immunity and if the property where the accident occurred falls within specific requirements.

Speak to a Miramar Slip and Fall Attorney Today

The reality is that slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Fortunately, an experienced Miramar slip and fall lawyer could work to determine who to hold responsible for injuries sustained during a slip and fall accident. More importantly, they could help you navigate the legal process to ensure that you receive the highest recovery possible. Call now to get started with a private consultation.