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Queens Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks in Queens play an important role in boosting commerce. Many transport goods and facilitate the logistics of supplying hundreds of businesses. Without these big 4-wheeled engines, New York City's business operations would suffer. Therefore, a balance must be struck between the circulation of these vehicles and smaller vehicles and even non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles. 

The consequences of an impact between a truck and a smaller vehicle could be fatal. Probably, the person affected by an impact of this nature will not live to tell the tale. Pedestrians, drivers, and visitors in New York should stay safe to avoid truck accidents. 

To prevent accidents, follow these steps: Drive carefully, stay alert, and use the correct lanes. Motorcyclists should wear safety gear that meets the necessary standards to protect themselves. 

Victims of a truck accident may suffer not just physical injuries but also mental and financial turmoil, making the following days a terrible path. A skilled lawyer for truck accidents can make all the difference during such hard times. 

Investigating the world of truck accidents in Queens involves examining the complex issues of liability, the function of insurance companies, the typical causes of accidents, and the significance of having knowledgeable legal counsel. 

We want to provide information and support to victims and their families in difficult situations. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and receive fair compensation. 

Let us embark on this journey together, where this information will illuminate, comfort, and guide you. Keep in mind that you do not have to fight this war alone. The Ward Law Group is here to help you after a serious truck accident. We will fight for your rights, hold those responsible accountable, and support you in rebuilding your life. 

Truck Accident Laws in Queens 

We understand that exploring specific legal regulations can sometimes be complicated. You need to take the time to review in detail the legal framework surrounding accidents involving vehicles such as trucks. 

However, we feel it is important for our clients to know the rules surrounding this topic. Knowing the laws that apply after a trucking accident in Queens is important. It will help you understand your rights and the legal approach used in your case. 

Knowing rights is a critical step. This will give you peace of mind and restore your confidence in the legal system that governs your community. We have always enjoyed sharing our knowledge with clients and the community at The Ward Law Group. 

We believe that knowledge is power, so a more informed community will help ensure that rights are not violated. If nothing else, being informed citizens helps us strengthen the rule of law. 

Federal Trucking Regulations: Ensuring Safe Operation 

Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces HOS regulations to prevent driver fatigue. Commercial truck drivers must abide by stringent time restrictions and required breaks to maintain traffic safety. 

The government sets truck weight limits to keep roads safe and prevent damage to infrastructure. Violations can result in fines and liability for accidents. 

New York State Traffic Laws: Rules of the Road 

Speed limits: Like the rest of New York, Queens has set speed limits for various types of roads. Truck drivers must follow these speed limits, which can range from 25 mph to 55 mph on neighborhood roads and up to 65 mph on some highways and interstates, to prevent accidents. 

Right-of-way laws: New York specifies who has priority at intersections and other traffic situations. These laws are followed in Queens.

They say that cars in the intersection have the right to go first. If cars arrive simultaneously, the one on the right goes first. This rule applies to the whole state.

The fact that pedestrians and cyclists have specific rights of way in designated areas emphasizes the importance of cautious and alert driving for truckers to ensure the safety of all road users. 

Distracted Driving Laws: In New York, handheld device use while driving is prohibited, including by commercial truck drivers. Infractions can result in fines and an increased risk of accidents. 

Liability in Trucking Accidents: Determining Fault 

  • Negligence: If a truck accident was caused in part by the negligence of a truck driver or company, they may be held accountable. Speeding, breaking traffic laws, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated are examples of negligent behavior that can place blame. 
  • Employer Liability: Under the doctrine of "respondent superior," trucking companies can be held responsible for their drivers' actions. If a driver's negligence occurs within the scope of employment, the company may share liability. 
  • Manufacturer Liability: The truck manufacturer or distributor may be responsible for damages if a mechanical flaw or defective component causes the collision. 
  • Third-Party Liability: Contractors, maintenance crews, and cargo loaders may also share liability if their actions contributed to the accident.
  • Third-Party Liability: Contractors, maintenance crews, and cargo loaders may also share liability if their actions contributed to the accident. If a truck's brakes fail due to improper maintenance by another company, that company may share some responsibility for the accident because its negligence contributed to the crash. 

Similarly, if cargo is improperly loaded onto a truck and shifts during transit, causing the truck to lose control and crash, the cargo loading company could be deemed liable for their negligence. 

A contractor can be responsible for a truck accident caused by bad road conditions due to poor repairs. Investigating and evaluating thoroughly is important to find all parties responsible for a Queens truck accident case.

Determining liability in accidents involving multiple parties can impact the victim's compensation for injuries and damages.

Contact The Ward Law firm right now to get a free case evaluation! Do not waste more time. Our Truck accident lawyers in Queens will fight alongside you until we reach the fairest agreement. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Queens 

Over the years, we have represented clients in many similar cases. Many times, these cases involved trucking accidents. That is why, together with our team of professional truck accident injury lawyers from Queens, we have identified the most common causes of these situations. A knowledgeable Queens truck accident attorney can help victims navigate these complexities and seek appropriate compensation for their losses. 

  • Driver Fatigue: Tired drivers cannot make quick decisions and respond to changing traffic situations due to lengthy driving days and rigorous schedules. Hours of service are limited by federal rules to minimize driver weariness. 
  • Speeding: Excessive speed impairs a truck driver's ability to stop or maneuver, resulting in catastrophic accidents. In Queens, speed restrictions are set for various road types to guarantee everyone's safety. 
  • Improper Maintenance: Regular maintenance of trucks can play a crucial role­ in averting mechanical failures that have the potential to lead to accide­nts. These failures often manifest as difficulties with braking or unexpe­cted tire blowouts. 
  • Overloaded Trucks: Trucks carrying loads that are too heavy or not appropriately secured put other drivers in danger by impairing their maneuverability and stability. 
  • Inadequate Training: Insufficient training for truck drivers can lead to improper handling of large vehicles, contributing to accidents during maneuvers like turns, lane changes, and backing up. 
  • Weather Conditions: Inclement weather, such as rain, snow, or fog, can reduce visibility and the traction of the road, making it difficult for truck drivers to drive their vehicles safely. 

Some of the most important aspects to check while doing maintenance to a truck are the following: 

  • Brake Pad Replacement: Brake pads should be replaced before they become excessively worn to maintain optimal braking performance. 
  • Fluid Checks: Regularly check brake fluid levels and quality, ensuring the hydraulic system functions correctly. 
  • Rotor and Drum Maintenance: Rotors and drums should be inspected for even wear and smooth surfaces to prevent uneven braking and potential lock-ups. 
  • Brake Pad Replacement: Brake pads should be replaced before they become excessively worn to maintain optimal braking performance. 
  • Tire Pressure Checks: Regularly monitor tire pressure and ensure it meets manufacturer specifications. Underinflated or overinflated tires can lead to blowouts and reduced vehicle control. 
  • Tread Depth Inspection: Tires should have sufficient tread depth to provide traction and prevent hydroplaning. Replace tires that show signs of excessive wear. 
  • Alignment and Balancing: Proper wheel alignment and balancing help extend tire life and prevent uneven wear, contributing to better handling and stability. 
  • Oil Changes: Follow manufacturer guidelines for oil changes to maintain engine lubrication and prevent premature wear. 
  • Fluid Checks: Regularly inspect and top off fluids such as coolant, transmission, and power steering to ensure proper vehicle operation. 
  • Air Filter Replacement: Replace air filters at recommended intervals to ensure clean air intake and prevent engine strain. 

Truck accident victims can get help from a Queens truck accident lawyer at The Ward Law Group. They will protect their rights and get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.

Don't hesitate to call The Ward Law Group at 855-DOLOR-55 today! 

Queens Truck Accident Compensation 

Truck accidents can lead to extensive damages, from physical injuries to property damage and emotional distress. Knowing the different compensation options is important to get a fair settlement for your losses as a victim. 

  • Medical Expenses: Victims of vehicle accidents may require emergency medical attention and continuous treatment. Medical expenditures compensation may include: 
  • Emergency Medical Care: Coverage for ambulance fees, emergency room visits, and initial medical assessments. 
  • Hospitalization and Surgeries: Compensation for the cost of hospital stays, surgical procedures, and related medical services. 
  • Medications and Rehabilitation: Reimbursement for prescribed medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation programs to aid recovery. 
  • Property Damage: Truck accidents can significantly damage your vehicle and personal belongings. Compensation for property damage may include: 
  • Vehicle Repair or Replacement: Coverage for repairing or replacing your damaged vehicle based on the estimated repair costs or market value. 
  • Personal Belongings: Reimbursement for items damaged or lost in the accident, such as electronics, clothing, and personal items. 
  • Lost Wages and Earning Capacity: Serious truck accidents can result in disabilities that are either temporary or permanent, preventing victims from working again. Compensation for lost earnings and earning potential could include: 
  • Lost Income: Reimbursement for wages lost due to missed work during recovery. 
  • Diminished Earning Capacity: Compensation for the reduction in future earning potential if the accident leaves you with lasting disabilities. 
  • Wrongful Death Damages: In tragic cases where a truck accident results in a fatality, surviving family members may seek compensation for: 
  • Funeral and Burial Costs: Coverage the expenses of laying a loved one to rest. 
  • Loss of Consortium: Compensation for the emotional and financial support that the deceased provided to their family. 
  • Pain and Suffering: A truck crash can generate a lot of struggles for the victim and their family. An injured victim may also request compensation for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering. Our committed personal injury lawyers can help you get that.

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