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Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Queens

Going through life unaware of your surroundings. Perhaps anger causes you to become distracted from reality. You are driven by your emotions. But you live in a very big city like New York. The city that never sleeps. And you are disconnected from reality, walking around without seeing your surroundings? That could be dangerous.  

Or suddenly, you are attentive, you are fully present. But, a reckless driver isn't and doesn't see you as you cross the sidewalk and run you over with his car. Whose fault is it, then? That is something that could be determined from a legal perspective. Assess the degree of culpability and legal liability. However, one must also measure things from a moral perspective, one must take into account respect for others, and respect for the city in which we live. We should not, as drivers, go through the world bitter or disconnected from the beauty of life.  

That is why at The Ward Law Group, we consider legal advice to be just one aspect of our holistic approach. We always look at the human side of every case that comes to our offices. The human being first, and then the rest. 

As the poet Antonio Machado used to say, "There is no path; you make the path as you walk.” Well, if the path is made by walking, then as you walk around the city in Queens, it is important that your safety is guaranteed. 

Big cities should not be hostile to pedestrians. There should always be a balance. No four-wheeled machine should run over pedestrians. That's why there are signs, sidewalks, and highways, and everything has its place. 

We are sure that at some time while walking around the Big Apple, you have felt that your life was in danger because of the attitudes of others. How did you feel when that happened? Did you feel vulnerable and helpless?  

Don't be afraid to experience those feelings. It is completely human to feel that things are out of our hands and that there are aspects that are simply out of our control. We wish we could be in control of everything, but oddly enough, the uncertainty of life is part of the magic of life. 

It is time for you to walk in peace. Putting aside the fear that some stranger without the slightest care behind the wheel may harm some of your loved ones. We want you to leave home every morning knowing that you will return home safe and sound. In that way, develop an attitude of constant gratitude.  

We know that prevention comes first, but if the situation has already occurred, if it is too late to prevent it, the next step is to take it. There is nothing to change what has happened. Simply, now we must think of the best possible solution from the legal and human point of view. We will take care of getting the best possible compensation. Every penny for your recovery. But we don't just want it to be a matter of recovering money, which is very important; we also want an emotional recovery.  

We want you to be the same as you were before the accident. We want you to regain your confidence in life. We want you to be able to go out walking in your city without thinking that someone could hurt you. To trust that the creator takes care of you and all beings. 

Let's explore with our Queens Pedestrian accident attorneys the most relevant aspects of bicycle accidents. Together with our specialized lawyers, we have compiled the most characteristic aspects of these cases. In this way, you will have a broader view of things. And we will also feel that we are sharing valuable knowledge, which will also help in your recovery, as knowledge is often the first step to healing. 

Pedestrian Accident Laws in Queens 

Crosswalks are made to allow pedestrians to cross streets safely and with the least amount of risk to themselves. Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing within a designated crosswalk in Queens, just like the rest of New York State.  

This is in compliance with New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) 1151, which outlines the requirement for drivers to stop pedestrians in crosswalks. 

In Queens, it is especially important for drivers to go cautiously and safely in areas where there are many pedestrians. Drivers are required by law to drive carefully to avoid hitting pedestrians and to yield the right-of-way to them when they are doing so in a crosswalk.  

This duty of care also includes obeying speed limits, keeping a safe following distance, and not engaging in distracted driving activities that endanger the safety of pedestrians. These duties are emphasized by New York VTL 1146, which also stresses the need for drivers to drive carefully when there are pedestrians nearby. 

In the unfortunate event that a pedestrian accident occurs, it's crucial to seek legal representation to protect your rights and pursue fair compensation. A skilled Queens pedestrian accident lawyer, such as those at The Ward Law, can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the legal process. 

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Queens 

  • Driving While Distracted: A Serious Threat 

Driving while utilizing a smartphone, a navigation system, or another electronic device. Being careless enough to miss people using the sidewalks or crossing streets breaks the law against using handheld devices while driving.  

  • Speeding: A Dangerous Choice 

Drivers who go over the speed limit are less able to respond to unforeseen circumstances. A high-speed impact causes collisions to be more severe. 

Pedestrians are at greater risk at intersections and crosswalks.  

  • Failure to Yield: A Critical Mistake 

Drivers failing to stop for pedestrians at intersections or in designated crosswalks When drivers fail to yield, crosswalks and intersections become dangerous, and fundamental rules of road safety are being broken. 

  • Pedestrian Intoxication: A Danger to Walkers and Drivers Alike 

Intoxicated pedestrians endanger their own and other drivers' safety. The use of alcohol or drugs can affect a person's ability to move normally, causing them to stumble into traffic or overlook traffic signs.  

Queen's pedestrian accident lawyers understand the complexities of situations involving drunk pedestrians and work hard to offer fair representation for all parties. 

  • Unsafe Road Conditions: Paving the Way for Accidents 

Negligent roadway and sidewalk preservation can create dangerous circumstances for pedestrians. Trips falls, and other accidents can be worsened by cracks, potholes, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting.  

In some circumstances, poor signage or a lack of crosswalks can conceal pedestrian paths, increasing the risk of an accident. When unsafe road conditions are a factor in pedestrian accidents, obtaining the advice of experienced Queens pedestrian accident lawyers can assist victims in pursuing proper legal action against liable parties. 

Understanding Pedestrian Accident Liability 

Determining who is at fault in a pedestrian accident in Queens, like the rest of New York State, entails examining the conduct of all parties involved, including both the pedestrian and the driver. Anyone involved in such an incident must be aware of how liability is established and the implications for potential compensation. 

Shared Responsibility: New York's Comparative Negligence Doctrine 

Because of the comparative negligence system in place in New York, multiple parties may be held accountable for a single accident. This doctrine recognizes that both drivers and pedestrians have a responsibility to take reasonable precautions to avoid accidents.  

To reflect the extent to which each party's actions contributed to the accident, the degree of fault is therefore assigned as a percentage. 

Impact on Compensation: How Liability Affects Recovery 

A pedestrian who is hurt may pursue compensation under New York's comparative negligence law even if they contributed to the collision. However, based on the extent of shared responsibility, the amount of compensation is adjusted. 

For instance, if the driver is found to have contributed 80% of the fault and the pedestrian 20%, the pedestrian's potential compensation will be reduced by 20%. To accurately estimate potential compensation, it is crucial to comprehend the role of liability in a pedestrian accident. 

Establishing liability requires a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the accident. Gathering evidence such as witness statements, accident reports, surveillance footage, and expert opinions can play a pivotal role in determining fault.  

Engaging the services of experienced Queens pedestrian accident lawyers, like those at The Ward Law, can greatly enhance the process. Their expertise in navigating New York's comparative negligence laws ensures that your case is presented effectively and that your rights are protected. 

By comprehending the intricate interplay of liability and its ramifications on compensation, pedestrians and drivers alike can make informed decisions and take appropriate legal action. The guidance of skilled legal professionals can pave the way for fair and just outcomes in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. 

How to Choose the Right Queens Pedestrian Accident Lawyer? 

Choosing the right professional for your case may not be easy. The market is full of lawyers who seek to sell themselves as the great standard bearers for the most vulnerable communities, but from what we have seen over the years, many of these professionals only use that slogan to make money. Deep down, they are indifferent to the human aspect that resides in each client.  

That is why at The Ward Law group, all of our professionals are trained to serve others. That is the main engine that drives all our activities. To serve God, to serve our community, our fellow man, our co-workersunderstand. 

That is why we give all our clients personalized treatment with the due attention, patience, and time required. Every time a client comes to tell us about his case, active listening is the main element that governs our interactions. We have developed over the years the ability to listen, we can understand between the lines of what our clients want, and in that assertive manner, we can move towards the best outcome for all. 

We would like to give you the following recommendations for you to consider when choosing the professional who will handle your case: 

Seek a Track Record of Excellence and Empathy 

Choose a legal representative who has successfully handled Queens pedestrian accident claims. Their exhibited empathy for clients, on the other hand, is equally crucial. A lawyer who actually cares about your well-being and recovery exhibits a commitment to your whole recovery that goes beyond legal proceedings. 

Personalized Attention and Communication 

Communication is critical in every legal issue. A service-oriented attorney will provide personalized assistance, listening to your story, concerns, and needs. Because the importance of your mental health needs to be understood. An attorney that possesses the ability to have empathy will keep you informed at every level of the legal procedure. 

A Team Approach to Holistic Recovery 

Choose a law firm that collaborates with a network of investigators, medical experts, and legal professionals. This approach guarantees that every aspect of your case is fully addressed, demonstrating a commitment to your total rehabilitation—both physically and emotionally. 

Focus on Integrity and Dignity 

In pedestrian accident cases, it's not just about pursuing financial compensation; it's about upholding the dignity and integrity of the injured person. Look for a lawyer who values your well-being above all else, and who approaches your case with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and respect. 

A Passion for Advocacy and Justice 

An attorney who is genuinely committed to upholding the law and improving people's lives will devote more time and effort to your case. Their motivation extends beyond monetary gains and is rooted in a dedication to improving the lives of their customers. 

Customer testimonials and reviews 

To learn about past customers' experiences, look at online reviews and client testimonials. Pay attention to remarks that demonstrate the attorney's professionalism, compassion, and dedication to acting in the client’s best interests. 

We want all these points to be taken into account so that your experience in this long process will be the most favorable. Remember that the doors of The Ward Law Group will always be open to you. We will receive you with all due attention. We will fight by your side to make your case an opportunity to be convinced that it is possible to build a fairer community for all. 

And remember those inspiring words: Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning. You will be secure because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor. (Job 11:17-19) 

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 We will be with you from the very first moment until we can accompany you in the photo that frames the happy ending.