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New York Delivery Truck Accident

Hundreds of FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Amazon trucks operate throughout NYC daily, delivering orders from online retailers straight to the customer’s front door. With more trucks making daily rounds, there’s an uptick in accidents. There was a 44% increase in traffic fatalities in 2022.  

In a truck accident, innocent motoristscyclists, and pedestrians can suffer devastating injuries.  

What Should You Do if You’re Involved in a Delivery Truck Accident in NYC? 

Accidents involving delivery trucks and passenger vehicles can be more complicated than a typical car crash. The delivery truck accident lawyers at the Ward Law Group help victims who have been harmed in delivery truck accidents. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, speak to an NYC delivery truck accident lawyer for a free consultation. We’re here to help get you the compensation you deserve so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.  

What Causes a Delivery Truck Accident in New York City?

Many delivery trucks from companies like Amazon and UPS are on the road to meet consumer demand. Delivery truck accidents in NYC are also increasing.  

Delivery truck drivers are often under pressure to swiftly deliver packages to awaiting customers. Drivers may be hurried, distracted, or inexperienced, leading to potentially catastrophic accidents. When a delivery truck driver acts negligently and causes an accident, severe damages can result.  

Some possible factors causing an accident can include the following: 

  • Unsafe Driving – An Amazon, FedEx, or USPS truck accident can happen for many of the same reasons as other car crashes. For example, the driver may be speeding, driving while tired, distracted, driving under the influence, or failing to follow local traffic laws. There are also several safety tips for truck drivers that some companies may not strictly enforce.  
  • Work Pressure – Most delivery companies put drivers on tight schedules to deliver packages quickly. If drivers are too focused on the clock, they may ignore safety precautions or traffic laws, leading to a collision.  
  • Lack of Experience – Delivery drivers must complete on-the-job training and follow regulations to operate the trucks. While companies like UPS invest millions in advanced training, inexperienced drivers may still be behind the wheel.  
  • Improperly Loaded Cargo—Items loaded incorrectly can cause a FedEx, UPS, or Amazon truck accident. If the cargo isn’t properly secured, it can shift while the truck drives. Moving packages can also fall inside the truck or make it unstable on the road.  
  • Blind Spots—Delivery trucks have blind spots in the back that can make backing up more challenging. Some accidents occur when the truck driver reverses out of a driveway or parking lot and accidentally hits another vehicle or person behind them.  

Regardless of the cause of the accident, if you have been injured in a delivery truck accident, contact an experienced NYC delivery truck accident attorney who can assist with your case.  

Challenges Operating a Delivery Truck 

Delivery truck drivers face typical road challenges like any other car, plus additional challenges unique to these vehicles. Inexperienced drivers are likely to make a mistake while operating one of these trucks.  

Some common challenges include:  

  • Road Conditions: Navigating NYC’s traffic-heavy roads requires constant attention. Drivers may also have to make quick decisions if there’s a road closure, poor weather conditions, or a construction zone.  
  • Blind Spots: A delivery truck's blind spots are more significant than those of a standard four-door passenger vehicle. Drivers need to be extra cautious while backing up or changing lanes.  
  • Rollovers: Delivery trucks (especially the larger ones) are more vulnerable to rolling onto their side. For example, a UPS truck accident may happen if the driver isn’t careful while taking a turn with a fully loaded truck.  
  • Maintenance: Drivers can put thousands of miles on these vehicles every month. Fleet owners must properly maintain the trucks. Worn-out brake pads, faulty tires, and cracked windshields could lead to collisions.  
  • Physical Strain: Long work hours, loading and delivering heavy packages, and constantly getting in and out of the truck takes a toll on the body. Physical fatigue may lead to a distracted or exhausted truck operator.  

Who is at Fault After a Delivery Truck Accident? 

Many victims question who is responsible for their injuries after a delivery truck accident in NYC. Determining liability after a delivery truck accident can be complex; in some cases, there may be more than one responsible party. Analyzing your unique case involves understanding who should be accountable for the accident. Parties that could be held liable typically include one or more of the following:  

  • The Delivery Truck Driver—Negligent drivers cause most truck accidents. Delivery drivers may speed, drive recklessly, not observe traffic rules, or be distracted.  
  • The Delivery Company – Amazon, UPS, or another delivery company could be held responsible if they didn’t offer proper driver training, forced employees to overwork, or failed to maintain their fleet correctly. For example, if you were in a FedEx truck accident and can prove FedEx didn’t follow a specific safety standard, like forcing the driver to work too many hours, they could be held responsible.  
  • Cargo Loaders – The driver and the cargo loaders are responsible for ensuring the items in the truck are secure. There are several safe loading requirements all parties should follow. If improperly loaded cargo causes an accident, the party responsible for loading the car might be at fault. 
  • Another Driver – Another motorist can cause an accident with a delivery truck by acting negligently on the road.  
  • Vehicle Manufacturer – If a defect in the delivery truck causes or contributes to the collision, the vehicle manufacturer could be held liable.  
  • Government Entities – New York City could be liable if a government entity caused the accident. For example, if the traffic lights malfunction or the roads are not maintained, you may have a case against the city.  

Please note that New York is a “no-fault” state for car accidents. Your insurance company usually covers the accident costs, regardless of who is at fault. However, you also have the right to file a lawsuit if you sustained severe injuries or are unhappy with the settlement the insurance company offers.  

​​What to Do After a Delivery Truck Accident 

Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists are at high risk of injury in a collision with a delivery truck. Most delivery trucks are more significant than passenger cars, potentially increasing the damages in an accident. A USPS truck accident killed a bicyclist in 2021. Another man was fatally struck in a FedEx truck accident just last year. Common non-fatal injuries include whiplash, broken bones, skin wounds, or more severe and life-altering injuries like internal organ damage or injuries to the brain or spine.  

If you were involved in an accident with a delivery truck in New York City, knowing how to ensure your safety and protect your legal rights is essential. Legal and insurance issues tend to be more complicated in accidents involving commercial vehicles like delivery trucks.  

The first thing you need to do after an NYC delivery truck accident is get the immediate medical care you need. It’s best to contact the police, document the accident with photos (if possible), and exchange information with the delivery truck driver. If witnesses are at the scene, try to get their contact information. 

Even if you’re not immediately in pain or visibly hurt, always get a medical evaluation after a car accident. Some injuries don’t manifest symptoms immediately. 

Finally, inform your insurance company about the accident and speak to a lawyer. A delivery truck accident lawyer can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. 

Tip: Don’t make definitive statements or agree to settlements with any insurance without consulting an NYC accident lawyer. 

Types of Compensation for Delivery Truck Accidents 

Delivery truck accidents can cause minor to severe physical and emotional damages. There are several damages victims can collect after a delivery truck accident in New York. Most accident victims suffer physically, financially, and emotionally.  

The NYC delivery accident lawyers at the Ward Law Group can help you recover damages, including: 

  • Pain and Suffering  
  • Medical Costs 
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life 
  • Property Damage 
  • Lost Wages 
  • Emotional Damage  

Every case is different. There may be additional damages you can recover from your accident. Our accident lawyers will review your accident, and if you have a chance, we will fight for the maximum compensation.  

Contact an NYC Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer Today 

Delivery truck accident victims often have expensive medical bills, require long-term care, or cannot work for an extended period. Our NYC delivery truck accident lawyers will analyze your case and determine the best plan of action to get you the money you deserve. Depending on your injuries, our lawyers may help you recover compensation for medical fees, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.  

The Ward Law Group specializes in helping victims receive payment. Contact the leading NYC accident lawyers for your FREE case evaluation. Call us today at 855-DOLOR-55!