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Car Accidents at Constructive Sites in NYC

There is no other place in the city with more chances of being the scenario for an accident than a construction zone. Construction vehicles can cause unfortunate traffic accidents that can take many lives simultaneously.  

Being aware of the dangers while driving near a construction zone or walking near it is a must, so you avoid accidents that can hurt you badly.  

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a construction zone car crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Getting help from an experienced construction site car accident attorney is your best option if you want to be treated fairly once you set a claim.  

Keep reading to learn how to overcome this type of accident and receive a high-level legal service. 

Causes of Construction Site Car Accidents: 

Negligent driving in construction zones 

The most updated data from the NYC Department of Buildings shows 8,243 active building projects in 2020. One cause of accidents near construction sites is the traffic that must pass on the project address. New York is a crowded city, and traffic needs to flow, but drivers must be patient when driving near a construction site.  

Construction sites often receive many construction vehicles that bring materials or machines that will be used in daily tasks; all drivers in the surrounding areas have to drive slowly and carefully. This behavior will keep them out of trouble and injuries.  

Reckless driving behavior can lead to serious construction site car accidents with serious consequences. Dangerous maneuvers when passing by construction sites are a problem because they may hurt the construction crew and other citizens.  

Failure to follow traffic control measures 

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has a Work Zone Traffic Control Manual. This manual provides information on how to keep a safe work area for workers within the roadway while facilitating the safe and orderly flow of all road users.  

All potential users include motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, including persons with disabilities. 

Poorly maintained road conditions in construction areas 

Sometimes heavy construction vehicles contribute to the damage to the roads near the construction project. There must be communication between the owners and managers of the project and the entity in charge of repairing the roads so they can be aware of the damage and implement renovation tasks. 

These renovations help avoid traffic accidents near the construction zone.  

Types of Construction Site Car Accidents 

The main reason that every construction project must have a traffic control plan is to avoid construction site car accidents that may bring serious consequences for the involved parties. Some of the most common accidents that you may see near construction sites are the following: 

  • Rear-end collisions 

Sometimes, a construction vehicle needs to enter the project, but due to its dimensions, the crew in charge of traffic control needs to stop the cars coming in the closest streets.  

Distracted drivers who do not see the stopped traffic ahead of them may cause rear-end collisions that, depending on the speed they have, may provoke serious injuries to their users.  

  • Rollover accidents 

Due to the heavy loads and large dimensions, construction vehicles are prone to rollover. These machines need a trained driver to avoid dangerous maneuvers, which can generate disastrous consequences if they are not qualified.  

  • Cargo spill accidents 

Trucks carrying debris or other materials may constitute a hazard. If improperly loaded, the cargo can fall over the pavement, causing traffic accidents.  

  • Back Over accidents  

When a backing vehicle strikes a worker standing, walking, or kneeling behind the car, it is called a backover accident. Even a pedestrian inadvertently crossing the site without precaution can get injured or die in the place due to this accident.  

There are multiple ways of getting hurt on a construction site, among other accidents we may find:  

  • Crane accidents 
  • Bulldozer accidents 
  • Dump truck accidents 
  • Backhoes accidents 
  • Pinning accidents 

Liability in Construction Site Car Accidents 

Proving liability in a construction site car accident is a challenging task to do that only experienced construction site car accident attorneys are able to determine. Since plenty of people and entities are involved, it requires an extensive investigation to find the responsible one.  

One might think the construction vehicle driver was at fault, but that is not always true. It can be the responsibility of the company that trained that driver or the contractor that brought the crew to the site. 

The company that owns and rents the machinery has the responsibility of applying regular maintenance to the construction vehicles. They need to be sure that they have all their moving parts working properly to avoid malfunctions.  

The overall safety measures of the construction workers and other companies subcontracted to do specialized tasks are under the responsibility of the prime contractor. 

If there is a car accident on the nearest streets of the project and it is found that the accident was caused by construction duties, an experienced construction vehicle accident lawyer will lead an investigation to find the right at-fault party. 

Injuries and Damages in Construction Site Car Accidents 

Most of the accidents in construction zones bring serious injuries to the victims if they are lucky; if not, most of the accidents can cause sudden death.  

It is common to see broken bones in injured people in these accidents, and multiple limbs can be crushed by heavy machines or falling debris from these massive vehicles. Heavy vehicles need to be fed with fuel, and they require lubricants to perform properly. These tasks need to be done by an expert to avoid chemical burns with these materials. 

The giant engines that move these construction vehicles are often exposed and expel a great amount of energy in the form of heat; a slight touch with a hot engine can cause second to third-grade burns.  

Understandably, these types of injuries will keep you out of work for several months or even years, and you may lose substantial income, not to mention the high medical bills you may need to cover.  

When an injured person on a construction site tries to recover from his/her losses, they could go to set a worker’s comp claim. This coverage is a must for every construction project owner or manager, shielding them from being suited by injured workers and allowing the injured party to receive compensation to pay for their expenses.  

What happens when you are not a worker on the construction site but get involved in a construction vehicle accident? Well, it will depend on the circumstances too, and an investigation must be done; regular traffic laws may apply. 

The compensation you can receive from insurance may not be sufficient to pay for everything, including treatment and rehabilitation that may last several months. To determine all the involved parties is essential for the victim to fight for extra compensation to cover everything.  

It is not fair to be paying out of our pockets for a negligent action of another person or entity. A construction vehicle accident lawyer is going to help you navigate the process of compensation and fight in a courtroom if needed.  

Construction Site Car Accident Insurance Claims 

All people must know that insurance companies are out there to make money, they may not want to give the full coverage, and they will apply techniques to reduce the amount of money they provide to a victim.  

They are backed up by a legion of experts in the insurance field to state you were the one causing the accident or that you at least shared a percentage of the fault. An experienced lawyer can battle against these accusations and build a forceful argument backed up with pieces of evidence to get you the highest settlement available.  

Every incident is unique and must be addressed carefully and by a professional. People who fail to bring in an experienced lawyer usually find out they were denied coverage or leave with little monetary compensation, leading them to huge medical debt and an uncertain future for themselves and their families due to the injuries sustained that might be serious and with a permanent disability.  

If, after all the proof and valid arguments, a claim is denied, a construction vehicle accident attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault parties to get you an even better amount of monetary compensation. 

Preventing Construction Site Car Accidents 

A proven method to avoid accidents with construction vehicles is the well-known “spotters.” They are trained people who give instructions to construction vehicle drivers about the many blindspots the vehicle has. However, they can be at risk of serious injuries or even death.  

Nowadays, there is no car that does not have a camera that provides the driver with a view of the rear. Those cameras can be implemented in construction vehicles too, so the operator has multiple screens on their dashboard to see what is a potential hazard of their physical blindspots.  

Another technology that can be implemented for the sake of safety is proximity detection systems. These systems alert the driver with a visual or audio warning. A negative point of this technology is that it might detect materials that interfere with the detection of an object or person behind the vehicle or mobile equipment. Therefore, it must be positioned in a strategic place.  

The tag-based system is another option for the construction manager to apply. This system consists of electromagnetic field generators and field-detecting devices. The tag is worn by persons working near the vehicle, and the vehicle has the device to detect it; when it detects a tag near the vehicle, there is an alarm for the machine operator.  

Another way of dealing with backover concerns is an internal traffic control plan (ITCP). These are strategies that project managers can use to organize the flow of moving equipment, personnel, and cars at a workplace in order to reduce or prevent vehicle and employee collisions. These strategies can drastically reduce, if not eliminate, the need for vehicles to back up on a job site. 

Contact a Construction Vehicle Accident Attorney 

If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries or died in a construction vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for this unfortunate event. There is a process for you to get compensated, but you need to follow the guidance of an experienced professional who knows about the law.  

The Ward Law Group P.L. possesses a group of highly qualified lawyers who can help you in those difficult moments; we understand the stress and pain you are going through and are committed to bringing justice to your home. Contact us for a free consultation at 855-DOLOR-55 or message our online website chat.