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Concussion Lawyer from The Ward Law in Brooklyn

Did you have to deal with one of the most delicate injuries? A concussion after a car accident is provoked because of a severe impact on the head. Such a scenario is appropriate for compensation to repair the damage. An accident concussion injury lawyer understands the procedure for escalating a claim with the proper authorities. 

The time that passes is the truth that runs away. Not letting time pass in vain is important in this type of case. If you gather the evidence, your case may be highly likely to succeed. These types of injuries are not a game. 

They involve a vitally important organ in the brain. Any alteration can lead to hard consequences. 

The Ward Law Group team has 30 years of experience handling concussion and mild traumatic brain injury cases. Legal battles have shaped our firm. We have served hundreds of people in our community in Florida and now in this new opening in New York. 

Since we arrived, we have felt perfectly welcomed. We have also had the support of the Latino community, which is very active in reading our content and always reaching out to us with relevant questions to continue spreading legal knowledge to ordinary people who live in cities like Brooklyn

Guillermo del Toro explained in a monologue that success was like accidents because to reach success; we went through episodes of different speeds, where sometimes we were pushed to the limit; however, viewers only saw the result. 

They saw the tip of the iceberg, the final result, while behind that success was hidden the work of a lifetime. 

In the case of accidents, we spectators also usually see them from afar, through a camera that captured the event or a film record, but these events in the flesh are different. They occur in a time-lapse. But only the event participants can feel it with the intensity it demands. The rest of us see only the crash but not the journey. 

The point is that with accidents that result in concussions, it is not all over within hours of the event. All judicial, medical, and other processes will begin, and those involved may see their lives dramatically altered if there are serious consequences. 

For this, an attorney at The Ward Law Group knows a holistic perspective on the process. He or she will not only take care to share legal knowledge but will be guided by the values that define his or her actions. Service is one of the core values. The idea is that our lawyers develop enough empathy to see the human side of events. 

Many of these events take time to process at a full level. They may appear to be over if there is no serious injury, but internally, it can take a while to come to terms with concussion symptoms after a car accident. Our attorneys recognize the need to recover and return to "normal" in people seeking our help. So, when we fight a legal battle, we defend our client's quality of life. 

Do you understand why a lawyer should accompany you through the process? Now you see how much easier it will be. When you combine practical knowledge with a more transcendent purpose and well-defined values, things go smoothly. 

It will also depend on feeling in the right place and living the life you want to live. We have felt at home for more than 20 years. We started the company and have been living our mission to serve others as instruments of God. 

Now, we serve in New York, and this challenge brings us much closer to more people who need us to achieve stability in their lives and eliminate issues they cannot solve alone. 

Our attorneys have been able to summarize valuable information about concussion accidents, the legal implications, some anecdotes, and a message of prevention for our entire community. Let's get into it. 

Understanding Concussions 

Have you heard of concussions before? Surely, that story always made him think how such a thing was possible, and he refused to accept it because, in the ideal world he imagined, such injuries did not exist. 

We hadn't paid much attention to it either until before entering accident law. However, with practice, we saw cases where this type of injury was included, and we realized that, although unfortunate, it was frequent. 

It is not entirely pleasant to say that these events occur in large percentages in major cities such as New York. We would love a magic wand to wipe them off the face of the earth. We don't like unnecessary suffering. However, we understand that some things cannot be controlled. 

Seeing many cases has also allowed us to discover the human body's ability to recover from unthinkable situations. We have also seen some medical feats and more special cases where someone develops a special ability after such an event. Anyway, every story is a world. New York City has 8 million stories, said Ruben Blades in a famous song. 

Some of the elements of this type of lesion, their prognosis, and other characteristics that we have grouped in 20 years of experience are the following: 

Definition of Concussions: Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs due to a blow to the head or a forceful shaking of the head and body. A disturbance in brain function characterizes them and can range from mild to severe. 

Types of Concussions: Concussions can vary in severity, with mild, moderate, and severe categories, each having different symptoms and implications. Mild concussions are the most common, typically resulting in temporary cognitive and physical impairments. 

Causes of Concussions: Common causes of concussions include car accidents, sports injuries, falls, and physical assaults. In car accidents, sudden impact can lead to the head striking an object inside the vehicle. 

Symptoms of Concussions: Symptoms of concussions may include headache, confusion, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and sometimes loss of consciousness. Sensitivity to light and noise, memory problems, and mood changes can also occur. 

Delayed Onset of Symptoms: It's important to note that concussion symptoms may not always appear immediately after the injury. Some symptoms might manifest hours or even days later, emphasizing the importance of seeking medical attention after any head injury. 

Long-Term Effects: While many individuals recover fully from mild concussions, repeated or severe concussions can lead to conditions like post-concussion syndrome (PCS). PCS can cause persistent symptoms, while CTE is associated with long-term cognitive and emotional issues. These effects are also part of the long-term after-impact syndrome. 

Diagnosis and Medical Treatment: Prompt medical evaluation is crucial for diagnosing signs of concussion after a car accident. Doctors may use physical exams, tests, and imaging scans to assess the injury's severity and rule out other complications. Rest and symptom management are often part of the treatment plan. 

Preventive Measures: Understanding the causes and risks of concussions can help individuals take precautions to avoid head injuries. This includes wearing appropriate protective gear during sports, using vehicle seatbelts, and implementing workplace safety measures to minimize the risk of falls and head injuries. All these recommendations are necessary to avoid pain and suffering. 

Common Causes of Concussions in Accidents 

From unexpected falls to alcohol-related slips, the causes that take people to an emergency room after a situation like this can appear and go by any number of names. The issue is how to deal with the facts. How to overcome uncertainty and find a way out of what seeks to disguise itself as fatality. 

Our experts have seen elements of all kinds that could be considered causes, although some have been repeating themselves as a pattern in the last 15 years. Some of the most repetitive of these are: 

Vehicle Collisions and car crashes: Concussions frequently occur in car accidents, especially when a person's head strikes the steering wheel, window, or dashboard due to the sudden speed change of the vehicle. 

Slips and Falls: A slip and fall accident can result in a concussion if the head hits the ground or an object during the fall. 

Sports Injuries: Contact sports like football, hockey, and rugby risk concussions, often due to collisions with opponents or hard surfaces. 

Bicycle Accidents: Cyclists can sustain concussions in accidents where they are thrown off their bicycles and hit their heads on the ground or other objects. 

Pedestrian Collisions: Pedestrians struck by vehicles may experience concussions from the impact. 

Assaults and Fights: Physical altercations can lead to concussions if there are blows to the head. 

Workplace Accidents: Accidents in industries involving heights or heavy equipment may lead to head injuries and concussions. 

Entertainment Activities: Activities like skateboarding, rollerblading, or skiing can result in concussions if individuals fall and strike their heads. 

Playground Falls: Children may sustain concussions from falls on playground equipment or surfaces. 

Construction Site Accidents: Workers on construction sites can experience concussions from falling objects or falls from heights. 

Boating Accidents: Collisions or falls on boats can result in head injuries and concussions. 

Gymnastic Injuries: Gymnasts performing high-impact routines may suffer concussions from falls or misjudged landings. 

Equestrian Accidents: Horseback riders can experience concussions in falls from horses. 

Skateboarding Accidents: Skateboarders often face head injury risks when attempting tricks or losing balance. 

Aerial Activities: Activities like paragliding or skydiving carry a risk of concussions in case of uncontrolled landings. 

Steps to Take After Sustaining a Concussion 

Have you ever wondered if there is a guide on proceeding after an event of this nature? Don't worry if you have no idea because many do not. Do you have any questions regarding the role of the insurance company? 

However, with the valuable information we share with you, you will now have it. For instance, you will be aware of how long a concussion lasts after a car accident. 

One aspect to consider is whether the victim is still conscious. Based on that, many things can be done. If the victim remains unconscious or has lost consciousness, the guide can be useful to those who can help the victim until he or she is safe. 

Our experts have identified these steps as part of the sequence to follow after an accident with a possible concussion injury as a consequence: 

  1. Ensure Safety: If the injury occurred due to a fall or accident, move to a safe location away from any further danger. Safety is the top priority. 
  1. Stay Calm: Try to remain calm and composed. Panic can exacerbate symptoms and hinder clear thinking. 
  1. Check for Altered Mental Status: Assess if you or the injured person is alert, conscious, and oriented. Ensure they can answer simple questions, such as their name and the date. 
  1. Call for Help: Call 911 or seek immediate medical attention if necessary. Don't worry about medical expenses. Concussions can be serious, and professional evaluation is crucial to rule out more severe head injuries. 
  1. Rest and Do Not Drive: Avoid any physical or mental activity. Concussion symptoms can worsen with physical or cognitive exertion. It's crucial not to drive a vehicle immediately after a concussion. 
  1. Apply Ice: If swelling or a visible bump on the head, you can apply ice wrapped in a cloth for 15-20 minutes to reduce the swelling. Avoid direct contact with the skin to prevent frostbite. 
  1. Observe for Symptoms: Monitor for symptoms such as headache, dizziness, confusion, nausea, or vomiting. Report these symptoms to medical professionals for evaluation. 
  1. Keep the Injured Person Awake: If you are with someone who has sustained a concussion, ensure they stay awake for at least a few hours to monitor their condition. Seek medical help if their condition worsens. 
  1. Do Not Take Medication: Avoid self-medicating with over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen, as these can increase the risk of bleeding in some cases. 
  1. Seek Medical Evaluation: Even if symptoms seem mild, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation and guidance on the next steps. Early diagnosis and management are crucial for recovery. 
  1. Call a Lawyer from the Ward Law Group: Lastly, consider contacting our law firm. An experienced legal professional can greatly benefit your pursuit of fair compensation, beginning injury claims, and help navigate the legal process in your best interests. 

Contact a Brooklyn Concussion Lawyer

Please find us at New York City: 535 5th Ave Suite 910, New York, NY 10017. Call us for a free case evaluation at 855-DOLOR-55.

Suppose you would like to know more about these types of injuries, such as concussions. In that case, you can check out NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital's website, where cutting-edge research is constantly shared, and treatment like physical therapy is provided for victims of these events. 

Undoubtedly, when research, science, service vocation, and the desire for a better community come together, great things can be achieved.