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Rollover Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn

Can you imagine riding in the air in your car and not being in the middle of a Grand Theft Auto mission or Need for Speed race, but being in real life and having your life hanging by a thread? Can you imagine rising from the ground and wondering if you'll live to tell the tale? What was it that hit you? You didn't see it coming. 

It all happened so fast. You got on a freeway in Brooklyn, checked the Bluetooth connection of some of your devices to your car's audio system, and suddenly, an impact made you lose control of the car. You then appeared meters ahead after having spun in the air. 

At that moment, you understand that rollover accidents are not as entertaining as in Fast and Furious, but that real life does not forgive these events, and that now you will have to start a legal battle to determine responsibilities and try to get compensation to repair the damages caused. 

Another detail is that rollover car accidents can occur with heavy vehicles, such as trucks. ABC News Network described the accident on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway a month ago as follows: "A crash on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway that caused hours of backup in traffic left at least four people hurt." At 4:50 on Wednesday morning, two tractor-trailers reportedly collided near Tillary Avenue while traveling west." 

The news center continued to report on the matter: "Before one lane in each direction reopened, the eastbound and westbound lanes were briefly closed. By noon, all lanes had reopened. One of the vehicles involved in the collision overturned and collided with a sign erected over the road, scattering piles of trash all over the place." 

As we can see, an overturned truck can generate hours and hours of traffic jams on the highways. It can involve emergency crews rushing to the scene to assist the injured. 

Depending on the truck's load, it may also involve possible fires or explosions. If fuel is involved, it would likely trigger an event that the non-Brooklyn community would not want to experience. That is an explosion that would endanger hundreds of people. 

Identifying Rollover Incidents  

When a car is involved in a collision, it can roll over onto its side or roof. Because of the significant potential for serious injuries and fatalities, these accidents are especially risky. Rollover accidents may result from excessive speed, abrupt turns, or the vehicle's design.  

Suppose you find yourself in such a situation. In that case, it is essential to speak with a knowledgeable rollover car accident lawyer who can investigate the details and develop a compelling case on your behalf. 

Rollover accidents can be harrowing experiences, leaving victims with severe injuries, emotional trauma, and a long road to recovery. Because of the consequences involved in this type of accident, it is important to ask yourself another key question: How much could I benefit as a victim of a roll-over accident in Brooklyn if a competent personal injury attorney is on my side throughout the entire process? 

That question is very important, as our professionals at The Ward Law Group have been able to answer it excellently in their work. 

Many of our clients have come to our offices with that question. Some of them doubted whether they needed the support of a personal injury lawyer. The good thing is that we have been able to resolve that question independently through our services. Our clients were very satisfied when they noticed the human quality in each of our consultations, and they also found that The Ward Law works very hard to define a strategy that favors them. 

Undoubtedly, a lawyer from our team will allow you to understand relevant aspects of the legal situation of your case, what strategy to take, the role of insurance companies, how to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering, what position you will defend during the process, and how you could benefit from the insurance that the driver who carried out an injurious action against you should have. 

Have you been involved in a similar accident case? Suddenly, when you read that news that ABC News reported, you felt that it could have been about you, about the time your car blew up, but you decided not to pursue any lawsuit or a compensation claim. 

Not to call a car accident attorney because you were simply in shock, or maybe it was too much for you at the time, you could not process so many events at once, and you decided to remain silent after being an accident victim. 

It is at this point where our professionals also come into play. They will help you to assimilate better what has happened to you and thus understand that the search for fair compensation is nothing more than closing the cycle in a violent episode in your life, which could have been avoided. Still, unfortunately, it happened, and it is time for you to turn the page, but first receive the payment you deserve, in addition to processing the event holistically and with the help of our professionals. 

We are sure that integrating such an event into your life will help you grow as a person, as your resilience skills will make you stronger in the face of other events that you will inevitably have to deal with in the future. However, from what we have discussed with clients, everything in life is easier after having survived a few turns in the air and navigating the mysterious limbo that divides life and death for a few seconds. 

Where you grow and become a better person, our attorneys at The Ward Law Group are right there by your side, carrying out their mission: to serve others and help our community find answers amid chaos. 

Join us as we learn more about Brooklyn's bell-turn accident cases and the challenges these cases bring to the community. Do not hesitate to contact our law firm if you were involved in a rollover incident. 

Common causes and factors contributing to rollovers 

Some vehicles have higher centers of gravity, particularly bigger vehicles like SUVs, pickup trucks, and semis. The likelihood of rollover incidents rises as a result. Airbags might not inflate in a rollover incident because collisions aren't always present. 

This means that if people are thrown against the interior, they could get hurt inside this vehicle. The risk of injury rises if a passenger is not buckled up, especially if ejected from the car. The severity of an injury can also be increased by the possibility of windows breaking and a roof collapsing. 

Let's talk a little bit about causes, although they can be many, and believe us that since we started in the business we have seen any number of them, our staff agrees on the following as some of the most common in the last 10 years: 

● Excessive Speed: Racing through streets or highways, especially on sharp turns and tight corners, significantly increases the risk of a vehicle rolling over during an accident. The higher the speed, the harder it becomes to maintain control, making rollovers more likely. 

● Abrupt Maneuvers: Making sudden and aggressive maneuvers, such as rapid lane changes or sharp turns, can destabilize a vehicle, leading to rollovers in extreme cases. These sudden actions can catch the driver off guard, resulting in a loss of control. 

● Distracted Driving: This is a common type of negligence behavior. Distractions like texting, eating, or fiddling with the radio while driving can cause a driver to lose focus and control, increasing the likelihood of a rollover. Turning a routine drive into a rollover accident takes just a moment of inattention. 

● Adverse Weather Conditions: Rain, snow, and ice on the road reduce tire traction, increasing the risk of rollovers, especially when drivers fail to adjust their driving behavior to accommodate these conditions. Proper precautions are essential in inclement weather because it helps you to deal with adverse road conditions. 

Bad tires: Tires with low tread depth have less grip on the road. This lack of grip can cause rollovers when braking or making sudden turns. Regular tire maintenance is crucial for safety. 

● Uneven Cargo Distribution: Unevenly distributing cargo in a vehicle, particularly overloading a trailer, can make it more prone to rollovers, especially during sharp turns. Proper weight distribution is essential for stability. 

● High Center of Gravity: Vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as SUVs and trucks, are more susceptible to rollovers, especially in emergency maneuvers. These vehicles require careful handling, especially in situations that may lead to rollovers. 

● Mechanical Failures: Mechanical issues like steering or brake failures can hinder a driver's ability to control the vehicle, leading to rollovers. Regular maintenance and inspections are vehicle tips for maintaining safety and minimizing risks regarding being injured in a rollover. 

● Driving on Unpaved Roads: Rough or unpaved roads can increase the risk of rollovers because of reduced traction and stability. Off-road driving requires special attention to prevent rollovers. 

● Sudden Braking: Slamming on the brakes in an emergency can cause a vehicle to tilt and roll over, particularly if it's top-heavy. Controlled braking is essential in critical situations. 

● New Drivers: Novice drivers may not have the skills to handle emergencies effectively, making them more susceptible to rollovers. Experience and driver education can reduce this risk. 

● Alcohol or Drug Impairment: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs reflexes and coordination, significantly elevating the rollover risk. Impaired drivers often struggle to react correctly in rollover-prone situations. 

● Driver Fatigue: Fatigue can impair a driver's ability to maintain control, making rollovers more likely, especially on long trips. Adequate rest and breaks are essential to combat driver fatigue. 

● Failure to Wear Seat Belts: In a rollover, not wearing seat belts can result in severe injuries or ejection from the vehicle, increasing the risks of traumatic brain injuries. Seat belts are a crucial safety measure in rollover accidents. 

● Collisions with Fixed Objects: Crashing into objects like poles or guardrails can cause a vehicle to roll over, particularly at high speeds. These objects can act as ramps, contributing to rollovers in accidents and causing property damage. 

Notable roads, intersections, or areas in Brooklyn prone to rollovers. 

Some areas of greater Brooklyn may be more prone to this type of occurrence than most areas in the city. Although this does not mean that passing through these areas could cause you to be involved in such a serious case, it does serve as a reference of what would be the pain points of designing prevention plans, in addition to verifying if the signage in these parts of the city is adequate. 

The idea is to minimize risks as much as possible with all the measures available to the authorities and citizens. Many of our readers thank us internally for this type of content since the mere fact of generating discussion on the subject is already a starting point that can give rise to debate around possible solutions. 

Our staff of professionals, who also know and have walked the major cities of New York, in addition to information we have cross-checked with police and other authorities, conclude that the intersections and areas of Brooklyn where these events occur most frequently are the following: 

Belt Parkway: The Belt Parkway, especially sections with sharp curves and high-speed traffic, has seen its share of rollover accidents. Heavy traffic and challenging road design can make this area accident-prone. 

Gowanus Expressway: The Gowanus Expressway, known for its congestion and abrupt merges, poses a rollover risk, particularly during rush hours when drivers may make sudden lane changes to navigate traffic. 

Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE): The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, with its winding stretches and narrow lanes, can be hazardous for drivers, especially during adverse weather conditions. 

Atlantic Avenue: Atlantic Avenue, a major east-west route through Brooklyn, has intersections and sections with a history of accidents, including rollovers, because of high traffic volumes and a mix of vehicle types. 

Flatbush Avenue: Parts of Flatbush Avenue, known for its bustling commercial areas and frequent pedestrian crossings, may see rollover accidents when drivers encounter unexpected obstacles or make sudden stops. 

Williamsburg Bridge Approach: The approach to the Williamsburg Bridge can be challenging, with tight turns and congestion. These conditions can increase the risk of rollover accidents, especially during peak travel times. 

Kings Highway: Certain sections of Kings Highway, known for its multiple lanes and fast-moving traffic, have experienced rollover accidents, often related to high speeds and aggressive driving. 

Contact a Brooklyn Rollover Accident Lawyer

In any case, take precautions when traveling through these areas. And remember, if you have been involved in a Brooklyn wrong-way accident, contact an attorney at The Ward Law Group immediately to bring your case to a successful conclusion. 

Don't waste time guessing or getting advice from professionals who don't know the realities of New York. The experts at our firm know the jurisdiction in which they operate. We have earned our experience every day on the court. Defending causes and rejoicing in God by serving our community. 

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