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Common Injuries in Brooklyn Car Accidents

According to studies, man has less regenerative power than most animals but can regenerate his liver, skin if injured, blood, and hair. Medical science has been conducting research for the last few years to promote longevity, more than in the last 50 years of medicine's history. There is a growing fixation on prolonging life and reducing the effects of aging—the age of anti-aging. 

Thus, injuries caused to the body due to an accident can affect healthy skin and organs. In response to this, science is also looking for new alternatives. Ways to increase recovery periods and new alternatives to reduce the negative consequences that certain surgical interventions can bring.  

For example, stem cells went viral a few years ago as a new method for regenerating the organism and recovering the motility of certain body areas affected for various reasons. 

The vulnerability of the human organism always presents new challenges to health professionals. As our firm is a reference in the field of accidents, compensation, and the search for justice in this type of case, we constantly generate feedback with the medical sector to understand what approaches exist, from the clinical point of view, for the cases that come to our offices. 

When it comes to serious injuries, human regeneration processes can take some time—a certain period of dedication exclusively to recovery, in addition to appropriate rehabilitation therapy. 

We have seen successful recovery cases after suffering common car accident injuries, in which, apart from receiving appropriate compensation, with which the person stopped worrying about the economic issue during the entire recovery time, it was also possible to recover the mobility of the affected body part, in less time than expected. 

Nature is magical. Plants have enormous regenerative power; some amphibians, such as the newt, can regenerate their legs if they lose them. 

Frogs do not regenerate their limbs, but they do regenerate if an electric shock is applied to the stump; their regenerative capacity is not spontaneous and seems to be blocked. 

Man does not regenerate his limbs, but if, for example, he loses an arm, the field of that arm continues to exist. An example is amputees, who continue to feel the lost organ (phantom pain). 

Although humans have not been endowed with the capacity for physical regeneration that reptiles possess, they have been endowed with other great gifts that move the world we know.  

Among them is the gift of will. This ability that God has given to human beings has lost the ability to achieve even the "impossible." 

We have seen incredible feats that transcend the laws of physics only due to the will to want to do. However, that will always go hand in hand with motivation, which may result from an extreme situation or a crisis that forces us to move on to a new stage. 

Sometimes circumstances impose themselves, and for that, you must be prepared. You should be able to know the details that could be useful for you to emerge successfully from a situation that no one would want to experience, such as a dangerous accident in a large city like New York—for instance, the main role of an insurance company regarding vehicle accidents and auto accidents

What we seek with these types of articles is to raise awareness in our community and shed a little light on these issues, which, although they are known, sometimes we have chosen not to delve into since we minimize them. Still, when they occur, they are indeed very annoying events. 

They can be very difficult to assimilate if you are not prepared or do not have the support of professionals who understand how to deal with these situations holistically. 

What differentiates a lawyer on our team from other lawyers in the field? 

The Ward Law Group team is mobilized by the values that transcend our entire firm. The value we always emphasize the most is that of service. Service to our clients. Service to our team. Service to our community. 

These slogans are not just words for us. They are much more than that. They are the origin of the principles that have helped us fight the legal battle in hundreds of cases that have knocked on our firm's doors during the last 30 years. 

After the first few years of focusing mostly on the legal aspect, we discovered that, especially in the area of accidents, the case was not just a legal phenomenon since it involved other aspects of our client's lives that were also at stake. Aspects include physical health, emotional health, relationships with family and work, and the link with their community. These variables are affected to some degree after a shocking experience, such as a negative situation aboard a motor vehicle or while walking in a large city such as Brooklyn

Our lawyers have learned to think holistically. It is important to understand the facts as a whole, not as isolated elements that are not part of something bigger. Since we understood that things in the practical world are immersed in larger universal laws and aspects involving several other variables, things became simpler and more efficient. 

From now on, we cannot continue with a legal diagnosis if we have not first evaluated the human aspect of the situation we are presented with to solve. The psycho-emotional condition of our potential client, in addition to the impact that the accident has generated in him in terms of his relationship with his close environment and with his community. 

A Ward Law Group attorney is trained to see the world in legal terms and the human side. We do not fall into generalizations or assume things ahead of time. The facts back up every strategy we pursue in a given case. The search for the truth is our north, and that is how we have achieved a high success rate in most cases we have decided to handle. 

That is why, by counting on us in your case, you expect to receive legal advice and gain a group of professionals who are dedicated to helping you live a good life. Facts are reconciled with expectations, and at the end of the process, you will feel that you have made peace with the events that have caused you so much pain. We also encourage proper medical treatment. 

It is not an easy road, but believe us, we have seen cases of absolute recovery and clients who have claimed to be new people after overcoming the slip that life put in their paths. They have seen the positive side of events and learned new and very useful skills such as patience, faith, trust in others, justice, and optimism that the Brooklyn community will be a better place for all who live there. 

Before analyzing the different types of injuries individually and Brooklyn as the scene of the accident, we would like to share some statistics so that our readers can get an idea of these types of phenomena in terms of probabilities. 

Also, it is important to understand the severity of these events, as they can be repetitive in large cities like Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn is where the majority of fatal accidents take place. The higher overall number of car accidents and the same factors that raise the collision risk, such as poorly designed roads and excessive traffic, all contribute to the higher fatalities in this borough.  

Whatever the cause, Brooklyn accounted for 35% of collisions that resulted in injury or fatality, with 12,812 occurring out of all collisions that occurred citywide. 

A total of 1,853 crashes in Staten Island resulted in injuries or fatalities, making it the borough with the fewest serious or fatal accidents. The other fatal accidents occurred in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. 10,507 accidents resulted in injuries or fatalities in Queens. 

In 2022, 38% of accidents in NYC resulted in fatalities or injuries. 100,508 car accidents occurred in 2022, with 37,848 resulting in injuries or fatalities. When motor vehicle collisions involve a motorcyclist, a pedestrian, or a cyclist or happen at high speeds, the likelihood of fatalities increases. 

As we can see, the statistics are not very friendly for large cities like Brooklyn and New York State in general. However, as we continue disseminating pertinent information to raise awareness and citizens become more informed, these numbers may decrease in the coming years. We must all contribute our grain of sand in this task because we are all part of the same community. 

Types of injuries: a result of Brooklyn car accidents 

Let's explore the most common injuries around this event and evaluate their prognosis, characteristics, and possible compensations. 

Whiplash and Neck Injuries 

  • Understanding Whiplash: Whiplash is a common neck injury resulting from the rapid back-and-forth motion of the head during a car accident. It often occurs when a vehicle is rear-ended, causing the neck to hyperextend and flex suddenly. 
  • Causes of Whiplash: Whiplash injuries are primarily caused by sudden deceleration in car accidents. Factors like distracted driving, rear-end collisions, or sudden stops contribute to the risk of whiplash. 
  • Long-Term Implications: While whiplash is often considered a minor injury, it can have long-term implications. Chronic neck pain, headaches, and reduced neck mobility are common, potentially affecting a person's quality of life. 
  • Delayed Onset: Whiplash symptoms may not appear immediately after an accident but can manifest hours or even days later. Even if you initially feel fine, seeking medical attention promptly is crucial. 
  • Treatment Options: Treatment for whiplash and neck injuries may include physical therapy, pain management, chiropractic care, and, in some cases, surgery. Prompt medical evaluation is vital to determine each patient's most suitable treatment plan. 

Head and brain injuries 

  • Types of Head Injuries: Car accidents can lead to a range of head injuries, including concussions, contusions, and more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The severity can vary widely, with TBIs often requiring intensive medical care. 
  • Concussions: Concussions are a common result of head trauma in car accidents. They can have immediate symptoms such as confusion and memory loss, but they can also lead to long-term cognitive issues if not treated promptly. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): TBIs are among the most severe head injuries in car accidents. They can result in permanent brain damage, affecting cognitive, motor, and sensory functions. Early diagnosis and intervention are critical for better outcomes. 
  • Diagnosis and Treatment: Accurate diagnosis of head and brain injuries typically involves imaging studies like CT scans and MRIs. Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the injury and may include surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy to aid recovery. 

Spinal Cord Injuries and Back Pain 

  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs): Car accidents can cause SCIs, resulting in partial or complete paralysis. These injuries are often permanent and can lead to significant disabilities, affecting mobility and daily life. 
  • Herniated Discs: Car accidents can also lead to herniated or slipped discs in the spine. These injuries can cause severe back pain and nerve compression and sometimes require surgical intervention. 
  • Chronic Back Pain: Back pain is a common consequence of car accidents. Even seemingly minor accidents can lead to chronic pain, which may persist long after the accident. This pain can significantly impact a person's quality of life. 
  • Types of Back Injuries: Back injuries can vary widely, from strains and sprains to fractures and dislocations. Understanding the specific type of injury is crucial for determining the appropriate treatment. 
  • Diagnosis and Imaging: Accurate diagnosis of spinal cord and back injuries often involves imaging studies like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. These tests help identify the extent and location of the injury. 

Broken Bones and Fractures 

  • Common Fractures: Car accidents can result in various bone fractures, with the most frequent involving the arms, legs, ribs, and collarbones. Understanding the type of fracture is crucial for proper treatment. 
  • Simple Fractures: Simple fractures involve a clean break in the bone, often without severe damage to surrounding tissues. These fractures typically have a better prognosis and shorter recovery time. 
  • Compound Fractures: Compound fractures, on the other hand, are more severe. They occur when the broken bone pierces through the skin, increasing the risk of infection and requiring immediate medical attention. 
  • Comminuted Fractures: In some cases, bones may shatter into multiple fragments, known as comminuted fractures. These injuries often necessitate surgical intervention to realign and stabilize the bone. 
  • Treatment Options: Treatment for fractures may involve casting, splinting, or surgical procedures like open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). The choice depends on the type and severity of the fracture. 

We could spend long hours mentioning all the types of injuries we have seen with so many years of experience, although we don't know if it would be enough time for all our readers. To mention a few others we have witnessed: 

● Cuts and Lacerations 

● Internal Organ Damage 

● Burn Injuries 

● Facial Injuries 

● Psychological Trauma 

● Soft Tissue Injuries 

● Abrasions and Road Rash 

● Concussions 

● Amputations 

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The list can go on, although we hope that in the future, these types of injuries will be reduced. Let's continue working every day to make our community a safer place! 

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