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Uber Accident Lawyer in The Bronx 

The rise of rideshare companies like Uber has transformed transportation in cities like New York, offering convenience and ease of travel.  

Even though there is a massive public transportation system, such as the MTA buses and subways, this rideshare platform provides extra value to people; we all know that people love convenience.  

The increase in population in this large city due to emigration and the high demand for jobs have allowed these platforms to provide excellent earnings to car owners by offering this service.  

However, they have to comply with regulations from the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), which states that drivers who want to provide a rideshare service must have a commercial license and insurance to protect their passengers and to be fair with other services like the iconic yellow taxi cabs.  

Understanding your legal rights and options is paramount if you've been involved in an Uber accident as a passenger in The Bronx. An experienced Uber car accident lawyer can guide you through the complexities of the legal process and help you seek the compensation you deserve. 

The Ward Law Group counts on a team of experts to help you navigate the process, relieve stress, and fight for compensation so you can rest and focus on recovering from your injuries.

Common Causes of Bronx Uber Accidents 

Like any other car accident, Bronx Uber accidents can result from various factors contributing to the complexity of city driving.  

Distracted Driving: 

Distracted driving is a prevalent cause of accidents. This includes texting, talking on the phone, eating, or even adjusting the GPS.  

For Uber drivers, distractions are a genuine concern, as they always have to manage their navigation app, interact with passengers, and stay updated on ride requests. This divided attention can lead to delayed reaction times and potential collisions. 

That is why a recommendation is that they should take the ride requests while still parked and not while driving on the streets.  

Speeding and Reckless Behaviors: 

Speeding and reckless behaviors pose significant risks on the road. Uber drivers might feel pressured to reach their passengers quickly or complete as many trips as possible.  

This might lead them to exceed speed limits or engage in aggressive driving, endangering passengers and others on the road. Such behaviors increase the likelihood of accidents and reduce the driver's ability to respond to unexpected situations. 

Fatigue Driving: 

Uber drivers often work long hours to maximize their earnings. Fatigue can set in, leading to reduced focus and slower reaction times. Fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as driving under alcohol.  

Tired drivers might miss traffic signals, overlook potential hazards, and even doze off at the wheel – all of which can result in accidents with serious consequences for passengers. 

DUI and Drunk Driving: 

Most Uber rideshare drivers have passed tests, and they are a safe transportation mode for those who come out of bars and are not suitable for driving.  

However, there is no guarantee that Uber drivers will not get into their vehicles and pretend not to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs and still provide their services.  

It is ironic how a drunk passenger who takes an Uber as a safe way of reaching their destination gets involved and injured in a Bronx Uber accident when the driver failed the law and started working when they shouldn't do it.  

Road Conditions: 

Road conditions can play a significant role in Uber accidents. Weather, road maintenance, and construction zones can impact drivers' ability to control their vehicles.  

Slippery roads due to rain or snow, poor visibility during foggy weather, and uneven surfaces can lead to loss of control and collisions. Uber drivers must adjust their driving behavior according to road conditions to ensure passenger safety. 

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission has specific rules for fair competition between the iconic yellow cabs and other transportation services and ride-sharing platforms such as Uber.  

They are ruled under Chapter 59, Subchapter 59A, Subchapter 59B, Subchapter 59C, Subchapter 59D, And Hire Service, in which Uber drivers must comply with a series of regulations that involve a license, exams, inspections, etc., if they want to operate. 

Every driver in The Bronx needs to carry at least basic car insurance, and when they are also Uber drivers, they usually have extra insurance as a commercial vehicle.  

They must maintain coverage for each vehicle owned in amounts not less than the following: 

"$200,000 per person, payable for those expenses specified in paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 of subdivision a of section 5102 of the New York State Insurance Law;  

$100,000 minimum liability and $300,000 maximum liability for bodily injury and death, as those terms are described and defined in section 370(1) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law; and $10,000 minimum liability for injury to or destruction of property." 

These regulations provide passengers with an extra layer of protection if they are injured in a Bronx Uber accident.  

Those coverage minimums are meant for vehicles with less than eight passengers, not including the driver; when other cars have more space, the minimum coverages are even higher.

Liability in Uber Accidents 

Many people are confused about Bronx Uber accidents and who is liable for them. It all depends on the at-fault party and the damages generated. Although we must consider New York a no-fault state, the first form of compensation comes from the driver's car insurance. 

As passengers, we don't have any control over the vehicle. Uber passengers usually do not engage in conversations with the drivers. If they do, it wouldn't be a conversation that would cause a significant distraction, such as a heated discussion.  

So if a passenger gets injured in an Uber accident in The Bronx, they should receive medical assistance that the driver's insurance company should later pay under their car insurance policy. 

We know there is a minimum of coverage; however, if the injuries sustained are severe, the medical care the passenger needs will most likely require more money. 

If that is not enough, you could file a claim with the insurance company under the commercial vehicle policy the Uber driver should have, which has an extensive coverage limit.  

People may think that Uber should be liable when discussing liability. Still, the truth is that as far as now, they claim that the relationship between them and the car driver is as an independent contractor. Those terms exclude the company as a liable party for any accident.  

Many people think that's unfair, and the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board of New York State is trying to prove that Uber has enough control over the drivers, which could be considered an employer-employee relationship.  

That might be something that could change in the future, but as of right now, they are excluded as a liable party. 

Then, the other party that could be found liable is if there is another driver that generated the crash.  

For cases like this, you should always count on an Uber car accident lawyer in The Bronx to back you up.  

Common injuries sustained in Uber accidents 

Uber accidents are not excluded from accidents; the vehicles used as a rideshare service often are sedans, pick-up trucks, or vans. Depending on the type of vehicle involved in the accident, the speed, the seat where you are, and if you were using the seat belt are factors that contribute to the injuries that can be: 

You must seek medical attention after an accident to discard any other complication that may endanger your life.  

Types of compensation available for Uber accident victims 

You are entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses when you get hurt in a Bronx Uber accident. You were not at fault for anything when this type of accident occurred. 

The accident may be caused by negligent drivers who did not follow the traffic laws. When this happens, you may get prompt compensation, but we must know that the insurance company wants to keep the most money for them, which means giving you unfair compensation.  

Before signing or commenting on anything, it is important to speak with your Uber accident lawyer. They may use signed documents against you, preventing you from receiving the compensation you deserve. 

You are entitled to receive economic compensation, which means money for paying medical care, prescription drugs, rehabilitation programs, building accommodation if required to do it in your home, and lost wages if you cannot attend your job.  

If you sustained severe injuries, you are entitled to claim for noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, loss of bodily function, and PTSD, among others. 

Your Bronx Uber Accident Attorney 

As personal injury lawyers, the professionals at The Ward Law Group have vast experience dealing with traffic accidents. Since around 2012- 2014, when these rideshare companies started operating in New York, our lawyers have learned about them and how they are serviced. 

A Bronx Uber accident lawyer can guide, represent, and tirelessly fight for your rights. We are committed to bringing justice to you and your family, and we have a proven record of success that you can quickly validate.

Contact us online or through our direct line at 855-DOLOR-55 for a FREE consultation of your case. One of our lawyers will answer any questions you may have right away.