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Rear-End Accident Lawyer in The Bronx 

Rear-end crashes are common in busy New York City, especially in The Bronx. It is likely to see at least one of these crashes daily, if not more.  

You might be a victim of a car accident of this type. It's important to know about accidents so you can be prepared and know how to handle them when they happen.

Moreover, you will know who to call: your Bronx rear-end accident lawyer from The Ward Law Group.

What constitutes a rear-end accident? 

Rear-end car accidents happen when a vehicle is hit from behind by another motorist. This impact affects passengers because all the energy from the car that hits is transferred to the front-car passengers.  

That quick movement makes their bodies go forward while their necks snap backward. This injury can be extremely severe, depending on the speed of the crash. 

Not only that kind of injury can be sustained in a rear-end car accident in The Bronx, but a series of others that we'll discuss later.  

Common causes of rear-end collisions in the Bronx

Sometimes, rear-end accidents can be caused by failing brakes. The driver finds out too late that their brakes don't work and can't control the car. They end up hitting the back of another car.  

However, that situation does not lead to the primary causes. Not looking ahead causes many accidents, not just rear-end accidents but also other types.

Distracted driving includes texting or talking to the phone, eating, configuring GPS, changing the radio station, applying makeup, or looking for things in the back seat. All of those actions while driving can cause a significant accident. 

Another common cause is Tailgating, which is following too close to the car in front of us. Every driver needs to leave a safe space to have enough time to react and avoid a collision.  

Tailgating is considered reckless or careless driving, which has proved to cause many accidents in The Bronx.  

Driving under the influence, it's often another cause of these types of accidents because of the driver's impaired senses.

Vehicles require different amounts of space to brake based on their type, size, weight, and speed. It is not the same space that will require a motorcycle traveling at 25 Mph to stop as a large commercial truck traveling at the same speed. 

Therefore, depending on the type of vehicle, each driver must respect a safe space between them and the car in front.  

Typical injuries associated with these types of accidents

The injury that is present in almost all rear-end collision accidents is a Whiplash injury. The neck hurts a lot in this type of accident. It is painful and can heal in a few weeks, but it can also have long-term complications. 

It is challenging for a doctor to prove their patient has a whiplash injury because no medical tests show an affectation in the area unless there is a broken cervical bone.  

Insurance companies downplay the significance of lack of information. They do this to avoid paying out more money in compensation. This is because they are not personally affected by the consequences.  

Other types of injuries that may be linked to rear-end collisions in The Bronx are: 

High-risk areas or intersections in the Bronx  

It is known that in the United States, there are roughly 1.7 million rear-end accidents yearly. That's about 29% of all traffic accidents in the Nation.  

The Bronx has some intersections or areas known for their dangers and many accidents that occur every day. Among them, we have: 

Henry Hudson Parkway 

It is a three-lane road in each direction with no traffic lights. In this type of road, vehicles tend to reach high velocities, and if they are not cautious, they can hit another car, causing multiple rear-end collisions.  

Grand Concourse 

Known as one of the most dangerous roads in New York, we can also see different types of accidents, including rear-end accidents. It has 5.2 miles of extension.  

Cross Bronx Expressway 

Exit 4B on the westbound side of the Cross Bronx Expressway has been identified as the most problematic intersection in the United States. This expressway's lack of emergency lanes can cause congestion and accidents that tend to be rear-end collisions.  

Determining fault in rear-end accidents 

A car accident lawyer can quickly and easily determine who was at fault and why the at-fault party should be found 100% liable for your injuries.  

It is not only a matter of saying they were at fault but also of being able to prove what they did wrong. Besides, your car accident attorney determines the damages you have been subjected to to find fair monetary compensation. 

You have to know that New York is a no-fault state. That means the insurance company will first provide you coverage for economic damages such as medical assistance, prescription medication, rehabilitation, lost wages, etc.  

However, insurance coverage has a limit that is usually reached quickly, and then you have to pay the rest. If your lawyer finds the other party at fault, you can make a claim to their insurance company for your injuries.  

They will start an investigation on their side, mostly finding excuses for them to give you less money. This is where your car accident attorney will defend your rights by ensuring they don't claim false facts to avoid paying what you deserve.  

After you have gained compensation from both insurance coverages, if there are still things to be paid and you have suffered serious injuries, you are entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver.  

Steps to Take After a Rear-End Accident 

Knowing what steps to take to protect your rights and well-being is crucial if you've been involved in a rear-ended car accident in The Bronx. Even amid stress, following these immediate actions can make a significant difference: 

1. Check for Safety:  

First and foremost, ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe. If possible, move your vehicle to the side of the road to prevent further collisions and hazards. 

2. Exchange Information: 

Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. This includes names, phone numbers, addresses, insurance company names, and policy numbers. 

3. Document the Scene:  

Use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and license plates. These visual records can be crucial when determining liability. 

4. Gather Witness Statements:  

If witnesses are present, ask for their contact information and a brief description of what they saw. Witness statements can help establish the sequence of events and support your version of the incident. 

5. Contact the Authorities:  

Even if the accident seems minor, it's a good idea to report it to the police. A police report can provide an official incident record, which can be valuable for insurance claims and legal proceedings. 

6. Seek Medical Care:  

Even if you feel okay initially, seeking medical attention promptly is essential. Some injuries, like whiplash or internal injuries, might not show immediate symptoms. A medical professional can evaluate your condition and provide necessary documentation if injuries become apparent later. 

7. Preserve Evidence:  

Keep all documents related to the accident, such as medical records, repair estimates, and communication with insurance companies. This information can be crucial when seeking compensation. 

8. Consult a car accident lawyer:  

Consulting an experienced Rear-End Accident Lawyer in The Bronx is advisable if you've been injured. They can guide you through the legal process, ensuring you understand your rights and options. 

What happens after a rear-end car accident can affect any legal claims or insurance discussions. 

Get Help From a Lawyer on a Rear-End Accident in the Bronx 

Now that you know the implications, you understand that a rear-ended car accident can have long-lasting consequences. It is your right to receive compensation for your damages when you were a victim of somebody else's negligence.  

The Ward Law Group has over 12 years of servicing traffic accident victims to recover from their losses. We have won millions for our clients. Our compassionate, experienced, respected lawyers greatly support you and your family.  

If you are concerned about the outcome of your case, you should contact us right away. There's no advance payment, and we won't charge you anything until we win fair compensation for you. Call 855-DOLOR-55 for a free consultation about your case.