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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Queens

The human body is still a mystery to science in many respects, although if one thing is clear, it is that some parts of the body are interdependent with others. Thus, the spinal cord plays a determining role in the development of physical activity. A spinal cord injury usually has lifelong consequences for the victims.  

We have repeated on more than one occasion the importance of prevention to avoid this situation. However, in big cities, aspects are often out of our hands and out of the hands of innocent victims. 

The intense pace of the big city can be an ideal breeding ground for such fatal events. A city that never stops, drivers who sacrifice hours of sleep, or pedestrians dissociated from reality are daily scenes in the streets of the big city.  

These small things might not be noticed but have caused bad things. For example, they have led to car accidents that hurt people's spines, including innocent people walking and people driving. 

When such a devastating event occurs, navigating the complex legal landscape to secure the rightful compensation becomes paramount. This is where a skilled and compassionate Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Queens steps in, ready to advocate for the rights of injury victims. 

Picture scenes from classic movies set in New York City, where the subway system winds beneath the streets, representing the city's vibrant pulse. Accidents can occur in a split second, just like in these fictionalized depictions of the world in film. 

Spinal cord injuries from accidents can change a person's life, causing physical, mental, and money problems. In these situations, it's important to have a lawyer, especially in Queens, where the legal system can be confusing. 

Only Spinal cord injuries, in contrast with other types of injuries, have such wide-ranging effects. They may result in partial or total paralysis, which affects a person's capacity for movement, employment, and even simple daily tasks. The road to recovery is frequently long and difficult, with rising medical costs and emotional stress. 

A lawyer with a vocation of service as the professional of The Ward Law Group understands the details involved in these legal and human challenges. Since it seeks to provide a solution or legal strategy to the problems described, it will also provide the accompaniment, support, and motivation that a victim of this event needs.  

Their expertise in navigating the legal intricacies and their commitment to their client's well-being make them a beacon of hope in the aftermath of such traumatic incidents. 

The following is an analysis of some of the most relevant aspects of this type of accident. We will encourage our readers to have valid and relevant information to help them know more about their rights. Knowing our rights, we build a more sensible and fair community for all Queens residents. 

Common Causes of Spinal Injuries

  1. Car Accidents

The constant flow of vehicles through Queens' streets reflects the fast-paced nature of urban life. Unfortunately, this also increases the risk of automobile accidents, a major source of spinal cord injuries. Road traffic collisions can cause significant impact forces that can jar the spine and damage it to varying degrees. Whether the result of speeding, carelessness, or distracted driving, car accidents can leave victims facing long-term effects that necessitate legal attention. 

  1. Slip and Falls

Falls can occur anywhere, anytime, from the dizzying heights of construction sites to the seemingly routine stairs in public places. Slip-and-fall accidents brought on by wet floors, uneven surfaces, or insufficient safety precautions can be especially harmful. Given that such mishaps frequently result from negligence, injury victims in Queens can use the guidance of a knowledgeable Queens spinal cord injury attorney to find justice. 

  1. Sports Injuries

Sports and leisure pursuits are essential to the sense of community in Queens. Accidents can nevertheless happen even while trying to have fun and result in spinal cord injuries. The likelihood of spinal injury is increased by the high-impact nature of some sports, like football or gymnastics.

A skilled attorney can assist injured individuals in obtaining the compensation they deserve. This is especially true if their injuries were caused by a failure to follow safety regulations or someone's careless actions.

  1. Workplace Accidents

Queens boasts a diverse economic landscape, where workplaces contribute to the borough's vitality. However, workplaces also harbor potential dangers that can lead to spinal cord injuries. Accidents involving heavy machinery falls from heights or even vehicular incidents within construction settings can result in life-altering spinal injuries.

Workers who have been injured in accidents can turn to a specialized Queens lawyer for assistance with spinal cord injuries. This lawyer can help them protect their rights and support their recovery. 

  1. Acts of Violence 

While Queens thrives as a vibrant community, it is not immune to acts of violence that can result in spinal cord injuries. Assaults, physical altercations, and other violent incidents can lead to severe trauma affecting the spine. In such cases, injury victims often face not only physical challenges but also emotional distress. A compassionate Queens spinal cord injury attorney understands the complexities of these situations and can provide the legal support needed to seek justice and compensation. 

We have exemplified only some of the causes. But, these can often be very diverse and applicable only to a certain case. That is why each case is different.

Our experts at The Ward Law Group have reviewed many cases. They have learned to assess each situation individually to avoid making unhelpful generalizations during legal proceedings. 

Qualities to Look for in a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer 

A lawyer should have characteristics based on his attitude to serve others. At The Ward Law Group, we focus on empathy, clear communication, listening, understanding others' pain, and respecting victims. 

Our main motivation is service. To serve God and to serve our community. Every case and challenge presented to us is an opportunity to materialize these principles and values that have motivated all our activities since our foundation as a firm. 

We have decided to group the most relevant aspects around the ideal profile that a spinal cord accident lawyer should have according to our criteria: 

  • Transparent Fee Structure: Clarity in Legal Costs 

When it comes to legal fees, transparency is essential. An experienced spinal cord injury lawyer will outline their fee schedule and accepted forms of payment. Avoid attorneys who omit crucial fee information or present ambiguous terms. You have a right to receive full disclosure of all costs associated with your legal representation. 

  • Expertise and Experience: The Pillars of Legal Success 

A spinal cord injury case requires specialized knowledge and a thorough grasp of the legal system. Choose a lawyer with a successful track record of handling cases like yours. An attorney with experience in spinal cord injury litigation and a strong background in personal injury law can give you the tactical edge you need to overcome challenging legal obstacles. 

  • Empathy and Compassion: Understanding Your Journey 

As mentioned above, a spinal cord injury lawyer must have empathy and legal knowledge. An attorney who knows the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of such injuries can offer you the guidance you require throughout the legal procedure. Look for a spinal injury attorney who listens intently, understands your situation, and tackles your case with true care. 

  • Personalized Attention: Your Case Matters 

As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, these spinal cord injuries caused by accidents are, in most cases, unique. A trustworthy lawyer should understand the importance of adjusting their skills and knowledge to fit different situations.

We recommend you avoid very closed-minded lawyers who believe there is only one path to a successful end. It is best to approach the case without any academic bias or based on some experience in some other jurisdiction. 

Instead, choose legal representation that shows a commitment to providing personalized service, ensuring your case will be handled uniquely. 

  • Tenacity and Dedication: A Fighter in Your Corner 

Seeking justice is not always simple. Legal disputes can be very exhausting. Sometimes, you go through different stages, some favorable and others not.  

In this aspect, a lawyer should always be constantly committed to your work and what you want to achieve, in addition to having ethical principles during the entire time that your case takes. 

This type of lawyer will do everything possible to conduct the best possible investigation into the facts. Therefore, the chances of developing a solid case will be greater. 

  • Communication Skills: Your Voice in the Legal Arena 

Effective communication is crucial in every legal situation. Find a lawyer who can explain complicated legal concepts in a manner that you can comprehend. A good communicator will also keep you updated on the status of your case, ensuring that you stay informed and empowered throughout the legal process. 

  • Past Successes: A Glimpse into the Future 

Ask about the lawyer's past successes in spinal cord injury cases to understand their abilities. Their track record of favorable settlements and verdicts can provide helpful information, even though every case differs. A strong success record can give you confidence in your lawyer's ability to advocate for your rights effectively. 

  • Resourcefulness and Network: Access to Essential Resources 

A well-connected lawyer can use their network of experts, medical professionals, and investigators to strengthen your case. A solicitor with a strong network can help with accident scenes and injuries, providing support to improve your legal representation. 

Compensation for Spinal Cord Injury Victims 

Finally, we would like to address the issue of possible compensation that you could obtain after your case. These can range from medical treatment to compensation for days or times when you were forced to be absent from your workplace due to an accident that occurred. 

  • Medical Expenses: Addressing Immediate and Ongoing Needs 

Numerous medical procedures, including emergency care, surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapies, are frequently needed for spinal cord injuries. Compensation may cover medical expenses like hospital bills, surgeries, doctor visits, prescriptions, assistive devices, and other treatments needed for faster recovery. 

  • Rehabilitation Costs: A Path to Recovery 

Rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in the recovery process after a spinal cord injury. Physical, occupational, and other rehabilitation programs are designed to improve mobility, strength, and overall quality of life. Compensation can help offset the costs associated with rehabilitation, ensuring you have access to the necessary therapies to regain functionality and independence. 

  • Lost Wages and Earning Capacity: Financial Stability 

A spinal cord injury can affect your ability to work and earn money, causing a temporary or permanent disability. Reimbursement for lost wages incurred from time away from the workplace for recovery can be considered compensation.

Compensation may also include money for future earnings. This is applicable if your injury prevents you from working in your previous job. The purpose is to ensure that you have sufficient funds for the future.

  • Adaptive Equipment and Accommodations: Enhancing Daily Life 

Adaptive equipment and home modifications are frequently needed to ensure comfort and accessibility after spinal cord injuries. Compensation may cover mobility aids, wheelchairs, ramps, modified vehicles, and home modifications for safe and independent mobility. 

  • Pain and Suffering: Acknowledging Emotional Distress 

Spinal cord injuries can result in emotional distress, anxiety, and depression, in addition to negative physical effects. Your pain and suffering due to the injury may be covered by compensation. Assigning a monetary value to emotional pain recognizes its effect on your well-being. However, it can be not easy to accomplish this. 

  • Loss of Enjoyment and Quality of Life: Acknowledging Life-Altering Changes 

A spinal cord injury might significantly alter one's ability to appreciate life's activities and experiences. Compensation can address the injury's loss of enjoyment and reduced quality of life. This includes the inability to engage in hobbies, social events, and other things that used to delight one. 

The list could go on. The consequences of such unfortunate events can be vast.

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