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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Queens

A fall due to slipping can make many people anxious. In some cases, these situations have generated negative impacts in the short and long term. Sometimes, we are not very attentive to the objects around us; the floor may have been wet, or some chemical may have been used to make it shine more.  

The worst thing is when these activities are carried out without putting up a warning sign. Something that makes people passing through the area, indoors or outdoors, not realize the potential danger.  

In addition, being part of an incident of this nature will involve dealing with insurance companies that will seek to limit possible compensation as much as possible. Understandably, these companies seek to maximize their profits since they exist for profit, and they will always look for some details to reduce the amount to be covered by the policy. 

First, you should be concerned about assessing the health consequences of a slip-and-fall incident. Feel your body and assess whether it requires a thorough analysis. Possible injuries to a bone or perhaps a muscle should be ruled out.  

The human body is a marvelous creation that can recover from the most serious incidents. However, a violent impact may cause some areas of the body to suffer, or we may even be left emotionally sensitive after the experience.  

Also, remember that weather can sometimes affect the condition of sidewalks. They can become much more slippery and can lead to pedestrian falls. Given this, it is advisable always to be aware of your surroundings and avoid running or rushing from side to side. In Queens, winter usually covers part of the city with snow.  

Queens Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer 

If this type of incident has occurred, don't worry—you are not alone. A slip-and-fall injury Lawyer from The Ward Law Group will help you through the entire process. From the time you first contact us until the end of the legal process, we will approach your case as humanely and professionally as possible. 

Calling 855-DOLOR-55 is the first step toward protecting your rights! Our professionals live to serve others, and your case will not be the exception; please do not suffer unnecessarily because we believe in a fairer society and an inclusive community.  

Slip and Fall Laws in Queens 

If you deal with slip-and-fall incidents in Queens, it would be good to understand more about the legal scope of such cases in this jurisdiction. We will take this opportunity to share valuable information with you so that you can understand the legal effects that an event such as the one we are describing could imply: 

Premises Liability: The Foundation of Slip and Fall Claims 

Premises liability is the basis for slip-and-fall claims. It holds property owners responsible for maintaining a safe environment for visitors. 

This theory explains that property owners may owe a duty of care to visitors, customers, or even trespassing persons. Property owners are responsible for taking reasonable steps to eliminate known hazards that could lead to slip and fall accidents. 

One of the main laws in effect is Section 7-210 of the New York General Duties Act. This law outlines owners' duty of care to those using their property, including adjacent sidewalks. 

Under Section 7-210, the owner is responsible for maintaining sidewalks in a reasonably safe condition and promptly correcting any unsafe conditions that may arise.  

The law applies to property owners in Queens, emphasizing their mission to prevent falls by taking proactive steps to keep pedestrians safe. 

Property Owner Responsibilities: Diligence and Maintenance 

Maintenance and diligence are responsibilities that property owners must uphold. Property owners must regularly inspect and promptly address potential dangers to ensure a secure and maintained environment.  

Such hazards, which can potentially induce slip-and-fall accidents, may encompass wet or slick floors, irregular surfaces, faulty steps, lack of lighting, or blockages in pedestrian pathways. To ensure visitor safety, property owners must also be responsible for notifying visitors appropriately about any hidden dangers.  

For example, when a floor has recently been cleaned and is still wet, property owners should take precautions by placing alerts to inform individuals about the potentially slippery surface. 

Additionally, Title 19, Chapter 2 of the New York City Administrative Code covers sidewalk maintenance and property owners' obligations about sidewalk quality. 

Negligent property owners who do not fix problems, eliminate dangers, and maintain safe pathways will fail to satisfy their obligations. They may be subject to legal culpability if a slip-and-fall accident happens due to poorly maintained sidewalk conditions. 

Comparative Negligence in Slip and Fall Cases 

In slip and fall cases, it is worth mentioning that New York operates under the principle of comparative negligence. This means that the injured individual's actions are considered when determining compensation. If the court finds that the injured person played a role in the accident, their compensation could be diminished accordingly. 

A store's court might find someone who slipped on a wet floor at fault if they were texting while walking and not paying attention. In these situations, the awarded compensation may change depending on how much fault is assigned to each party. 

Consultation with one of our slip and fall attorneys in Queens will help you understand these legal principles and the possible alternatives regarding your cases. We will move forward to find the best possible compensation after this painful situation.  

As you've seen, Queens' slip-and-fall laws are derived from statutory law, local code, and legal precedent. To navigate this legal environment, you need a competent attorney who can apply these laws to the specifics of your case and defend your rights. 

Contact the Ward Law Group team of professionals for a free consultation now! 

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Queens 

These incidents can happen suddenly, leaving victims with excruciating injuries and skyrocketing medical costs. Both locals and visitors to Queens should be aware of the typical causes of slip and fall accidents because being alert to potential dangers can help reduce the likelihood of such unfortunate occurrences.  

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of suffering a slip and fall accident, your best course of action is to seek advice from an experienced Queens slip and fall lawyer. 

Wet or slippery floors are a common reason for slip-and-fall accidents in Queens. Surfaces can become slippery and dangerous in hazardous situations due to rain or poorly maintained indoor areas. 

For instance, slick floors may be present in grocery stores, dining establishments, and office buildings due to spills or poor cleaning. As mentioned above, inadequate signage alerting people to these dangers can further increase accident risk. 

Uneven surfaces can also be dangerous. Sidewalks, pathways, and parking lots with cracks, holes, or uneven pavement can catch people off guard and cause them to trip and fall.  

The various landscapes of Queens can cause fluctuations in ground levels, which, if not properly recorded or rectified, can lead to accidents. Property owners must fix uneven surfaces immediately and establish suitable warning measures, such as clear signage or barriers. 

Falls in Queens are exacerbated by insufficient lighting. They are making it harder for pedestrians to see their destination. Inadequate illumination in stairwells, garages, and entrances can create hazardous conditions, particularly late at night.  

Owners should maintain proper lighting to improve visibility and prevent accidents. 

Winter snow and ice accumulation can also create dangerous conditions. Although snow removal is routine in Queens, failing to remove sidewalks and walkways on time can result in slippery conditions, increasing the danger of slips and falls.  

Residents and businesses in Queens should be vigilant in removing snow and applying salt or sand as soon as possible to avoid accidents. 

These causes of accidents involving slips and falls must be addressed with preventive measures so that Queens can become a more secure place to live.  

Accidents are still possible, and when they do, having an experienced Queens slip and fall lawyer on your side will greatly help you face the legal system and obtain fair compensation for your injuries. 

Types of Injuries in Queens Slip and Fall Accidents 

Soft tissue damage, including bruising, sprains, and strains, is among the most prevalent injuries in slip-and-fall accidents. These injuries may appear minor initially, but if not appropriately treated, they can cause long-term pain, potentially leading to long-term mobility difficulties. Seeking medical attention and treatment as soon as possible can help prevent these injuries from deteriorating. 

Slip and fall accidents could result in fractures and broken bones. For instance, broken wrists, arms, ankles, or hips can arise from a sudden impact on the ground or other objects.  

Fractures, especially in older people, can result in problems and prolonged recovery times. Immediate medical attention is required to ensure that fractures are correctly identified and treated to avoid further complications. 

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to head injuries is also a major concern in slip and fall accidents. Even a seemingly insignificant head bump can result in significant cognitive decline and long-term health issues. After a fall, it's crucial to see a doctor who will determine the severity of the head injury and start the right course of treatment.   

As you should know, the brain is a vitally important organ. Without it functioning properly, our entire nervous system can be affected. Given this, the utmost care must be taken to avoid irreparable consequences. 

Spinal cord injuries are also a sad consequence of this type of accident. This injury is particularly dangerous, as it could have lifelong consequences for those affected. Given this, as we have already mentioned, a thorough check-up must be performed on the patient to determine the seriousness of the case. 

Internal injuries can occasionally go undetected at first but still negatively affect time. Blunt force trauma from a fall can cause internal bleeding or organ damage, which may not show symptoms for hours or even days.  

The possibility that internal damage has been triggered in some of the affected person's organs should never be completely rejected. X-rays or other computer vision methods may be required to assess the patient's internal situation in each major organ. 

You can get assistance from an experienced slip-and-fall accident lawyer in Queens as you get medical care, compile your injuries, and pursue compensation. 

Please, we don't want you to feel lonely or depressed. We want you to feel that our representation can help you through this situation.  

We live to serve others, and over the years, we have seen hundreds of cases where, in the beginning, those affected lost all faith in their recovery and the will to live.  

However, with our legal accompaniment and representation, we have motivated people to see this kind of situation from a new perspective, as a new beginning, and as a way to enforce their rights. 

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