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Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Queens

Being involved in a car accident can be an event that stirs up many emotions, such as anxiety, anger, or frustration. Even if you follow safety rules and drive carefully, you cannot control what others do on the road. 

Thus, living in a big city like Queens can sometimes expose your safety due to the negligence of others. In a hit-and-run crash, the people responsible often run away from the scene. They may be scared or don't want to face the consequences. Some may have done this before. It's common for these drivers not to take responsibility for what they've done. 

In such an event, the first thing to do is assess whether your integrity is completely safe. Check if you show any injury or pain due to the impact. After completing a simple discharge, remain calm. Check if the person who performed the discharge is still present.

Call the police so they can come and see that you were in a crash where the other person ran away. They will write a police report about what happened. 

However, briefly reflecting on these matters may help you see the situation holistically. It is impossible to determine exactly what reasons a driver might have for committing such irresponsibility. 

The prevention info is huge; we've repeatedly stressed the importance of responsibly driving. In real life, though, sometimes things happen anyway. So, once you verify that your integrity is safe, contacting one of our lawyers would also be a strategic move. 

We have many years of experience in these cases at The Ward Law Group. We are skilled at handling the situation, including conducting investigations and gathering evidence to achieve a favorable legal outcome. 

The details in this type of process are vital to getting the desired compensation, which is, finally, the fairest agreement that can compensate at least a part of the bad time that a person experiences due to a third party's irresponsibility. 

If you have been involved in a situation of this nature, don't waste any more valuable time. Contact one of our lawyers for a free case evaluation of hit-and-run accidents. 

Understanding Hit and Run Accidents 

Hit-and-run accidents create troubling and complex situations that demand prompt action. This segment will explore the essential aspects of hit-and-run events, encompassing their meanings, the different categories, the conditions that often lead to these incidents, and the legal consequences that hit-and-run perpetrators must face.

Definition and Types of Hit and Run Accidents 

A hit-and-run accident occurs when a driver involved in a collision leaves the scene without providing their contact information or assisting injured parties. This type of accident can include pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, or property. Hit-and-run accidents are characterized by the driver's evasion of responsibilities, making them a serious legal and ethical concern. 

There are two main types of hit-and-run accidents: 

  • The driver strikes a pedestrian or cyclist and leaves without rendering aid or exchanging information. This is known as a "pedestrian or cyclist hit and run." Cyclists and pedestrians are at risk on the road, and these accidents can lead to severe injuries or death. 
  • Vehicle Hit and Run: In this case, a driver collides with another car and flees the scene without caring for the problem. As a result, there may be property damage, injuries to other passengers, and a difficult recovery for the victim. 

Common Scenarios Leading to Hit and Run Incidents 

Hit-and-run accidents can occur in various situations, often driven by factors such as panic, negligence, or criminal intent. Common scenarios include: 

  • Fear of Consequences: A driver who is uninsured or whose license has been suspended may try to get away to avoid facing legal repercussions. 
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication: Inebriated Drivers may flee for fear of being stopped and arrested for DUI. 
  • Criminals engaged in other illegal activities, such as car theft, may decide to run away rather than be apprehended. 
  • Negligence: A driver who is inattentive, tired, or reckless may flee rather than take responsibility for their actions. 
  • Lack of awareness: In some cases, the driver may not even be aware that they caused an accident, causing them to hit and run without realizing it. 

Hit-and-run accidents in Queens have serious legal consequences. In New York and Queens, leaving the scene of an accident, regardless of the severity, is a criminal offense. Consequences can include fines, license suspension or revocation, and even imprisonment.

Hit-and-run accidents can lead to civil liability. The driver who caused the accident may have to pay for the victim's injuries and damages. 

Hit-and-run accident victims must get legal counsel as soon as possible. A knowledgeable hit-and-run accident attorney can assist victims in navigating the complex legal system, locating the at-fault party, and pursuing fair compensation. 

Knowing the implications of hit-and-run accidents can help people protect their rights and make educated decisions about their legal options. 

Determining Liability and Challenges in Hit-and-Run Cases 

Establishing liability in hit-and-run cases is one of the biggest obstacles. Hit-and-run accidents differ from regular accidents because the driver who caused them doesn't stop or give their information. 

Liability assessment becomes crucial in these situations. To find and hold the guilty party accountable, victims must rely on available evidence, eyewitness accounts, and the knowledge of legal experts. 

Added complications in hit-and-run situations include: 

  • Limited Physical Evidence: Depending on the situation, there may not have been much physical evidence left at the crime scene, making it difficult to identify the perpetrator. 
  • Witness Reliability: The variability of eyewitness accounts and the potential for memory recall errors make the identification process more uncertain. 
  • Time Sensitivity: In the event of a hit-and-run, it is crucial to act quickly to protect the evidence and track down potential witnesses before their memories fade. 

The Role of Eyewitnesses and Evidence in Tracking Offenders 

Eyewitnesses are crucial in hit-and-run investigations. Their firsthand accounts of the incident may contain vital details that help law enforcement and legal experts locate the evading driver. Witnesses may remember the vehicle's description, the license plate number, and even the driver's appearance. 

However, Eyewitness testimony can contain biases and inaccuracies, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation. 

In hit-and-run cases, gathering physical evidence is as important as obtaining eyewitness testimony. This could entail: 

  • Close-by security cameras may have recorded the collision, giving important information about the involved car. 
  • Physical Debris: Gathering physical debris from the accident scene can aid in determining the kind of vehicle involved and any potential damages. 
  • Skid Marks: Skid marks on the road can offer insights into the sequence of events leading up to the accident. 

Statute of Limitations for Hit and Run Accident Claims in New York 

Hit-and-run accident victims must understand the deadlines for filing legal claims. The statute of limitations in New York is typically three years from the accident date for personal injury claims resulting from hit-and-run incidents. 

The statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits brought about by hit-and-run incidents is two years from the date of the victim's passing. 

The right to seek compensation may be lost if a claim is not submitted within the allotted time, so quick action is essential. Early legal advice from a hit-and-run accident lawyer can help victims meet these deadlines and create a compelling case for the compensation they are entitled to. 

Injury and Medical Implications 

Hit-and-run accidents can result in a range of injuries, from mild to severe, with potentially life-changing consequences. This section will cover injuries that are commonly caused by hit-and-run accidents. It will also emphasize the importance of seeking immediate medical assistance. Additionally, it will explain how medical records can be beneficial in supporting a victim's legal case. 

Typical Injuries Sustained in Hit-and-Run Accidents 

Hit-and-run accidents encompass a wide spectrum of collisions, each with its potential for causing injuries. Some common injuries sustained in these accidents include: 

  • Whiplash: A sudden impact may cause the head to jerk backward and forward, inflicting neck strain. 
  • Back and spinal injuries, including herniated discs and fractures, are possible as a result of the collision's force. 
  • Fractures and broken bones are possible after an accident due to the impact, especially on the limbs. 
  • Soft tissue injuries can result in pain and restricted mobility. These injuries can affect muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 
  • Organ damage or internal bleeding are injuries that can result from collision forces. 

The Importance of Immediate Medical Attention 

Seeking immediate medical attention after a hit-and-run accident is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Hidden Injuries: Some injuries, like concussions or internal wounds, may not immediately show symptoms. A prompt medical examination may reveal hidden injuries that need to be treated. 
  • Documentation: Medical records are crucial evidence for proving a link between the incident and the victims' injuries. The correlation is stronger the earlier treatment is sought. 
  • Preventing Complications: Quick medical attention can stop injuries from worsening and lessen the likelihood of complications in the future. 
  • Legal Implications: Delaying medical care may cast doubt on the severity of injuries, making a victim's compensation case less compelling. 

Medical records are crucial in hit-and-run accidents. They offer verified proof of the illnesses, medical expenses, and injuries sustained. A hit-and-run car accident lawyer can use these documents to prove a causal connection between the accident and the victim's damages. 

Key components of medical records that can strengthen a legal claim include: 

  • Diagnosis and Treatment: Medical records describe the diagnosis, the course of treatment, and the medications that were prescribed, highlighting the severity of the injuries and the required medical attention. 
  • Medical Expenses: The financial impact of the injuries is shown by the documentation of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and other related expenses. 
  • Prognosis: Evaluations of the long-term effects of injuries made by medical professionals can be used to support claims for future medical expenses and ongoing care. 

In the next section, we will explain the important role of an NYC hit-and-run accident lawyer. They help victims with their legal process and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. 

Types of Compensation Available for Hit-and-Run Accident Victims 

To address the numerous effects of the incident, victims of hit-and-run accidents may be entitled to different types of compensation: 

  • Medical Expenses: Compensation pays for both present and future medical expenses, such as hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, and specialized therapies. 
  • Lost Wages: Victims who miss work because of their injuries may be entitled to financial compensation. This covers both current absences and lowered earning potential in the future. 
  • Physical suffering, emotional discomfort, and mental agony brought on by the accident and its aftermath may be covered by compensation. 
  • Property Damage: Victims can file a claim for compensation to cover the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged property, including their car or other personal belongings. 
  • Loss of Consortium: If the accident has negatively impacted relationships, compensation may be sought for the loss of support and companionship from a spouse or family member. 

Factors Influencing Compensation Amounts 

Several factors influence the compensation amounts awarded to hit-and-run accident victims: 

  • Impact on Quality of Life: When awarding compensation, the long-term effects of injuries on the victim's capacity to work, engage in activities, and enjoy life are considered. 
  • Lost Income: The compensation may include payment for past and future lost wages resulting from the inability to work. 
  • Injury severity: A key factor in determining compensation is the degree of the victim's physical and emotional suffering. Higher compensation is typically given in cases of severe injuries. 

Evaluating your case on a personalized basis will give us a broader vision of the possible compensations you could obtain after initiating a legal process with our counsel. 

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