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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Queens

The brain is an extraordinary organ. Many of its capacities are still a mystery to science, and even theories claim that humans only use 10% of our entire brain capacity. Possibly, with the next evolution of humanity, we will be able to discover the brain's total capacity. 

But can you imagine that this organ of utmost importance for health suffers an injury due to a blow or an untimely accident? This would be a regrettable event. Our lives would never be the same again. Nothing that affects our brain can go unnoticed. 

"It is in the brain that everything takes place," said Oscar Wilde. Likewise, the Chilean poet Violeta Parra sang the following lyrics: "Thanks to life that has given me so much, it gave me the heart that shakes its frame, When I look at the fruit of the human brain. When I look at the good so far from the bad". 

Not every accident may trigger a situation involving brain injury; however, this probability always exists. That is why motorcyclists are required to wear helmets, and even the latter is also suggested for many cyclists. Avoiding blows to the head could save our lives and thus make the difference between surviving an accident or not. 

What will we be able to do when we activate all the capabilities of our brain? Maybe we will develop more empathy for our fellow man, or perhaps we will stop destroying our planet. Or who knows, maybe having access to further brain development could give rise to a world where technology rules humanity. 

It would be a step forward if people could develop their brains and become more responsible for their actions, thus avoiding hundreds of unnecessary accidents. 

A traumatic brain injury attorney in Queens from The Ward Law Group will help you understand the process involved in defending your rights following a fatality such as a brain injury, also known as TBI. 

Has one of your family members suddenly been the victim of a negligent act that resulted in such an injury? Our main concern is whether your loved one retains their cognitive abilities and recovers over time. 

We also know that medical expenses could involve costly treatments and risky procedures. Who should bear those costs? Well, those responsible for causing the accident. Those who go through the world without realizing their actions can hurt others. 

We know that New York is full of irresponsible drivers behind the wheel. Bad driving attitudes often compound the stress of big cities. For example, driving aggressively on the roads, trying to run over pedestrians or other cars. 

Sometimes, people live disconnected from themselves. Therefore, they accumulate anger, which they express with irresponsible and harmful attitudes. The fact that a person accumulates a lot of anger over the years does not justify going around town hurling that anger at others.  

No passerby in the city should have to pay the price for certain drivers' unresolved emotional issues. None of that is an excuse for some people not measuring the consequences of their actions. 

At The Ward Law Group, we are concerned about your well-being. We want justice in your traumatic brain injury case. We will make you feel you are with us throughout the process. Contact us and let our dedication to service help you forget the bad times. Let's recover what we lost together. No one should ever take away your freedom and your right to be healthy. 

Types of Brain Injuries 

Science has tried to classify the different brain lesions throughout history. Many of these are general concepts since, in most cases, a personalized approach must be provided to understand what paths and alternatives exist to recover from any damage to this organ. 

Here, we have compiled a list of the most common cases: 

Traumatic brain injury (TBI): This type of injury occurs when the head is struck hard and disrupts brain function. TBIs, which range in severity from mild to severe, can cause memory loss, emotional changes, and physical difficulties. 

Concussions: A type of mild traumatic brain injury, concussions are frequently caused by falls, sports injuries, or auto accidents. Later, symptoms like headaches, lightheadedness, and difficulty concentrating may develop and demand medical attention. 

Acquired brain injuries: These can result in a variety of impairments, including motor issues, speech difficulties, and personality changes. They are often brought on by internal factors such as strokes, infections, or oxygen deprivation. 

Contusion: A contusion occurs when the brain becomes bruised from a direct blow to the head. Localized brain damage, as well as complications, may result. 

Penetrating brain injury: This type of injury happens when something pierces the skull and enters the brain; it can cause significant damage and may call for immediate surgical intervention. 

Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI): This damage to nerve fibers in the brain results from violent shaking or rotational forces. DAI frequently causes significant physical and cognitive impairments. 

A TBI lawyer will know how to deal with each particular case. We have handled hundreds of cases involving these facts at The Ward Law. Don't waste more time and trust the experts. 

The longer you take to move forward with your case, the higher the possibility that the consequences could be irreparable. But don't worry—our brain injury lawyers at Queens are putting things in place, and you will not walk alone during the process; you will have our professionals on your side. 

Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Queens 

Brain injuries can result from a variety of accidents and incidents, often leaving victims with life-altering consequences. In Queens, several common scenarios can lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), necessitating the expertise of a traumatic brain injury lawyer: 

  1. Automobile collisions: A major cause of brain injuries is motor vehicle collisions. Even if there are no outward signs of injury, head trauma can result from the sheer force of impact during a car accident. An attorney for traumatic brain injuries can help victims navigate insurance claims and seek payment for their medical bills and other damages. 
  1. Workplace accidents are frequent causes of brain injuries in industries that involve manual labor or dangerous conditions. TBIs may be caused by exposure to dangerous substances, falling objects, or falls from heights. 
  1. Queens residents are enthusiastic athletes, but some sports carry a risk of traumatic brain injuries. Head injuries can occur during contact sports like football, soccer, and boxing, as well as leisure pursuits like cycling and skateboarding. 
  1. Traumatic brain injuries may result from slip and fall accidents, which are frequently brought on by risky circumstances like wet floors, uneven surfaces, or poor lighting. Real estate owners could be held accountable for failing to keep their spaces safe. 
  1. Assault and violence: Unfortunately, intentional acts of violence, including assaults and physical confrontations, can result in serious head injuries. Survivors of such incidents may require extensive medical treatment and ongoing care. 
  1. Medical malpractice: Errors in medical procedures or misdiagnosis can also lead to traumatic brain injury. Patients injured due to medical negligence can seek compensation for this negligent act. 

In each scenario, the guidance of an experienced lawyer from The Ward Law Group will be crucial. 

Navigating the legal process while dealing with the physical and emotional toll of a brain injury can be overwhelming. A service-oriented and experienced TBI lawyer can provide the necessary support and advocacy to help victims pursue justice and secure the compensation they deserve. 

Queens Brain Injury Compensation 

Our experts may need to perform a personalized analysis to determine the type of compensation you could receive based on your case. 

We have compiled a list of common compensations for accidents based on our years of experience assisting many families. 

  • Medical costs: Brain injuries often require extensive medical care, including emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, and ongoing therapy. Compensation can cover the cost of medical treatment, medication, medical equipment, and rehabilitation tailored to the individual's needs. 
  • Rehabilitation costs: Rehabilitation plays a vital role in helping brain injury victims regain lost skills and achieve the highest level of independence possible. Compensation can cover various types of therapy, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and cognitive rehabilitation. 
  • Lost wages: Brain injuries can lead to temporary or permanent disability, preventing victims from returning to work or pursuing their careers. Compensation can include lost wages during recovery and future earning potential affected by the injury. 
  • Pain and suffering: The physical, emotional, and psychological toll of a brain injury can be immense. Compensation for pain and suffering aims to help victims with their emotional distress, mental anguish, and reduced quality of life. 
  • Loss of consortium: In cases where a brain injury significantly affects the victim's relationship with their spouse or partner, compensation may be awarded to the partner for loss of companionship, affection, and support. 
  • Home modifications and assistive devices: Brain injury victims often require home modifications and assistive devices to accommodate their new needs. Compensation can cover the cost of home modifications, mobility aids, and assistive technology. 
  • Long-term care and support: Compensation for severe brain injuries that require ongoing care and support may include funds for home care, nursing services, and any additional support. 

Every brain injury case is different, and compensation will be tailored to the victim's needs and situation. A Queens brain injury attorney will collaborate closely with medical specialists and other experts to accurately determine the full scope of damages and fight for a just and equitable settlement. 

We can help you or your loved one recover and seek justice after a brain injury in Queens. Our guidance is important. Our team has over 20 years of experience. This experience ensures you have the best chance to get the money needed to rebuild your life and secure a better future. 

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Brain Injuries: 

Know the signs of brain injuries for prompt medical help. Let's take a look at these signs: 

Physical Signs: 

  • Headaches: Severe and persistent headaches, particularly those that increase over time, may indicate an underlying brain injury. 
  • Unexplained or regular attacks of nausea and vomiting, frequently accompanied by dizziness, can be cause for alarm. 
  • Excessive and inexplicable weariness, difficulty staying awake, or abrupt changes in sleep patterns might all indicate brain damage. 
  • Sensory disturbances: Sensory disturbances such as blurred vision, ear ringing, or sensitivity to light and sound are possible. 

Cognitive and Emotional Changes: 

  • Memory Loss: One typical cognitive sign of brain injury is trouble remembering recent events, conversations, or information. 
  • Confusion: Having trouble focusing, forgetting things, or feeling disoriented are symptoms of cognitive impairment. 
  • Mood swings, irritability, and unexplained emotional outbursts can all be signs of a brain injury. These mood changes should be drastic and out of the ordinary. 
  • Depression and Anxiety: It is important not to ignore the onset of anxiety, depression, or heightened emotional distress after an accident. 

Changes in your body movement ability: 

  • Loss of Balance and Coordination: Difficulty walking, shaky motions, or poor coordination can all be symptoms of brain injury. 
  • Weakness or Numbness: Sudden weakness in the extremities, especially on one side of the body, could suggest a neurological problem. 

Behavior Modifications: 

  • Agitation and Restlessness: Unusual agitation, restlessness, or aggression may indicate a brain injury. 
  • Slow Reactions: Slow speech, tardy actions, or trouble comprehending and processing information can all be warning signs. 
  • Seizures: Unexplained seizures or convulsions following an injury require immediate medical attention. 

Recognizing that symptoms may appear immediately following an event or may take time to develop is critical. 

Contact a Queens Brain Injury Lawyer

Don't complicate things further; you have come to the right people. We will give a holistic and human approach to your case. Nothing will stop us from giving you the justice you deserve for the damages and inconveniences caused. 

We want to see you regain your life with your family after a devastating event such as a brain injury. 

The Ward Law Group wants to see families embrace each other again and find the light that confirms that there are still people who act out of a vocation of service in the world. Contact us; we will give you a free evaluation of your case. 

Trust the support from our brain injury law firm at Queens, and remember you are not alone in this journey. 

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