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Kissimmee Uninsured Drivers Car Accident Lawyer

Dealing with the consequences of a serious car accident is difficult under any circumstances. It is even more difficult if the person responsible for the accident is uninsured. You may need guidance from a Kissimmee uninsured drivers car accident lawyer who has navigated these difficult waters before and may be able to help you get justice. Retain the services of a skilled car accident attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Florida is a no-fault state where every driver must carry at least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Unfortunately, as many as 10% of all drivers still choose to drive without insurance, gambling that they can get away with it. This causes problems not only for themselves but for other motorists who may suffer injuries in collisions with them.

What Happens if a Driver is Uninsured?

It is possible to buy special coverage from an auto insurance carrier to protect against uninsured motorists. This is generally referred to as UM coverage. It applies when the other driver lacks any insurance, is an excluded driver under the policy, or if there is a coverage issue.

If a driver does not have UM coverage and an uninsured driver hits them, there are still ways to try to get compensation. One possibility is to file a lawsuit against the driver without insurance. But, it is important to note that drivers without insurance frequently lack the financial means to pay damages after a verdict.

Even when a motorist has UM coverage, the insurance company may try to avoid paying. Insurance companies do not make their profits by generously paying claims, even for an uninsured injury that was not their client's fault.

In some cases, negligent drivers may lie and claim they are not insured, even when they are. That way, they can avoid having a costly claim filed against their insurance policy, which would probably cause an increase in their rates.

A Kissimmee uninsured drivers car accident lawyer could help, perhaps by telling the other driver that they will face a civil lawsuit, plus the potential loss of their license if they do not produce an insurance policy.

What Compensation is Available in Kissimmee?

As in any type of automobile collision, the physical harm caused by such an accident can be significant. Typical injuries include broken bones, burns, spinal cord damage, head trauma, and paralysis.

Compensation depends on the connection between the accident and the physical and emotional injuries that resulted. To prove this, a thorough medical examination by a physician is very important.

Anyone in an accident should gather as much evidence as possible about the accident - including eyewitness testimony. The more evidence they gather at the scene of the accident, the stronger their case could be.

How a Kissimmee Uninsured Drivers Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Your uninsured driver claim may include claiming compensation to cover such damages as medical expenses, lost income, and psychological trauma. Even an auto insurance policy protecting you against an uninsured driver may have limits to its coverage. To get the full amount you are entitled to, you may need a professional Kissimmee uninsured drivers car accident lawyer to help you make your case.