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Head-On Car Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn

Going at considerable speed and colliding with an oncoming vehicle can be a recipe for a fair share of pain and your car parts flying through the air. Head-on collisions are one event that fits into the most dangerous category. When two vehicles meet head-on without being able to brake early enough, a violent collision occurs in which both drivers are face to face. 

Because of the tremendous impact forces involved, Brooklyn's head-on car accident accidents frequently result in serious injuries and fatalities. Things like distracted driving, rash overtaking, or drunk driving can cause head-on collisions. If you find yourself in this upsetting circumstance, seeking the advice and support of a knowledgeable head-on car accident attorney can help you get through the legal process. 

An experienced head-on accident lawyer from The Ward Law Group will be your best ally in overcoming the consequences of this type of car accident crossing your path. Perhaps a negligent driver appeared in front of you and did not give you time to react since your speed was well above the standard.  

That's not a new occurrence. The vast majority of our clients were attentive behind the wheel; however, they could not avoid the bad decisions of other drivers. 

Life on the highways can sometimes be paradoxical; those who take care to minimize risks as much as possible can never cover 100%. A percentage always includes aspects that are out of their control. 

Various factors can cause these dangerous events. Some examples include bad weather, careless driving, drivers under the influence, technical problems, faulty brakes, and distractions from onboard entertainment. 

Our attorneys take care of every detail involved in the entire process of seeking and obtaining compensation, from the investigation that must be carried out to gathering evidence and testimony, talking to witnesses, negotiating with insurance companies, cross-checking information with the authorities, and extensive knowledge of the legal framework that applies to the State of New York and the Borough of Brooklyn. 

As a vibrant city with constant traffic and diverse businesses, these accidents can occur more frequently than in smaller cities or towns where traffic and motor vehicles are much less. 

Big cities also come at a cost. That cost can range from people being stressed out by the pace at which they live to an overcrowding of vehicles clogging the streets. Some of these vehicles are driven by people who maintain constant aggression, wanting to gain every position before another vehicle, overtaking abruptly, or not yielding the right of way as they should. 

We don't need to describe the dark side of New York traffic; you must know it better than we do if you have lived in the Big Apple for a few years. It is normal that in such a cosmopolitan part of the world, where people are constantly arriving from all over the world, there is a degree of congestion on the roads. The question is, are the authorities taking the necessary measures to mitigate these negative effects of overcrowding? 

A Deutsche Welle report recently described the new wave of immigration that has arrived in New York in the last two years. At the same time, the city has always been characterized by receiving migrants. Indeed, its history has been made by several migrants who came to build dreams in this part of the world. 

It is unclear whether there is a contingency plan to integrate all these people into the city's daily life or if it is simply a spontaneous event in which the authorities have not been able to plan a safe arrangement for hundreds of people arriving daily. 

Why do we touch on these issues when referring to head-on collision accidents? The more people on the roads, the greater the possibility of these events occurring. Moreover, when people do not have enough road education, do not know the routes well, and are constantly guided by an application that tells them what to do, in addition to being under constant pressure to survive in the big city, all this can detonate in drivers increasingly disconnected from reality. 

What is certain is that in the face of these increasing events, there will always be a Ward Law Group professional ready to help your community. Since we opened our office at 535 5th Ave Suite 910, New York, NY 10017, we have received many calls from New York residents thanking us for supporting this new part of the country and expressing their concerns about the wave of accidents invading the city. 

Many people who call us also thank us for the content we generate; they tell us that now they feel much more informed and are no longer afraid to initiate a process that will help them enforce their rights. Our professionals are very happy to condense all the information acquired in the last 20 years of experience and summarize it for our readers. 

We are doing our bit to build the community, and we all want a safer place where moving around can be done peacefully and without violence. With the confidence that the law is on our side and that justice must always prevail in any civilized society. 

We want to explore head-on collision accidents in Brooklyn and mention some of their characteristics, in addition to the necessary recommendations to deal with this type of event. 

If you identify with the details we have shared regarding this type of accident, contact The Ward Law Group immediately. Our professionals will evaluate your case and give you a legal diagnosis and a possible path to follow to recover the time you lost and repair the damages caused. 

Common causes and scenarios leading to head-on accident cases 

As our readers will understand, spending 30 years in a sector such as accidents has meant that our personal injury attorneys have seen all types of cases and experienced the situations we are dealing with. 

However, when it comes to the causes that generate these events, we could spend hours listing them. Sometimes, new causes even appear, such as an accident that occurred during a pandemic when a driver was driving with a very large mask on, which covered part of his vision. The mask caused an impact between the two cars that resulted in brain injuries for both drivers. 

In short, there may be many causes, but it is always very helpful to group the most common ones in order to be prepared to assume the legal defense in the majority of cases. In addition, knowing the indicated procedures by heart speeds up the path toward compensation and helps our clients feel more secure. 

The causes that are usually repeated, according to our experts, are the following: 

Distracted Driving: Engaging in activities like texting, talking on the phone, or adjusting the radio diverts a driver's attention, causing them to cross into oncoming traffic and leading to head-on collisions inadvertently. It takes just a moment of distraction to alter the course of a drive tragically. 

Impaired Driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgment and reaction times, increasing the likelihood of veering into opposing lanes and causing head-on crashes. Impaired drivers often exhibit unpredictable behavior on the road. 

Fatigue: Fatigued drivers may fall asleep at the wheel or struggle to stay in their lane, resulting in head-on accidents, especially during late-night or long-distance drives. The effects of drowsiness can be as debilitating as intoxication. 

Reckless Overtaking: Attempting risky overtaking maneuvers on two-lane roads, especially with limited visibility, can lead to miscalculations or encounters with oncoming traffic, resulting in head-on collisions. Aggressive driving choices can have severe consequences like spinal cord injuries or wrongful death. 

Wrong-Way Driving: Entering highways or one-way streets in the wrong direction places a vehicle directly in the path of oncoming traffic, leading to head-on collisions. Confusion or distraction can contribute to this dangerous error. 

Speeding: High speed reduces a driver's ability to react to obstacles or curves, making it more likely for them to drift into opposing lanes unintentionally. Speeding drivers have less time to make crucial decisions. This reckless behavior affects drivers and passengers. 

Loss of Control: Vehicle malfunctions, such as brake failure or a blown tire, can lead to a sudden loss of control and result in head-on accidents, often with little warning. Regular vehicle maintenance is vital to prevent such incidents. 

Weather Conditions: Slippery roads due to rain, snow, or ice can lead to a loss of traction, causing vehicles to slide into opposing lanes and result in head-on crashes. Adapting driving behavior to adverse weather is essential. 

Blind Curves: On winding roads, drivers may not anticipate oncoming traffic when navigating blind curves, making them vulnerable to head-on collisions. Caution and adherence to speed limits are crucial on such roads. 

Failing to Yield: Drivers who disregard traffic signs, signals, or right-of-way rules may inadvertently collide with oncoming vehicles at intersections or merging lanes. Failure to follow traffic rules can have serious consequences. 

Medical Emergencies: Sudden health issues like heart attacks or seizures can incapacitate drivers, causing them to lose control and veer into opposing traffic. Health problems can strike at any moment. 

New Drivers: Novice drivers may struggle to maintain proper lane discipline and anticipate the actions of other motorists, increasing their risk of head-on accidents. Inexperience can lead to hesitation and misjudgment. 

Road Rage: Angry drivers may purposely drive into oncoming traffic, causing dangerous head-on collisions due to confrontations. Managing emotions while driving is essential for safety. 

Animal Crossings: Drivers may swerve to avoid animals that dart onto the road unexpectedly, inadvertently leading to head-on accidents with oncoming traffic. Vigilance is crucial, especially in rural areas. 

Poor Road Conditions: Uneven road surfaces, potholes, and a lack of proper signage can contribute to drivers inadvertently crossing into opposing lanes, particularly in low-visibility conditions. Infrastructure maintenance is essential for road safety. 

Noteworthy Brooklyn roads, highways, and intersections are notorious for head-on collisions. 

Our team has personally walked all over Brooklyn. We always recommend that you do so since this gives you a more realistic vision of the place where you are working. You can also talk with the community and understand their concerns regarding the city's road safety. Knowing where you work changes your perspective on events. 

Thus, through a cross-check of information with the data shared by the New York Department of Transportation, we have been able to determine that the places in Brooklyn and close to Brooklyn with the highest recurrence of these events are the following: 

Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue: The intersection of Linden Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue has seen its share of head-on collisions due to high traffic volumes, complex merges, and driver impatience during rush hours. 

Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue: The convergence of Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue is notorious for head-on accidents, often caused by drivers attempting risky left turns or failing to yield the right-of-way. 

Flatbush Avenue Extension: Certain stretches of Flatbush Avenue Extension, especially in Downtown Brooklyn, are accident-prone due to the convergence of multiple lanes and heavy pedestrian traffic, leading to unexpected stops and head-on collisions. 

Ocean Parkway: Ocean Parkway's long, straight sections can tempt speeding drivers into dangerous overtaking maneuvers and reckless behavior, resulting in head-on crashes. 

Kings Highway and Ocean Avenue: Kings Highway and Ocean Avenue intersection is known for head-on collisions caused by drivers running red lights or making improper turns. 

Bergen Street and Vanderbilt Avenue: Bergen Street's narrow lanes and high traffic, especially during commuting hours, have led to head-on accidents at the intersection with Vanderbilt Avenue. 

McGuinness Boulevard: McGuinness Boulevard's multiple lanes and aggressive driving can lead to head-on crashes, especially in the Green Point area, where drivers may attempt risky passes. 

Brooklyn Bridge Entrance: The entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge can be treacherous for drivers, with complex merges and frequent lane changes contributing to car accident cases, especially during peak travel times. 

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The Ward Law Group understands how difficult and complex these cases can be, so let us help you navigate and win the fair compensation you deserve.  

If you are alone fighting against insurance companies that will do whatever it takes to not pay in full, you might be getting compensation that doesn't reflect your actual losses.  

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