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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Suffolk County

Motorcycles and speed are two passions that come together in a single trip. However, stepping too hard on the accelerator aboard a light vehicle will always involve a risk. An impact with a car or truck could have fatal consequences. Despite being a fairly quiet area within Long Island, Suffolk County is not exempt from this type of event.

Many motorcyclists in this part of New York have written to us with questions regarding accidents in which they have been involved due to negligence of third parties or circumstances not yet fully clarified.

Has a motorcycle accident in Suffolk County injured you or a loved one? If another person's carelessness caused your injuries, you might be entitled to financial support for lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering.

Facts and Statistics Around Motorcycle Accidents in Suffolk County

Every year in the State of New York, there are approximately 5,000 motorcycle accidents that result in moderate to severe injuries to over 2,000 people. In 2017, there were over 130 fatal motorcycle accidents in the state.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently released the following startling findings of its study: Even in the denser metropolitan areas, the majority of motorcycle deaths in the State of New York happen in Suffolk County, making up a disproportionately large portion of motorcycle fatalities overall.

More motorcycle riders are dying in Suffolk County than any other region in the state of New York, according to a News 12 Long Island report based on an American Automobile study.

According to this research, 123 of the 148 motorcycle deaths that occurred in New York in 2014 took place in Suffolk. New York health officials discovered similar numbers of traffic accidents in Suffolk. That translates to two fatal motorcycle accidents on Suffolk County roads on a weekly average.

Annual defensive driving courses are advised by the American Automobile Association for motorcycle riders as a preventative measure against deadly collisions.

What causes these types of painful events?

Officials report that a large number of motorcycle deaths on Long Island that occur each year involve passenger cars turning left in front of motorcycles, whether the turn is announced or not.

According to the New York Department of Transportation, alcohol is another significant contributing factor to car accidents and other vehicle accidents: 30% of all motorcycle fatalities nationwide had blood alcohol content (BAC) above the 0.08 legal limit. According to data from the Governor's Highway Safety Association, alcohol is a factor in 27% of fatal motorcycle accidents in New York.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or a fatality in a motorcycle accident in New York, turn to seasoned legal assistance for an evaluation of your potential claims. Contact our law firm, a team of effective New York City Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, for a free consultation right now!

Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Suffolk County

Motorcycle accidents in Suffolk County can manifest in diverse ways, each presenting distinct challenges and risks for riders. It's crucial to comprehend the various scenarios, including:

  • Single-Bike Accidents

These incidents occur when a rider collides with a stationary object or car, often due to faulty equipment or rider-related issues.

Examples encompass defective brakes, distractions, excessive speed, or navigating turns too swiftly.

  • Left-Turn Collisions

Involve a driver making a left turn without detecting an oncoming motorcycle.

Collisions can ensue when a rider attempts to pass or traverses through an intersection.

  • Head-On Collisions

Among the most severe accidents is when a car directly strikes a motorcycle.

These collisions are often fatal for riders, resulting in ejections from the motorcycle.

  • Lane-Change Accidents

It occurs when a driver changes lanes without noticing a motorcycle.

This is frequently attributed to drivers overlooking motorcycles due to their smaller size.

In Suffolk County, these incidents underscore the vulnerability of motorcyclists in various traffic scenarios and personal injury cases.

Unfortunately, nearly any motorcycle-involved accident has the potential to lead to severe consequences due to the limited protection afforded to riders, even when wearing helmets.

Riders in Suffolk County need to be aware of these risks and take precautions on the road.

Determining the Value of Your Suffolk County Motorcycle Accident Case

In any Suffolk County motorcycle accident case, insurance companies may attempt to undervalue your personal injury claim, employing tactics to minimize compensation. At The Ward Law Group, our Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyers are dedicated to ensuring you receive the rightful compensation for your damages.

  • Nature and Severity of Injuries

Our experienced attorneys carefully assess the nature and severity of the injuries you sustained in the motorcycle accident. We consider the medical reports, consult with healthcare professionals, and thoroughly understand how these injuries impact your life.

  • Medical Expenses

We meticulously review the total costs incurred for medical treatments related to the accident. This includes hospital bills, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and other necessary medical procedures. We aim to ensure that every medical expense is accounted for in your claim.

  • Prognosis and Future Health Needs

Our legal team considers your expected recovery path and any ongoing medical requirements. By understanding the long-term implications of your injuries, we can accurately calculate the compensation needed to address future health needs and ensure your well-being.

  • Lost Income

Assessing the impact on your employment is a crucial aspect of determining the value of your case.

We consider the duration of missed work, potential future income loss, and any other financial setbacks resulting from the motorcycle accident. Our goal is to recover fair compensation for all economic losses.

  • Diminished Quality of Life

Examining how the injuries have affected your overall well-being and lifestyle is essential. We work to quantify the non-economic damages, considering factors such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment, and any other adverse effects on your quality of life.

  • Emotional and Physical Pain and Suffering

Accounting for the emotional distress and physical suffering resulting from the accident is a priority. Our legal team understands the intangible costs of pain and suffering and fights to ensure these damages are appropriately valued in your claim.

Recognizing that every motorcycle accident case is unique, our legal team offers a complimentary case review to understand the specifics of your situation. Contact us to gain insights into the true worth of your Suffolk County motorcycle accident case. Your well-being and rightful compensation are our priorities.

Types of Compensation Available to Suffolk County Motorcycle Accident Victims

At The Ward Law Group, our Suffolk County motorcycle accident lawyers work diligently to ensure that those responsible for your injuries bear the financial consequences.

Compensatory Damages in Suffolk County Motorcycle and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Under New York personal injury laws, victims of motorcycle accidents have the right to seek compensation for various economic and non-economic losses.

Economic Damages: Out-of-Pocket Costs

Victims can pursue reimbursement for economic damages, covering out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to the accident.

Past and future medical expenses include emergency room visits, hospitalization, and ongoing medical treatments.

Past and future lost wages, diminished earning potential, property damage, and physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses.

Non-Economic Damages: Physical and Emotional Suffering

In addition to economic damages, victims may be entitled to non-economic awards to compensate for the physical and emotional toll of the accident.

Compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, diminished quality of life, and physical disfigurement and scarring.

Emotional impact of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Loss of consortium, affecting the relationships of surviving family members, may also be considered.

Wrongful Death Claims for Motorcycle Accidents

Tragically, fatal motorcycle accidents can devastate families. In such cases, surviving family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek additional damages. Our legal team is committed to helping victims and their families navigate the complexities of seeking comprehensive compensation after a motorcycle accident in Suffolk County.

Recovering Damages After a Motorcycle Accident in New York

Navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in New York requires a solid understanding of the state's legal framework, particularly in terms of comparative negligence. New York, distinct from some other states, employs specific laws governing the allocation of fault and the recovery of damages.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys know the following legal aspects in Suffolk County.

Comparative Negligence in New York: Key Considerations

In New York, the legal system follows a pure comparative negligence model, allowing injured parties to pursue compensation even when they share some blame.

New York Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) Article 14-A dictates that if you are partially responsible for the accident, your compensation will be reduced proportionately to your degree of fault.

For instance, if you are found 25% at fault, your awarded damages will be diminished by 25%.

Limits on Recovery Based on Fault Percentage

Your ability to seek damages is not automatically barred unless your assigned fault exceeds a specific threshold, emphasizing the importance of understanding the specifics.

CPLR Article 14-A ensures that if your assigned fault is 50% or less, you can still pursue damages, and your award will be adjusted based on your percentage of responsibility.

However, if your assigned fault exceeds 50%, you may face challenges in recovering any compensation.

Protecting Your Rights in New York Motorcycle Accident Cases

Insurance companies often attempt to shift blame onto motorcyclists. In this context, having knowledgeable legal representation is crucial.

Our attorneys at The Ward Law Group are well-versed in New York's laws, including CPLR Article 14-A, and can effectively counter attempts to assign motorcyclists undue fault.

If you're facing allegations of causing an accident, contact our offices promptly for expert assistance in preserving your legal entitlement to equitable reimbursement.

Relevant Laws in New York:

CPLR Article 14-A - Comparative Negligence

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) Section 1141 - Rules of the Road; Turning Movements and Required Signals.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Riding a motorcycle, even with protective gear, exposes individuals to significant risks in the event of an accident. Motorcyclists often endure severe injuries that demand extensive recovery periods.

At The Ward Law Group, we are committed to advocating for comprehensive compensation for a range of injuries, including:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI):

These injuries result from severe blows to the head and can have lasting cognitive and neurological effects. Seeking compensation is crucial to covering medical expenses and ongoing care for TBI.

  • Road Rash:

Road rash occurs when a rider's skin contacts the road surface during a crash. This painful injury often requires medical attention and may lead to scarring.

  • Burns:

Motorcycle accidents can result in burns from contact with hot surfaces, chemicals, or friction. Compensation can assist with medical treatment, including surgeries and rehabilitation.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries:

Injuries to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis or significant impairment. Seeking compensation is vital for covering medical costs, adaptive technologies, and long-term care.

  • Crushing Injuries:

These injuries occur when a body part is compressed between two objects, leading to severe damage. Compensation can support medical interventions and rehabilitation for crushing injuries.

  • Broken Bones:

Fractures and breaks are common in motorcycle accidents. Seeking compensation is vital for covering medical expenses, including surgeries and physical therapy.

  • Wrongful Death of a Loved One:

In the tragic event of a loved one's death due to a motorcycle accident, pursuing compensation can help alleviate financial burdens and provide a sense of justice.

If you've experienced a motorcycle accident, we understand your challenges. Schedule a case evaluation with The Ward Law Group to explore how experienced legal representation can secure the compensation you deserve.

Suffolk County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer - How The Ward Law Group Can Assist You

Following a motorcycle accident, there may be severe injuries, fear, and uncertainty about what lies ahead. This can be an overwhelming aftermath. Getting just compensation for injuries sustained while riding a motorcycle can be difficult, especially when insurance companies make things more difficult.

The Ward Law Group is aware of motorcycle riders' difficulties in these trying times. If litigation is required, our skilled personal injury lawyers in Suffolk County, New York, help you navigate the insurance claim procedure and tenaciously defend your rights.

With over 30 years of combined experience, our motorcycle accident lawyers in New York have garnered awards and media recognition for their dedicated service. When you choose The Ward Law Group, you gain a dedicated advocate to:

  • Determine the responsible party in your accident
  • Collect evidence to establish causation and liability
  • Employ experts and specialists to support your injury claim
  • Safeguard your rights if you're wrongly blamed for the accident
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters for the maximum compensation

For help obtaining the full compensation you are entitled to, contact The Ward Law Group's experienced New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at 855-DOLOR-55.

Would you like to explore your options further? Contact our law offices in Suffolk County, New York, today to arrange a complimentary consultation.