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Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer in Queens

Electric scooters can be an alternative for shorter distances within New York City. Because they are an electric alternative, their impact on the environment is less than a motorized vehicle. That is why using these types of scooters could contribute to the care of the planet. In addition, they could be a much cheaper and faster option. This way, you could avoid the subway overflowing with people.  

In recent years, the use of electric scooters in Queens has increased, as the number of companies providing electric vehicles has increased as well. It is a worldwide trend which has served as an alternative to traffic in big cities.  

However, there are still many unknowns regarding electric scooters as a transportation alternative in large cities. The first question that arises is how safe they can be. What has been reported to us by many users who want to sue for accidents with electric scooters is that they lost control of this instrument easily. How was that possible? Are the indications about the use of the scooter not clear? Will that mean a percentage of liability from the manufacturers? 

Because of not having much experience with this type of transportation, many users accelerated too much or did not realize there were cars or motorcycles nearby. Also, users have crashed into nearby objects or walls because they lost control of the scooter.  

The same question arises again after witnessing electric scooter accidents in Queens: How much responsibility do the electric scooter manufacturers bear in this type of situation? Are the companies suddenly not improving the safety of these vehicles because they want to save costs they do not want to take? Answering these questions is part of the research we do at The Ward Law when we receive these cases in our office.  

In order to determine liability from electric scooter accidents, several aspects must be evaluated. Among them, is whether or not there has been negligence on the part of both the user and the manufacturer. This can be a complex process for someone unfamiliar with New York law. However, with the experience of our professionals, the process will be easier for you. We take a comprehensive approach to each case we receive, so we can determine the best legal strategy and the best possible compensation for our clients who have been affected by this type of situation. 

Common Causes of Electric Scooter Accidents 

The causes involved in this type of case can be diverse. Mostly, as mentioned before, what is needed in the beginning is a thorough investigation of what actually happened. However, having received hundreds of cases over the years, we have been able to group some of the main causes.  

In this way, we also help our community to be able to identify the main risk indicators or also identify activities that should be avoided when driving one of these vehicles. Such as using them under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which could be potentially dangerous for the scooter driver and those around them. For instance: 

Negligent Riding

One of the main causes of accidents involving electric scooters in Queens is careless riding. Some scooter users might engage in risky activities like careless driving, going over the speed limit, or using a phone while they're moving. These actions endanger not only the rider's safety but also the safety of other road users and pedestrians. Sometimes, riders may not realize how fast and maneuverable electric scooters are, which can cause unexpected collisions or loss of control. 

Riders must operate electric scooters responsibly, observe traffic laws, and place safety first at all times in order to address these problems. A knowledgeable Queen’s electric scooter accident lawyer can offer insightful advice on legal obligations and potential compensation in the event of an accident brought on by careless riding. 

Road Hazards 

Due to numerous road hazards, navigating Queens' streets on an electric scooter can be difficult. Accident risk can be increased by uneven road surfaces, potholes, debris, and a lack of designated scooter lanes. Compared to traditional bicycles, electric scooters have smaller wheels, which makes them more prone to losing balance or control when they come across road imperfections. 

When approaching potential road hazards, scooter riders should be especially alert and adaptable to their surroundings. Accident risk can be significantly decreased by using designated bike lanes whenever possible and avoiding areas with known traffic problems. It's crucial to remember that not all accidents brought on by road hazards are the rider's fault. If road conditions were a contributing factor to the accident, speaking with a Queen’s electric scooter accident lawyer can help establish liability and pursue compensation. 

Equipment Malfunctions 

Although electric scooters are made to be efficient and convenient, riders can be seriously hurt if the equipment breaks down. Accidents and sudden loss of control can result from scooter defects or malfunctioning parts, such as brakes, steering mechanisms, or batteries. Riders might suddenly lose the ability to stop, swerve, or navigate safely, putting them in danger of colliding with other cars, people on the road, or other objects. 

Electric scooters need to be regularly maintained and inspected by both users and scooter-sharing businesses to prevent accidents brought on by defective equipment. An electric scooter accident attorney in Queens can help determine liability and hold responsible parties accountable for the resulting injuries and damages if an accident is caused by a defective scooter or malfunctioning part. 

Traffic Violations and Non-Adherence to Traffic Laws 

Accidents involving electric scooters in Queens are significantly influenced by traffic violations and disregard for the law. Red lights, stop signs, and other traffic signals may be disregarded by some riders, resulting in collisions with moving vehicles or pedestrians. Additionally, unsafe situations can be created, and the probability of accidents is increased by improper lane changes, failure to yield, and illegal turns. 

At The Ward Law, we will always emphasize the importance of following traffic laws in all situations. Civic education must also be something that must be reinforced at the educational level; our community must be aware of the importance of respecting the rule of law. Otherwise, the doors of chaos will remain open, and the percentage of accidents could be increased, and that is precisely what we want to avoid. 

Lack of Rider Experience and Training 

Inadequate training and rider inexperience with electric scooters can also lead to accidents. Numerous scooter-sharing plans make electric scooters available to the general public without providing in-depth teaching on safe riding techniques, security precautions, and potential threats. Inexperienced riders may struggle to control the scooter, especially in hazardous driving scenarios or densely populated locations. 

To solve this issue, scooter-sharing businesses and local governments could consider conducting educational initiatives and safety campaigns to teach passengers how to operate scooters responsibly. Additionally, before traversing congested streets, riders should take the initiative to practice riding in controlled situations and progressively strengthen their skills. 

Adverse Weather Conditions 

Can you imagine riding full speed on one of these electric scooters after a heavy snowfall? Do you think you could make your way through the ice-covered sidewalk? Heavy rain could also take away your vision. Can an electric scooter make its way through puddles of water or strong winter winds that reach the entire Atlantic coast? 

As a result of finding an answer to all these questions, we consider that adverse weather conditions may also be a possible cause of this type of accident. 

Riders of electric scooters in Queens may experience significant safety risks due to unfavorable weather conditions like rain, snow, or ice. Road surfaces that are slick have less traction, which makes it harder to brake and drive safely. Due to the difficulty other road users may have spotting scooters in poor visibility conditions like rain or snow, accidents may also be more likely to occur. 

Is a must while using an electric scooter to have extreme caution and modify the riding style when there are hazardous weather conditions present. Accident risk can be reduced by driving slowly, keeping a safe distance from other cars, and avoiding sudden maneuvers. When the weather is bad, scooter riders should consider delaying their trips and putting safety before convenience. 

As we see, a variety of factors, such as traffic violations, inexperienced riders, and bad weather, can all affect how often electric scooter accidents happen in Queens. Encouraging safe riding, supporting appropriate rider training, and considering weather conditions, will allow scooter riders to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents on the streets of Queens. 

Understanding Electric Scooter Laws in Queens 

The following is a summary of the main rules and laws that Queen’s users of electric scooters should be aware of: 

Helmet Requirements 

Electric scooter users in Queens, as well as the rest of New York, must wear helmets. All scooter drivers in New York State, regardless of age, are obliged to wear an approved helmet when operating a scooter (Section 1238). This rule is intended to improve rider safety by reducing the danger of head injuries. Riders must choose a helmet that meets state safety standards and provides enough protection. 

This law might seem very strange to you because surely you have seen many scooter drivers who do not take it into account and ride without any helmet. However, the fact that people do not respect a law does not mean that the law does not exist. 

Therefore, the best thing you can do as a scooter rider is to be aware of all the relevant regulations, thereby reducing any risk of an accident or any possibility of being held legally responsible for an accident. 

Speed limits 

Electric scooter riders in Queens must adhere to set speed limits to ensure a responsible and safe ride. Riders are generally expected to ride scooters at speeds that are acceptable for the current conditions and do not endanger themselves or others, while particular scooter speed limitations may vary depending on local legislation and road classifications. Excessive speeding can have legal consequences for motorcyclists as well as cause accidents. 

Designated Riding Areas 

Like other areas of New York, Queens might have designated areas where electric scooters are permitted to be used. Scooter riders should familiarize themselves with local laws to find out where they are allowed to ride. Scooters may occasionally be permitted on designated shared pathways or bicycle lanes. However, riders should refrain from using sidewalks because doing so can endanger pedestrians. 

All users must be fully aware of Queens' electric scooter legislation. Riders may help make cities safer and more peaceful by wearing helmets, respecting speed limits, understanding where designated riding places are, and adhering to traffic regulations. Riders who want to stay safe and in compliance with local laws while riding electric scooters in Queens should stay up to date on any changes or revisions to those laws. 

Determining Liability in Electric Scooter Accidents 

As mentioned earlier, determining a degree of legal liability can be a tedious process, although it can be difficult to determine the degree of legal responsibility. 

Negligence and Liability 

Negligence in the context of electric scooter accidents can refer to behaviors like rash driving, disobeying traffic regulations, or poor scooter maintenance. Some aspects regarding the liability debate around scooter accidents could be the following: 

Potential Parties at Fault 

1. Scooter Riders: 

The rider of an electric scooter bears primary liability for safe operation. Riders may be held accountable for accident-related damages if their negligent behaviors, such as speeding, running red lights, or riding on sidewalks, directly contributed to the incident. 

2. Motorists: 

The operators of other vehicles on the road, including those operating electric scooters, have a responsibility to share the road sensibly and to pay attention to their surroundings. A driver may be held liable if their careless driving practices, such as texting while driving or failing to yield, result in a collision with an electric scooter. 

3. Scooter Rental Companies: 

The scooter rental company may be held accountable when a malfunction or lack of maintenance causes an accident. The maintenance and safety of the scooters provided by rental companies must be guaranteed. 

4. Municipalities: 

Accidents involving electric scooters may be exacerbated by poorly maintained roads, inadequate signage, or hazardous road conditions. A municipality may be held partially responsible if poor road maintenance or design is a contributing factor. 

Evidence in Liability Determination 

To establish liability, various forms of evidence may be considered: 

  • Eyewitness Statements: Accounts from people who saw the accident can offer important details about what happened. 
  • Video Footage: The accident may be captured by surveillance cameras or even smartphone recordings that can be used to reconstruct what happened. 
  • Police Reports: Key information can be documented, and an objective viewpoint can be offered by official police reports that were filed at the scene of the accident. 
  • Expert Analysis: Experts in accident reconstruction can examine the scene, the damage to the vehicles, and other elements to offer explanations for how the accident happened. 

As we can see, an accident of this type could become a complex case. It is necessary to make a thorough and personalized analysis to know which legal strategy to follow. Don’t waste more valuable time, and contact the Ward Law Group right now! We will be a team in the mood to find the best possible compensation. Don’t worry; we will work as a team from the first moment until the end of this long journey.