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Lyft Accident Lawyers in Pembroke Pines

It’s no secret that owning and maintaining a car is an expensive endeavor. Chances are if you’re in the market for a new car, you’ve already come to terms with the fact that you’ll be parting with at least several thousand dollars. And, in many cases, that still means picking up something that has already been used. Even if you manage to jump this considerable hurdle, you now have to deal with buying gas, replacing tires, and occasionally rolling into the shop for routine maintenance.

So, really, it’s no wonder that ridesharing apps like Lyft have surged in popularity in recent years. After all, it saves you money and it serves as supplemental income to those who are behind the wheel. Basically, everyone wins. (Most of the time, anyway.) Services like Lyft may make roads a whole lot safer, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk of accidents. Of course, being the passenger in a rideshare vehicle only makes legal matters more complicated when such a situation arises. After all, you’re most likely going to be contending with Lyft’s insurance policies and legal team at this juncture.

When you’re injured in a Lyft accident, the best thing you can do is to get in touch with an experienced legal team. And, that’s just in normal scenarios. Rideshare accidents only present added layers of complexity on top of a situation that is already rife with difficulties. Fortunately, The Ward Law Group has nearly a decade of experience in handling every variation of car accident claim imaginable. Furthermore, if you require bilingual services, our lawyers serve both the English- and Spanish-speaking communities. Don’t let your language stand in the way of pursuing the compensation you deserve. Contact us today!

Personal Injury & Lyft Accident Statistics For Pembroke Pines, FL

Currently, rideshare companies such as Lyft do not share their car accident statistics with the public. According to the MIT Technology Review, however, several major cities across the country witnessed an increase in car accidents after rideshare apps took off in 2011. This, however, is only a speculative correlation that may or may not reflect the change.

Unfortunately, this study did not observe car accident statistics and the rideshare correlation in Pembroke Pines, FL. Nevertheless, was an undeniable trend across U.S. cities during that time period. It is no secret, however, that Florida is home to some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in the entire country. In fact, the I-95 stretch through Miami-Dade and Broward county sees an absurd 1.73 fatal accidents per mile. Therefore, if ridesharing apps truly did cause more accidents during the year of its inception, then these locations no doubt saw a rise in car collisions as well.

Of course, becoming a victim in any kind of roadway accident will inject a large amount of stress into your life. Thankfully, there are ways to diminish this problem. To take some of the weight off of your shoulders, contact our attorneys at The Ward Law Group. Remember: the legal landscape is a particularly complex and treacherous one—one that you should not face alone. With the right legal team behind you, however, your stressful situation will practically handle itself.

Types of Lyft Accident Injuries

According to the Department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Broward county saw a total of 4,314 car accidents as a result of distracted driving in 2018. Rideshare drivers, in particular, are at a higher risk of exhibiting distracted driving behaviors. Their occupation necessitates monitoring a GPS device to transport their clients from place to place.

As with any car collision, rideshare accidents produce their share of personal injuries. Of course, such bodily harm may range from quite minor to lifelong and incapacitating. Either way, when you are injured in an accident, it only makes your case more complex. Here are a few examples of injuries that a victim may suffer when involved in a rideshare accident:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Lacerations & Bruises
  • Broken Bones
  • Burns
  • Blindness & Deafness
  • Paralysis
  • Disfigurement
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • …and more.

Of course, these are only a few examples. Remember, whenever you are injured in a car accident—whether the bodily harm is minor or otherwise—you should always reach out to an experienced legal team. The Ward Law Group will be able to help you pursue all applicable avenues of compensation throughout the claim process. We are here to make sure that you receive the financial reparations that you are rightfully owed for all damages incurred.

Florida Law & Auto Accident Compensation

Before we delve into any of Florida’s legal particulars, you should be aware that the statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim is four years. This means that if you do not file your claim within this time period, your case may be dismissed outright by a judge.

Furthermore, Florida operates on a comparative negligence system. This means that your potential compensation will be affected by how much of the blame you share with the other party. As a passenger, this probably is not all that relevant to you. But, if you are a rideshare operator, then you should be familiar with this system. Basically, if your potential compensation is $10,000, but the courts determine that you were 30% at fault for the accident, then you will only be able to earn up to $7,000 for your damages.

As far as insurance goes, Florida has its own peculiarities. Firstly, all motor vehicle operators are required to carry a $10,000 personal injury protection plan as well as $10,000 in property damage liability coverage. Additionally, rideshare companies such as Lyft must provide a minimum of $1 million in primary automobile liability coverage for their drivers. This covers damages involving death, bodily injury, property damage, and so on.

Naturally, The Ward Law group will help you navigate these legal idiosyncrasies. With the help of our expert attorneys, you may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, psychological distress, and more. Chances are, you are likely eligible for more forms of compensation than you are aware. To learn more, contact The Ward Law Group today!

Maximizing Your Claim: Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

The steps that you should take after any kind of automobile accident are quite universal. Generally speaking, the only element that will change this process hinges on whether or not you are too injured to perform certain actions. This process assumes that you are not in such a situation. (If you are, you will typically be relying heavily on the help of others.)

As you may guess, your first mode of action should be to contact all relevant emergency services. This means dispatching paramedics and police to the scene as soon as possible. Obviously, paramedics will be helpful if anyone was injured during the event. Simultaneously, the police will draft a report of the incident (of which you should request a copy). You should also make an effort to retrieve the contact information of all parties involved (including witnesses to the event). Of course, if your smartphone is still operational after the accident, you should use it to take pictures of any relevant damages and injuries. All of these elements will be extremely useful later on in the claims process.

Lastly, you’re going to want to contact both your insurance company and The Ward Law Group. Your insurance company will point you in the right direction as far as setting up your claim goes. When you talk to the representative, make sure that you give a detailed and accurate account of all relevant events. And of course, get in touch with The Ward Law Group as soon as possible.

How The Ward Law Group Can Help

Whenever you file a claim, insurance adjusters fight tooth and nail to minimize your potential settlement. Instead of advocating for your well-being, their goal is to turn a profit. Remember: selling insurance is a successful business model for this reason.

But of course, that does not mean that you have to accept a low-ball offer lying down. You should know that one of our founders, Gregory Ward, was once an insurance adjuster himself. As such, he understands how these companies operate and what they set out to do. There is no one better equipped to help you fight for the compensation that you rightfully deserve than the Wards. And don’t forget, if you only speak Spanish, it’s no problem for The Ward Law Group. Our bilingual lawyers will ensure that your case gets started off on the right foot!