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Orlando Insurance Claims Lawyer

After living through a fire, flood, theft or some other disaster, many ordinary individuals think they can simply file their insurance claim and the check will soon be on its way. All too frequently, this is not the case. An insurance claim is a business negotiation, and even though the policyholder has paid premiums for years, the company may fight tooth and nail to limit the payout, or even not pay off on the claim at all.

Insurance companies have very tenacious lawyers on their side, with just one mission: keeping the company from having to pay off on insurance claims, even when those claims are valid. If you are seeking compensation from an insurer, you need a tough Orlando insurance claims lawyer on your side as well. Speak to a compassionate personal injury attorney that can fight for a positive outcome for you.

Reaching a Fair Outcome

Individuals who have faithfully paid insurance premiums for many years deserve to be treated fairly by the insurer. If this is not happening, an experienced attorney can be very helpful - someone who knows all the tactics that insurance companies and their lawyers use to avoid making good on claims.

Working with a lawyer can help a claimant get positive results." Once the insurance company has reneged on its promise, the lawyer should be the one to communicate with the insurer. That is for the claimant's own protection.

Dealing with an insurance company is a specialized area of legal practice, and it is important to hire an Orlando insurance claims attorney with experience doing just that, rather than a lawyer who has done general legal work in the past. Insurance companies will assess the risk of not settling the claim by considering the strength of the policyholder's advocate.

Importance of Negotiation

One important thing a policyholder can do is to carefully read the insurance policy itself. The Declarations Page typically states the dollar limits applying to each category of coverage and lists the extras that are there in addition to the basic policy.

It should not be necessary to sue the insurance company to get a fair outcome, but the implicit threat of a lawsuit must be part of the negotiation. Basic negotiation will resolve many insurance disputes before they ever get to a courtroom. There are laws in many states that make it unlawful for insurance companies to force consumers to file suit to get the money they deserve.

One possible alternative to a lawsuit is mediation, where the parties work with a third party to negotiate a resolution of their dispute on a voluntary process, and arbitration, where the arbitrator may dictate the result, or simply work with the parties to reach a result. Experienced Orlando insurance claims lawyers can help navigate these procedures.

Talk to an Orlando Insurance Claims Attorney Today

If a dispute with an insurer cannot be resolved quickly, it is important to get professional advice from an insurance claims lawyer, even if just an initial consultation. There are statutes of limitations that limit a citizen's right to sue when a specified amount of time has passed. After that deadline, the victim can no longer file a lawsuit to get justice.

If you have been faithfully paying premiums for years and relying on the insurer's promises, you have the right to be treated fairly. If that is not happening, you need an experienced and tenacious Orlando insurance claims lawyer on your side to make the insurer live up to its part of the bargain.