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Broken Bones Injury Lawyer in Nassau County

The Ward Law Group is a leading personal injury law firm with a team of personal injury lawyers serving clients in Nassau County. If you or a loved one has experienced a broken bone injury, rest assured—you're not alone.

Broken Bone Injury Lawsuits

When facing a potential broken bone injury, seeking prompt medical attention is crucial. While waiting for professional help, immobilize the affected area to prevent further damage and pain.

To facilitate the medical assessment, avoid consuming food or drinks, especially if surgery may be required. Depending on the circumstances, consider contacting a broken bone injury attorney.

  • Gather Comprehensive Evidence

As a victim, it's essential to understand that a medical evaluation is vital for verifying injuries. Collect details from the accident scene and take photographs. Your broken bones attorney will leverage this information to establish negligence or intent by the other party.

  • File an Official Report

Depending on the severity of the injury, call 911 or the non-emergency dispatch number to ensure the police file an official report. This report becomes a crucial document your bone fracture injury lawyer can use to advocate for your case. Failure to involve authorities can complicate proving involvement or guilt.

Why Shouldn't you Engage with an Insurance Company First?

Injured victims should be fairly compensated for their damages, but insurers often make it difficult. An experienced legal advocate is essential to navigate the complex injury claims process. Therefore, victims should always have representation by their side.

Don't delay; contact a bone fracture lawyer at The Ward Law Group as soon as possible.

Contacting our bone fracture attorney immediately after the accident enhances your chances of recovering damages.

New York's laws impose time limits on filing lawsuits, and it's crucial not to sign any paperwork or agree to settlements without consulting a Nassau County broken bone injury lawyer. Legal representation ensures your protection and a fight for the compensation owed to you.

How can The Ward Law Group Assist You?

Our skilled broken bone Injury Lawyers at The Ward Law Group have extensive experience safeguarding the legal rights and financial interests of individuals who have suffered broken or fractured bones in Nassau County.

If you or a family member has a broken bone injury, don't hesitate to contact our broken bone attorneys or spinal cord injury lawyer for immediate assistance with your claim.

Understanding Different Types of Broken Bones Injuries

Broken and fractured bones manifest in various forms; it is important to understand the difference between a broken bone and a fracture. Each injury requires an accurate diagnosis for appropriate treatment.

The correct diagnosis is crucial for ensuring the injured receive precise treatment, preventing potential long-term complications. In severe cases, additional operations may be necessary.

Common Types of Fractures and Broken Bone Injuries

  • Displaced Fractures:

Bones crack, and pieces separate, often requiring surgery.

  • Non-Displaced Fractures:

Bones crack, but alignment remains intact, a common type of injury.

  • Stable Fractures:

Least severe, bone structure mostly intact, facilitating easier healing.

  • Open Fractures:

Bone punctures the skin, creating an open wound, requiring urgent attention.

  • Closed Fractures:

A broken bone does not penetrate the skin, but immediate medical treatment is vital.

  • Simple Fractures:

A clean break with minimal separation typically makes it easier to treat the injured area.

  • Greenstick Fractures:

Bone bends instead of breaking, which is common in young children.

  • Transverse Fractures:

The break occurs at a right angle, generally a clean break.

  • Oblique Fractures:

Fractures with a slant or curved angle require immediate medical attention.

  • Linear Fractures:

A long bone break that is notoriously painful.

  • Spiral Fractures:

Occur in a twisting pattern, often caused by entrapment of a body part.

  • Comminuted Fractures:

One of the most serious types, bone fractured at multiple points, often referred to as "shattering".

Understanding Severity

  1. Complete Fracture: The bone cracks into two separate pieces.
  2. Single Fracture: The bone is cracked in one place.
  3. Other Descriptions: Open/closed or simple/multi-fragmentary, stress fracture, hairline fracture, piece of bone fracture.

A thorough medical examination, including X-rays or further scans, is essential because broken bone injuries can involve internal or invisible damage.

How Severe Bone Fractures Occur

Catastrophic bone fractures can result from various serious accidents, and Nassau County residents should be aware of potential risks:

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car accidents are a prevalent cause of catastrophic bone fractures involving single or multiple vehicles or pedestrians. Examples of fracture scenarios include:

Ground impact after being ejected from a bicycle or motorcycle during a collision, often occurring when a car turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

Limb crushing in significant collisions, such as with a tractor-trailer, leads to catastrophic fractures in the arms, legs, feet, hands, or face.

Ejection from the vehicle during a crash, especially in high-speed collisions or rollovers when a seatbelt is not worn.

Impact with an immobile object, like a rock or tree, during a crash, with common injuries involving hands, fingers, or wrists during an attempt to protect the head.

Slip and Fall Incidents: Approximately 20% of falls result in severe injuries, including bone fractures, according to the CDC.

Slip and fall accidents, affecting over two million people annually, may lead to fractures when individuals attempt to break the fall using their arms. Hip fractures are also common in such incidents.

Construction Site Accidents Construction sites, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pose risks for severe injuries, including fractures from machinery, falls, scaffolding incidents, etc.

Victims may be entitled to compensation through personal injury claims.

Potential Compensation Following a Bone Fracture Injury Engaging an experienced bone fracture attorney allows you to pursue compensation for various losses and damages.

Our legal team will vigorously advocate for compensation in areas such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost earnings
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost earnings
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life

Valuing a Bone Fracture Injury Bone fractures can be financially burdensome and painful.

Healthcare.gov notes that even with insurance, bone fracture surgery can result in out-of-pocket costs ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 for complex cases requiring multiple surgeries, hospital stays, and rehabilitation.

Determining the worth of a bone fracture injury settlement or judgment post-accident varies based on several factors:

  • The specific bone or bones involved in the fracture.
  • The impact of the fracture on daily life and work capacity.
  • The extent of necessary medical treatment.
  • The ability of your attorney to establish the defendant's responsibility for the accident.

Commonly Fractured Bones in accidents, any bone in the body can suffer severe fractures. The collarbone or clavicle, delicate yet commonly fractured, is vulnerable in incidents such as bike or motorcycle ejections.

The femur and tibia in the legs are frequently subject to severe fractures in high-speed auto accidents.

Severe fractures in leg bones, crucial for daily functioning, can significantly impact normal life for months or even years.

The Ward Law Group understands the challenges associated with severe bone fractures in Nassau County and is dedicated to assisting victims in seeking rightful compensation.

We also want to spread information about how a broken bone can heal to help people who are going through this kind of experience.

Workplace Accidents:

Workplace Injuries and Bone Fractures Bone fractures can occur in various workplace accidents, impacting employees across different work environments.

Fortunately, the New York Workers' Compensation Board protects workers injured, providing financial support regardless of the injury's cause.

When a worker suffers a bone fracture in a workplace accident, understanding their rights and legal options can expedite the recovery process.

Common workplace accidents leading to bone fractures include:

  • Slipping on a spill
  • Tripping over a misplaced item
  • Falling down a stairwell due to inadequate handrails or low lighting
  • Struck by heavy machinery or objects at the job site
  • Falling off scaffolding at a construction site

In the event of a workplace bone fracture injury, medical bills and other losses are typically covered by the workers' compensation carrier.

If the victim can establish intentional harm by the employer, a separate injury lawsuit may be warranted. Additionally, liability may extend to any third party not associated with the employer or employee but played a role in the injury.

National Statistics on Broken Bones

Based on the Bone and Joint Initiative USA & National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, we found the following numbers:

  • In the United States, 16% of all reported injuries are bone fractures.
  • The United States sees 887,679 hospital admissions annually as a result of fractured and broken bones.
  • As people age, falls are the main cause of bone injuries.
  • Slightly over half of all fractures (52%–59%) are upper limb fractures (arm, forehand, wrist, hand).
  • Ankle, foot, and toe fractures account for over two-thirds of lower limb fractures.
  • Lower limb (tibia and fibula) fractures are the least common broken bone injuries.

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At The Ward Law Group, our unwavering commitment to excellence and client service sets us apart as the leading personal injury lawyers in Nassau County. With over a decade of dedicated service, our results speak volumes about our prowess in securing substantial client compensation.

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Have you experienced a bone fracture due to an accident in Nassau County, New York? Have the negligent actions of another person caused you harm?

Even seemingly minor breaks can require an extended period for recovery. If your occupation involves physical demands, you might find yourself unable to perform your job, resulting in lost income.

 Surgical intervention may be necessary in more severe cases, leading to a prolonged and painful recovery.

At The Ward Law Group, we recognize the physical and emotional toll that a bone fracture can inflict. You shouldn't bear the financial burden of injuries caused by someone else's negligence or misconduct.

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