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Kissimmee Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury can change an individual's personal and professional life in an instant. If you or a family member has suffered this kind of injury, you should speak to a skilled Kissimmee traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Brain injuries are so devastating because they can massively affect a person's ability to perform the everyday tasks of life. They can even reduce a person's memory of who they are and their ability to perceive the world around them.

Devastating Losses

In addition to the initial trauma, serious brain injuries can also take a very long time to recover from. The long-term rehabilitation costs related to mental injuries can be immense, and in many cases, they are not totally covered by insurance.

Also, the impairment of the brain is not always obvious right after an accident. In many instances, the symptoms do not fully manifest themselves for a long time, but once they do, they can cause a significant reduction in one's quality of life.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control has found that more than 2 million traumatic brain injuries happen every year in the United States. No two injuries are exactly alike. Cognitive abilities, emotional response, and even basic memories can all be negatively affected.

Anyone who suffers a significant blow or jolt to the head is at risk for long-term effects, including personality change and memory loss.

Causes of Brain Injury

Some of the incidents that can lead to traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Falling from a high level, or slipping on an uneven floor or sidewalk
  • Impairment of the flow of oxygen to the brain
  • Sports-related injuries

Many traumatic brain injuries are the result of high-speed crashes or falls from a great height, but even less dramatic events can have grave consequences.

When a walking surface has been cracked or otherwise damaged in such a way that might cause a slip-and-fall accident, the landlords must repair it promptly. If they do not do this, that can be considered negligence, and the premises owner can be held liable. Many traumatic brain injuries happen this way.

If the cause of the brain injury was a car accident, it is very important to gather names, addresses, and other information from people who might be testifying about the accident - not just the other driver and passengers, but any witnesses to the incident.

In the Kissimmee traumatic brain injury lawyer's experience, witness testimony is often the most important part of such cases.

Children and Senior Citizens

Very young and very old people are at the greatest risk. Small children have skulls that may not be fully formed yet. Studies show that senior citizens have less cognitive "reserve" to compensate for the negative effects of a traumatic brain injury, leaving them at much higher risk for negative neurological effects, including increased risk for subdural hemorrhage.

Concussions are also known as "mild traumatic brain injury," but their effects can be significant. Common effects of concussions include difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating, as well as an inability to understand or retain new information. Victims of concussion often complain of headaches and sensitivity to noise or light.

The neurons in the brain can be damaged if the brain is slammed back and forth within the skull. If brain cells are destroyed, a person's ability to learn may be permanently limited.

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