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$1,250,000 – Motorcycle Accident
Oswaldo is a family man who was seriously injured after a careless driver caused him to fall from his motorcycle.
$1,000,000 – Car Accident
Elvia was in an intense car crash causing her vehicle to roll over, leaving a mother in an extended comatose state.
$450,000 – Uber Accident
Mr. Chaviano was working as an Uber driver at the time of his accident . He suffered serious injuries, but fortunately a friend recommended Ward Law.
$100,000 – Car Accident
Rodolfo, an independent contractor, was forced to rely on his closet friends to help him emotionally and ecomonically after his accident.
$100,000 – Truck Accident
At the time of his collision, Mr. Perez was a CDL driver. His collision impacted his income significantly considering the nature of his job.
$435,000 – Car Accident
Arturo owns his own business and suffered serious injuries after a car accident, the pastor of his church recommended The Ward Law Firm!
$700,000 – Truck Accident
Hector was in a truck accident and initially offered $200,000 from the insurance company, we negotiated an offer based on what he deserved.