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Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn

One of the first aspects to be considered after an accident involving motor vehicles is insurance. Normally, those involved proceed to contact their insurance companies, which will indicate the processes to be followed to avoid unnecessary charges and to objectively determine the cause or trigger of the event.  

However, have you ever wondered what would happen in the case that a driver who commits negligence does not have insurance? In that case, the road to fair compensation may become more complex. It could be possible that the affected driver or pedestrian does not obtain the compensation he deserves due to the lack of insurance. 

Driving a motor vehicle requires insurance, as determined by law. However, from theory to practice, sometimes circumstances may arise that lead drivers to avoid this important requirement for the safety of all Brooklyn citizens to have a policy that guarantees repairs in case of damages to third parties.  

Therefore, if you have been involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle, and said vehicle or driver did not have insurance, you can contact our experts Brooklyn uninsured accident lawyers from The Ward Law P.L., so that we can analyze your case and indicate the possible legal avenues that exist so that you can obtain compensation for the damages caused. It may not be easy, but believe us we have dealt with very difficult cases, which thanks to our experience we have managed to resolve in favor of our clients.  

We have long since rid our minds of the idea that there are impossibilities when claiming something in the name of justice and seeking to recognize the rights of a citizen of our community. Time has almost always proven us right, so do not be afraid.  

We want to make our community in Brooklyn a harmonious place for all. In addition, we are still working every day on spreading ideas regarding preventing negligent acts. For example, emphasizing the importance of insuring your vehicles and always prioritizing conscious driving without distractions or other harmful behaviors such as drunk driving, which is even more dangerous if you don't have insurance.  

Imagine colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian while drunk or under the influence of drugs, and on top of that, not having insurance. Can you imagine that catastrophe? Well, reality sometimes shows us that kind of cocktail of destruction. People who lack enough conscience to be able to drive in a healthy way.  

Such people should never drive again. That is why we work every day spreading prevention ideas to make our city a place where harmful behaviors are eradicated, and consideration for others is prioritized. To find an environment where each one of us has a place to live free. 

Dealing with accidents in which a driver does not have insurance can create a context that will not be easy to deal with. However, more importantly, having a Brooklyn uninsured motorist accident lawyer who can identify if there is a legal strategy to counteract the insurance aspect will be vital so as not to write off the case from the beginning.  

In order to do so, a thorough investigation must be carried out and all possibilities must be taken into account. Some people may find that filing a claim with their own insurance is the best course of action. 

A specialized Brooklyn uninsured driver accident lawyer from our team will provide you with integral attention, from the legal aspects to the human approach that this type of case requires. Accidents of this type usually leave an emotional mark that is difficult to digest at the beginning, so we cannot force things in that aspect. 

While we will be as efficient as possible with each part of the legal process, we must not neglect the natural rhythm that can have the fact of integrating such an experience into your life. Don't worry. We are not only lawyers but also your partners and friends for life.  

We want to mention the key points in which our professionals can make a difference when representing your interests in a process such as the one we are describing: 

• Navigating Complicated Laws: Uninsured motorist cases are surrounded by complex laws and rules that can be difficult for individuals to understand on their own. You can be sure you fully understand your rights, the legal procedure, and any potential pitfalls by hiring legal representation. 

• Liability Determination: It can be difficult to pinpoint the responsible party in an uninsured motorist case. When the at-fault driver is either uninsured or underinsured, a knowledgeable attorney can help gather information, speak with witnesses, and create a compelling case to prove fault and liability. 

• Insurance Company Strategies: To reduce payouts, insurance companies frequently use strategies. A lawyer with an uninsured motorist case experience bargains tenaciously with insurance companies to obtain just compensation. They are aware of the typical techniques employed by insurers to undervalue claims. 

• Assessment of Coverage: It can be challenging to understand the options for protection provided by your insurance policy. Lawyers carefully examine your insurance policy to identify all applicable coverages and make sure you receive all of the benefits to which you are legally entitled. 

• Legal Knowledge: Uninsured motorist cases call for specialized legal knowledge. Attorneys who focus on these cases have a thorough understanding of the subtleties and complexities involved, so you can benefit from their expertise. 

• Evidence Gathering: An essential part of an uninsured motorist case is gathering evidence to support your claim. Lawyers can effectively gather and present evidence to support your case because they have the resources and experience to do so. 

• Legal Deadlines: Missing crucial deadlines in the legal process can seriously hurt your case. Legal representation guarantees prompt filings, observance of formalities, and avoidance of any pitfalls that might jeopardize your claim. 

Managing complicated legal paperwork and documentation can be overwhelming. To relieve your stress and ensure accuracy, attorneys handle every aspect of documentation, from submitting paperwork to the court to communicating with insurance companies. 

Lawyers are ready to represent you in court if negotiations with the insurance provider fail to result in a reasonable settlement. They fight for the just compensation you are due by making a strong case before the judge and jury. 

• Sense of Security: Perhaps most importantly, having legal representation during a trying time gives you peace of mind. Knowing that committed professionals are managing the intricate legal aspects of your uninsured motorist case on your behalf allows you to concentrate on your recovery and general well-being. 

Uninsured motorist claims can be difficult to negotiate because they involve dealing with several parties, including your own insurance company. Your advocate will skillfully negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your rights are upheld and that you are fairly compensated. 

• Handling Insurance Disputes: When there is disagreement regarding coverage or policy interpretations, insurance disputes may occur. If your claim is rejected or undervalued, an attorney can file the necessary appeals and has experience handling these disputes. 

• Expert Witnesses: In some circumstances, you may need expert witnesses, such as medical professionals, to support your claim. A network of qualified experts is available to attorneys; their testimony can be crucial in proving your case. 

• Trial expertise: Should negotiations fail to produce a just settlement; your lawyer is ready to take your case to court. For presenting an effective case and pursuing the highest possible compensation, their trial experience and courtroom expertise are crucial. 

• Contingency Fee Agreements: A lot of personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay them if they win you money. It is more affordable for those in need thanks to this fee arrangement, which guarantees access to legal representation without any upfront fees. 

Types of Uninsured Motorist Accidents 

It is not wise to analyze these facts without outlining all our years of experience in situations that are repeated as a kind of pattern, of facts that are classified into types. That is to say, to identify the most relevant or most common cases to see if any of them fit with the situation you have had to live.  

This can range from accidents suffered as a pedestrian, or collisions on the side, to situations in which as a cyclist you suffered some kind of violation of your right to move freely through your city in Brooklyn.  

We have seen any number of cases, and what we are interested in now is to summarize these cases in a simplified manner so that you can recognize the borderline situations we have had to deal with and see how our professionals have handled the vast majority of cases. 

It is a matter of finding the most relevant aspects and the details that will favor you at the time of requesting compensation. Moreover, when dealing with an uninsured motorist case, you have to pay more attention to the details.  

Some of the most common cases are the following: 

Accidents known as "hit and runs" happen when a driver involved in a collision leaves the scene without exchanging information or offering assistance. Say a car sideswipes your parked vehicle and then leaves without leaving a note. 

Accidents involving underinsured motorists: Although the at-fault driver has insurance, the amount of coverage is insufficient to cover all of your damages. You might experience an underinsured motorist accident, for example, if the at-fault driver's insurance policy only pays $25,000 in damages while your medical expenses and other losses total $50,000. 

Accidents involving Stolen Vehicles: These occur when an uninsured driver operates a stolen vehicle and causes an accident. For instance, if a car is stolen and the driver hits your car at an intersection. 

Accidents involving drivers without valid licenses or whose licenses have been suspended fall under the category of unlicensed or suspended drivers. As in the case of a driver who runs a red light while unlicensed. 

Accidents involving uninsured commercial vehicles could happen while providing delivery or transportation services. When delivering something, for instance, a delivery truck without insurance rear-ends your vehicle. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: Accidents involving uninsured drivers can also harm pedestrians and cyclists. For instance, an uninsured driver hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk. 

Accidents involving uninsured motorcyclists can become complicated if the at-fault rider does not have insurance. For instance, a motorcycle rider who is uninsured crashes into your car at an intersection. 

Rideshare and Taxi Accidents: When uninsured rideshare drivers or taxi drivers cause accidents while transporting passengers, it creates complex liability issues. For example, an uninsured rideshare driver causes a collision with a passenger on board. 

Multi-Vehicle Accidents: Uninsured drivers can trigger chain-reaction accidents involving multiple vehicles. For instance, an uninsured driver rear-ends a car, setting off a chain of collisions. 

Parking Lot Accidents: Even in parking lots, accidents involving uninsured drivers can occur. For example, an uninsured driver backs into your parked car and damages it. 

Accidents at intersections may be caused by uninsured drivers who fail to obey traffic signs. As in the case of an uninsured motorist who rear-ends your car after running a red light. 

Highway and Freeway Accidents: These accidents often involve high speeds and can be catastrophic when caused by uninsured drivers. For example, an uninsured driver causes a pile-up on the freeway during rush hour. 

Construction Zone Accidents: Accidents involving uninsured drivers can occur in construction zones, endangering workers and other motorists. For instance, an uninsured driver fails to yield in a construction zone, causing a collision. 

Road Rage Incidents: Aggressive driving by uninsured motorists can lead to road rage incidents and accidents. For example, an uninsured driver engages in a road rage altercation that results in a crash. 

Weather-Related Accidents: Uninsured drivers may be ill-prepared for adverse weather conditions, leading to accidents. For example, an uninsured driver loses control on icy roads, causing a collision. 

As we can see, situations can vary greatly from case to case. It is not possible to generalize from the outset and consider that the mere fact of not having insurance in place can already end a case. It may be that by paying attention to details, there is an alternative to be compensated for the damages caused. Although it will not be easy, it is important that we first analyze your case to find possible alternatives. 

Contact The Ward Law Group as soon as possible for a free consultation. We are against time. Since this is a case in which there is no insurance coverage, it is important that we anticipate the facts and begin the relevant evaluation in order to provide you with an answer as soon as possible.  

We recommend you contact us right now. We will be pleased to receive you in our offices.