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Sharing the foundation and values that have built The Ward Law Group – Mr. Greg Ward as a special guest on the Grow Your Law Firm Podcast

December 2, 2022 | Gregory Ward
Sharing the foundation and values that have built The Ward Law Group – Mr. Greg Ward as a special guest on the Grow Your Law Firm Podcast

In a new edition of the Grow Your Law Firm podcast hosted by Ken Hardison, Mr. Greg Ward had the opportunity to share with the audience the story of The Ward Law Group, as well as the difficulties and negative beliefs he had to discard from his life in order to turn the project into a success story. 

“I love helping people; I love giving back to the clients. I am convinced that God made us lawyers to be able to help hundreds of people”.  In this way, Mr. Greg Ward makes it clear that he is a man of faith and that many things in his life began to take a more constructive and prosperous path the moment he was able to hear the voice of God, helping him to know his mission on earth.  

This spiritual encounter, after approaching a church at the invitation of his current wife, completely transformed his life and the lives of the people around him. 

In the beginning, the road was not easy. After growing up in Baltimore, a neighborhood that was far away from an easy environment and surrounded by a negative family mindset regarding money, where the daily mantra was "There is no money," he had to go through a deep process of personal transformation and change of beliefs to become fully aware that we are all prosperous in the grace of God. 

Meeting his wife gave Mr. Greg Ward an opportunity to empathize with a new passion: advocating for the vulnerable Spanish-speaking immigrant community. Defending that great cause has been why The Ward Law Group has been at The Ward Law Group since its inception. 

Nothing would have been possible without having clearly defined values from the beginning. Starting with the vocation to serve others and to find the human side of each case that knocks on the doors of our offices. 

Ms. Jany Martinez had dreams to fight for from the beginning, as well as a story to share. Crossing the border at a very young age and being separated from her family was undoubtedly an imprint that would serve to develop a deep level of empathy with the people who have come to her for help and legal advice. 

“Every dollar matters for our clients” is something we take very much into account when negotiating compensation. It's something you become very aware of when you've spent a period of your life sleeping on a couch.  

In order for the firm's professionals working on negotiating settlements to internalize the fact that every penny matters, it is important that they share our core values.  

To work at The Ward Law, it doesn't matter if you don't have all the personal injury experience in the world; the most important thing is that you are willing to learn and have an attitude of service to others. 

If we share those values, in about 6 months, you will be on your way to becoming an expert in the area in which you are helping us. That's why we prioritize attitude over resume or being at the top of your class. We want people who are committed to who we are and who share the chip to serve our community as we do. 

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Gregory Ward

Attorney Gregory Ward is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Ward Law Group, one of the Nation’s largest and fastest-growing accident law firms. Ward is an experienced courtroom lawyer and negotiator. He and his team fight tirelessly to make sure accident victims across the country receive the compensation they deserve for their physical injuries and financial losses.



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