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Rockland County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Strolling through Rockland County's neighborhoods on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying the simple freedom of pedestrian exploration, should never carry the threat of a fatal incident.

Sadly, pedestrian accidents remain all too common, with an estimated 104,000 emergency department visits in 2020 for non-fatal crash injuries, as reported by the CDC. Unlike drivers surrounded by safety equipment, pedestrians lack that protective barrier.

If you are a victim of such an accident, the overwhelming nature of the situation is understandable.

However, at The Ward Law Group, our New York pedestrian accident lawyers in Rockland County stand ready to be your unwavering advocates throughout the process.

With a comprehensive and holistic approach to every case, we bring the perspective and expertise needed to assist you in telling your story and securing the compensation you deserve for your injuries and suffering.

Taking the Right Steps

Understanding the importance of immediate action, here are the crucial initial steps to take if you've been hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian:

  • Call the police right away to make a report.
  • Note the driver’s name and license plate number, and get their contact information.
  • Document the scene by taking photos of your injuries, the involved vehicle, damaged personal belongings, and nearby landmarks.
  • Write down or record everything you remember about the accident.
  • Speak to potential witnesses and gather their contact information.
  • Seek medical help promptly.
  • Inform your insurance provider about the accident.
  • Reach out to a lawyer at your earliest convenience.

The Ward Law Group Difference: Holistic, Preventative, and Inclusive

At The Ward Law Group, we believe in more than just legal representation; we believe in preventing the unfortunate from happening.

Our commitment to a holistic approach means that every case is approached with a comprehensive perspective, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

As our law firm opened new offices in New York, we extend our inclusive legal services with full assistance available in Spanish.

Walking freely should always be an act of freedom, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure your safety and rights are never compromised.

Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident in Rockland County

If you've recently suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident in Rockland County, NY, you should not bear the financial burden and uncertainty alone. Call The Ward Law Group, your dedicated Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in NYC, at 855-DOLOR-55.

We are committed to helping you fight for financial damages to cover your pain and suffering, lost earnings, medical bills, and more.

Decades of Experience in Your Community

The Ward Law Group has decades of experience representing injured pedestrians and their families in Rockland County, NY. Our esteemed legal team has a proven track record, having successfully recovered substantial compensation totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for clients facing situations similar to yours.

Your First Case Evaluation is Complimentary

Don't navigate this challenging time alone; let The Ward Law Group be your advocate. Call us or contact our Rockland County personal injury law office online for your free initial case evaluation. Discover how we can provide the support and legal expertise you need during your time of need. Your rights and recovery matter to us!

How The Ward Law Group Can Support You After a Pedestrian Accident in Rockland County?

Pedestrians often endure severe injuries when involved in a collision with a vehicle. If you find yourself facing potential life-long pain, impairment, and medical challenges due to a driver's negligence, you deserve fair compensation.

Seeking the compensation you rightfully deserve can be daunting without a seasoned attorney to fight the insurance company on your behalf.

Founded by Experienced and Accomplished Attorneys

The Ward Law Group brings a wealth of experience to the table. Our legal team is dedicated to providing more than 30 years of collective expertise to handle your case. We are committed to:

  • Providing the legal advice, guidance, and support you require
  • Conducting a thorough investigation of your accident, gathering and interpreting crucial evidence
  • Constructing the most robust possible negligence case, leveraging the insights of experts
  • Ensuring accurate valuation of your total damages
  • Vigorously countering blame-shifting tactics
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement
  • Taking your case to a jury if the insurance company fails to present a fair offer

You Don't Have to Face the Insurance Company Alone

After your accident, you don't have to confront the indifferent insurance company alone. Call The Ward Law Group's Rockland County, NY law office today to arrange a complimentary consultation with a pedestrian accident lawyer.

We are prepared to fight tirelessly for your rights and fair compensation!

Determining the Value of Your Pedestrian Accident Case in Rockland County, NY

Assessing the worth of a pedestrian accident case is a nuanced process that requires an individualized evaluation. Numerous factors come into play, and similar incidents with comparable injuries can yield differing case values.

Calculating Economic and Non-Economic Losses

An initial calculation of economic losses is necessary to establish your case's value. This involves tallying your current financial losses and predicting future expenses for ongoing medical requirements and potential reductions in earning capacity. Subsequently, your non-economic or personal losses are taken into account.

A multiplier, typically 1.5 to 5, may be applied to your total economic losses to estimate personal damages. This multiplier hinges on the severity and type of injuries and their impact on your life.

Various factors can influence your case's potential value, such as:

  • The strength of your negligence claim
  • Any shared blame
  • The amount of available insurance coverage

It is recommended that you consult with experienced pedestrian accident attorneys in Rockland County, NY, to ascertain the precise worth of your case.

Recoverable Damages for Pedestrian Accident Victims

In the event of a successful injury case, you are entitled to compensatory damages from the responsible party.

Two Categories of Compensatory Damages

Economic Damages:

  • Medical treatment (Bills) related to the accident
  • Anticipated future medical expenses for ongoing care
  • Lost wages during your recovery period
  • Diminished or lost earning capacity and employment benefits if you are disabled or impaired
  • Property damage
  • Other financial losses like domestic services, childcare, home or vehicle modifications, and therapy

Non-Economic Damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Anguish
  • Distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

While punitive damages are rarely awarded, cases showing wanton disregard for human life or gross negligence may be eligible for such compensation under New York law.

Can I Still Seek Compensation if Blamed for a Pedestrian Accident in Rockland County, NY?

It's not uncommon for accidents to involve shared fault among multiple parties, including pedestrians. Liability rules differ in Rockland County, New York, and understanding the local legal framework is crucial.

If you are found to be 50% or less at fault in Rockland County, you can still pursue damages under New York's pure comparative negligence system. This legal principle allocates a percentage of blame to all involved parties.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • If you are 50% or less at fault, your recovery will be reduced proportionally to your assigned liability.
  • For example, if you are found 30% at fault, your compensation will be diminished by 30%.
  • However, if you are determined to be 51% or more at fault, you may not be eligible to recover any compensation.

Insurance companies might attempt to shift blame onto you to minimize their payout. In such situations, seeking guidance from an experienced personal injury lawyer becomes crucial to safeguarding your case and rights.

Pedestrian Accidents: High Risk of Severe Injuries

Accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles pose a significant risk of severe injuries or even fatalities.

 The likelihood of serious harm is exceptionally high, with statistics showing an 85% chance of fatality in a 40 mph collision with a pedestrian. Even at lower speeds, the potential for very serious injuries remains.

Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers has a track record of representing injured pedestrians with a wide array of injuries, including the following pedestrian accident injuries:

  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Joint injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Traumatic Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries

While insurance companies may downplay damages and injury severity, our dedicated legal team at The Ward Law Group is committed to tirelessly advocating for your rights, pursuing comprehensive compensation that accounts for all your losses, including your injuries' emotional and psychological impact.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Rockland County, NY

While one might assume that busy city intersections are the primary locations for pedestrian accidents, the reality is different in Rockland County, New York. Surprisingly, most pedestrian fatalities occur on local roads away from these bustling crossroads.

Various factors contribute to pedestrian accidents, with shared responsibility between motorists and pedestrians. Understanding the common causes is crucial:

Motorist-related factors include:

  • Drunk Driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence could provoke different types of car accidents and motor vehicle accidents.
  • Distracted Driving: Engaging in activities that divert attention from the road.
  • Fatigued Driving: Driving while excessively tired or drowsy.
  • Speeding: Exceeding the designated speed limit.
  • Inattentive Left-Hand Turns: Failing to pay proper attention during turns.
  • Inattentive Backing Up: Lack of awareness while reversing.
  • Failing to Check Crosswalks: Disregarding marked pedestrian crossings.

Pedestrian-related factors may involve:

  • Running into the Road: Darting into traffic unexpectedly.
  • Playing or Standing in a Roadway: Engaging in activities that obstruct traffic.
  • Jaywalking: Crossing streets outside designated crosswalks.
  • Crossing a Road Outside a Crosswalk: Especially risky at night with reduced visibility.
  • Crossing Under the Influence: Walking impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • Crossing a Road While Distracted: Inattention while traversing roadways.

Other contributing factors include poor intersection design. Recognizing these elements is essential for enhancing safety and preventing pedestrian accidents in Rockland County. The Ward Law Group is dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for safer infrastructure, and representing those affected by pedestrian accidents.

Navigating the legal terrain surrounding pedestrian rights is paramount for both walkers and drivers in Rockland County, New York.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers in New York are trained in the state's legal system. Unraveling the complexities, here's an in-depth exploration of pedestrian laws and legal considerations:

Crosswalks with Traffic-Control Signals:

  • Pedestrians are bestowed right-of-way when the traffic signal projects a consistent "Walk" indication.
  • Crossing becomes prohibited when the traffic signal says, "Don't Walk."
  • Even in a countdown, pedestrians should avoid crossing if a raised hand accompanies the flashing signal.
  • Pedestrians in motion during a "Walk" signal can traverse to the opposite side.

Crosswalks Without Traffic-Control Signals:

  • Pedestrians hold precedence, and drivers are duty-bound to yield.

Areas Devoid of Designated Crosswalks:

  • Drivers assume the right-of-way, and pedestrians are obliged to yield.

Interactions with the At-Fault Driver's Insurer:

Engaging directly with the at-fault driver's insurance company may not align with your best interests. It is advised to refrain from direct dealings, as insurance companies prioritize their agenda over your recovery.

 For pedestrians entangled in accidents, seeking counsel from our team of injury lawyers guarantees equitable and just compensation under New York law.

Timeline for Filing a Pedestrian Accident Claim

The statutory window for initiating a pedestrian accident claim in New York extends to three years between private entities.

While this temporal leeway facilitates physical and mental healing, swift consultation with a personal injury attorney is encouraged. Timely action safeguards vital evidence, such as surveillance footage and dashcam recordings.

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Rockland County

Suppose you've endured severe injuries or suffered the loss of a family member in a pedestrian accident arising from a negligent driver. In that case, the indispensable services of a seasoned Rockland County pedestrian accident attorney at The Ward Law Group await.

Secure a complimentary consultation at our office, and upfront legal costs are nonexistent with our contingency fee framework. We stand ready to guide you toward a path of justice.

Contact The Ward Law Group right now for a free consultation! We are ready to serve you and help you to find the best legal path for your injury claim! Call now at 855-DOLOR-55!