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Rockland County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries, requiring a strategic approach for optimal outcomes.

In Rockland County, these incidents demand meticulous investigations, a deep understanding of New York State's motor vehicle laws, and familiarity with insurance regulations.

At The Ward Law Group, our national recognition stems from our ability to successfully resolve challenging personal injury disputes.

With a track record of securing substantial cash awards for motorcycle accident victims in Rockland County, we're poised to do the same for you. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Challenging claims of negligence or shared responsibility.
  • Investigating the root causes of the motorcycle crash.
  • Compiling critical evidence to strengthen your case.
  • Handling all necessary claims and documentation with local authorities and insurance companies.
  • Engaging expert witnesses, including mechanics, medical professionals, motorcycle reconstructionists, and forensic experts.
  • Ensuring your claim adheres to the applicable statute of limitations.
  • Evaluating settlement offers and guiding you on the best course of action.
  • Leveraging all available resources to secure the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Trusting The Ward Law Group with your motorcycle accident case ensures a distinct advantage in pursuing the best possible outcome.

Take action now to hold those responsible accountable for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Schedule a free consultation with a highly experienced Rockland County motorcycle accident lawyer by calling us at 855-DOLOR-55.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we win your case.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Rockland County

Motorcycle accidents stem from various causes, each posing a significant risk of injury. In Rockland County, these include:

  • Reckless Driving: Careless and speedy driving by motorcyclists or other vehicle drivers.
  • Left-Turning Cars & Trucks: Collisions often occur when motorists fail to notice oncoming motorcycles during left turns.
  • Dangerous Road Conditions: Hazardous road surfaces, uneven lanes, potholes, and inadequate signage.
  • Distracted Drivers: Distractions such as phone use divert attention from the road.
  • Lane Splitting: Illegal yet risky behavior of riding between lanes of traffic.
  • Drunk Driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol remains a leading cause of accidents.

Understanding the specifics of your motorcycle accident is crucial. Our Rockland County motorcycle accident attorneys initiate detailed investigations to identify the causes, building a robust case to hold liable parties accountable and secure maximum financial compensation.

Typical Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle riders are susceptible to various injuries, even with protective gear. These injuries include:

  • Amputation
  • Back injury
  • Burns
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Concussion
  • Crushing injury
  • Dental damage
  • Eye injury
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Neck injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Road rash
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Fatality

Immediate medical attention is crucial after a motorcycle accident. Seek care at reputable Rockland County hospitals such as Good Samaritan Hospital, Nyack Hospital, or Helen Hayes Hospital to ensure proper diagnosis and documentation.

Filing a Rockland County Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

In New York, motorcycle crash lawsuits for personal injury must be filed within three years, reduced to two years for wrongful death cases.

Acting promptly is essential, as missing the deadline forfeits the opportunity to seek compensation. Consult with an experienced Rockland County motorcycle accident attorney to successfully navigate the complexities of filing a lawsuit.

Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Crash

Liability in motorcycle accidents is intricate, with multiple parties potentially responsible. Entities or individuals held liable may include:

  • Other Drivers: Negligent actions leading to accidents make other motorists liable.
  • Vehicle Owners: Owners may be responsible for knowingly allowing impaired people to drive their vehicles.
  • Manufacturers: Defects or malfunctions leading to an accident may hold manufacturers or parts producers accountable.
  • Municipalities or Government Entities: Poor road conditions or problematic traffic light timing may implicate responsible governmental bodies.
  • Commercial Vehicle Employers: Companies can be liable for commercial vehicle accidents.
  • Maintenance Companies: Improper vehicle servicing leading to a crash may hold maintenance entities accountable.
  • Pedestrians or Cyclists: Ignoring traffic signals may contribute to motorcycle accidents.

Once liability is established, our Rockland County motorcycle accident lawyers build a compelling case to pursue maximum financial compensation from all responsible parties.

Partial Responsibility in a Rockland County Motorcycle Accident

New York's pure comparative negligence system allows victims to seek damages even if they are partially at fault. Damages are reduced proportionally to the degree of fault.

Our Rockland County motorcycle accident lawyers combat attempts to shift blame, ensuring you receive the maximum financial award you deserve.

Medical Resources After a Rockland County Motorcycle Accident

Prioritize seeking immediate medical care after a motorcycle accident. Reputable Rockland County medical facilities include Good Samaritan Hospital, Nyack Hospital, and Helen Hayes Hospital.

Swift medical attention, coupled with legal assistance from our Rockland County motorcycle accident lawyers, aids your recovery by securing the necessary funds for treatment.

Getting Your Motorcycle Repaired

Motorcycles often sustain damage in accidents, in addition to personal injuries. For professional repair services, consider reputable Rockland County motorcycle repair shops such as Motorhead Motorcycles, Action Cycle Performance Center, or JR Motorsports.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in New York and Helmet Laws in Rockland County

Motorcyclists in the state of New York must adhere to specific insurance requirements. While Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is not compulsory, riders must carry mandatory liability insurance.

The minimum coverage stipulated by law includes $25,000 for each person, $50,000 for two or more individuals, and $10,000 for property damage.

Additionally, bikers are obligated to have coverage of $50,000 for death per person and $100,000 for multiple fatalities resulting from an accident.

Helmet Laws for Motorcyclists in Rockland County, NY

Unlike some states, New York imposes strict helmet laws for motorcyclists and their passengers. In Rockland County, NY, motorcyclists are legally required to wear helmets and protective eyewear.

Beyond the crucial safety aspect, failure to wear appropriate protective gear in the event of an accident can impact the compensation you might be entitled to receive.

Taking Immediate Action Following a Motorcycle Accident

Prompt and effective action is crucial if you find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident due to another party's negligence.

Here are essential steps to take after sustaining a motorcycle accident injury:

  • Contact Emergency Services: Call the police and request urgent medical assistance.
  • Gather Information: Obtain the other driver's license plate number and insurance details.
  • Document the Scene: Capture images or videos of the accident scene and vehicle damage.
  • Collect Witness Information: Obtain contact details from any witnesses present.
  • Maintain Medical Records: Keep copies of all medical documents related to your injuries.

Once your condition stabilizes, you must contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who can assist you in securing the necessary evidence to support your personal injury claim.

Some Facts and Statistics about Motorcycles in New York

Motorcycles symbolize agility and freedom in the transportation industry, where the desire for efficient travel coexists with the excitement of the open road.

 As an affordable form of transportation, motorcycles continue to be popular, as evidenced by the more than 8.6 registered vehicles.

Naturally, though, any conversation about motorcycles must eventually touch on their instability and incapacity to shield drivers and passengers from catastrophic injuries in an accident.

Looking at motorcycle accident statistics is the best way to understand better motorcycles and the accidents that happen to riders.

Accident statistics show why accidents happen and how to prevent them. They explain the causes of accidents and provide guidance on prevention. One example is wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

This reduces the likelihood of accidents and minimizes the severity of injuries in case they do happen. This information will be attractive to motorcycle riders.

You will discover tips to improve your riding skills and increase your safety as you read through this examination of current motorcycle accident data.

  • An estimated 9.89 million motorcycles—public, private, and commercial—were registered in the US states and the District of Columbia as of 2021, according to Statista.
  • According to data from the same year, New York and California had 969,825 and 812,924 registered private and commercial motorcycles nationwide.


Studying motorcycle accidents is challenging for researchers because there is no nationwide data on the total number of incidents yearly.

Motorcyclists might not report their accidents to the police or state motor vehicle departments, resulting in a lack of data.

Nonetheless, trustworthy data is available to provide an understanding of how motorcycle riders stack up against other drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provided the following data, which was most recently updated in September 2021.

  • In 2021, 36% of motorcycle riders involved in fatal collisions had no valid motorcycle license.
  • In 2021, motorcycle riders in fatal accidents had a higher rate of alcohol disability compared to drivers of other car types. The rates were 28% for motorcycles, 24% for cars, 20% for light trucks, and 3% for large trucks.
  • Alcohol impairment claimed the lives of 43% of motorcycle riders in single-vehicle accidents in 2021.
  • It was found that alcohol impairment affected motorcycle riders who died in nighttime traffic crashes in 2021 at a rate three times higher than that of those who died in daytime crashes (16%).
  • Five percent of motorcycle riders killed in 2021 in states without the Universal Helmet Act did not wear a helmet, compared to nine percent in those that do.

NYC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Rockland County: Understanding Accident Types

Motorcycle accidents encompass a variety of scenarios, each presenting unique challenges.

At The Ward Law Group, our experienced personal injury attorneys are well-versed in handling diverse motorcycle accident cases in Rockland County.

Here are some common types of motorcycle accidents:

  • Single-Bike Accidents: Single-bike accidents involve a rider colliding with a stationary object, often due to equipment failure or rider error. Another driver's negligence, like distracted driving, may also contribute to these accidents.
  • Left-Turn Collisions: Left-turn collisions occur when a driver turns without noticing an approaching motorcycle. These accidents happen when a rider attempts to pass or travels through an intersection.
  • Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions are the most severe and often fatal. They occur when a car strikes a motorcycle directly, throwing the rider off the bike.
  • Lane-Change Accidents: Lane-change accidents result from a driver changing lanes without noticing a motorcycle. Motorcycles' smaller size can make them less visible to drivers, contributing to these accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences due to the limited protection riders have. Helmets provide some defense, but injuries can still be severe.

Determining the Value of Your Motorcycle Accident Case in Rockland County:

Insurance providers may attempt to undervalue your motorcycle accident claim, employing various tactics. Our skilled legal team at The Ward Law Group will assess multiple factors to determine the true worth of your case:

  • Injury Type and Severity: The nature and extent of your injuries significantly impact the case value.
  • Medical Costs: The costs associated with past and future medical treatment are crucial considerations.
  • Prognosis and Future Health Needs: Anticipated future health requirements are factored into the case evaluation.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation includes income lost due to time away from work.
  • Quality of Life Impact: The extent to which the injury diminishes your overall quality of life is considered.
  • Emotional and Physical Pain: Compensation accounts for the emotional and physical suffering endured.

No two motorcycle accident cases are identical, and our legal team offers a complimentary case review to provide personalized insights into your situation. Contact us to learn more.

Compensatory Damages for Motorcycle Accident Victims:

Treating motorcycle accident injuries can lead to significant financial strain. Personal injury laws permit recovery for both economic and non-economic losses:

  • Economic Damages: Cover out-of-pocket costs, including medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, and property damage.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Address physical and emotional suffering, including pain and suffering, mental anguish, and diminished quality of life.

At The Ward Law Group, our law firm is dedicated to ensuring that victims receive fair compensation for their motorcycle accident injuries.

Contact a RockLand County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is possible that if you got involved in a motorcycle accident, you are now struggling with a lot of pain, stress, and a huge financial burden because we all know that medical care in New York is not cheap.  

We understand your frustration with dealing with insurance companies they always try to save money instead of giving you what they promised.  

We are here to protect your rights and negotiate the compensation you deserve. It is unfair that you deal with the consequences of a negligent party's non-compliance with the rules. We are your legal representation.

In the past 12 years, we at The Ward Law Group have helped thousands of people recover from their damages.  

We have built a reputation of success and respect by following high ethical standards and delivering high-level representation in court for our clients.  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Call us at 855-DOLOR-55 for a free consultation on your case.