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Uber Accident Attorney in Miami Lakes

When we trust our safety to other drivers, we want to feel protected and that the person behind the wheel is a responsible professional who knows the dos and don’ts of road safety. Especially with big rideshare companies like Uber, clients must demand quality service for their money.   

People all around the US trust that these companies are responsible enough to care for their clients when their service involves driving and people's lives. Yet, everyday Uber car accidents happen, either caused by Uber drivers or other drivers on the road who interact with Uber cars.   

An Uber car accident lawyer in Miami Lakes can be decisive when getting your needs covered after a car crash, attentive to your well-being, and handling all the hard parts of the awful legal process of respecting your rights after an accident. These professionals have the expertise to manage Uber accident lawsuits if Uber ever wrongs you.    

Rideshare accidents   

Uber is a convenient and widely used ride-sharing service that has recently gained significant popularity. While it offers a hassle-free way to reach your destination, it is crucial to understand the potential consequences if an accident occurs during your Uber ride. If you have sustained injuries as a passenger or in any other capacity, it is important to know that you may have legal grounds for an Uber accident settlement.   

The increasing demand for safe transportation options is evident. Leaving our car at home can be a great environmental option or a reasonable option for going home after having a few drinks. However, the rising number of clients means that more companies are offering the service, and at the end of the day, there will be even more cars on the roads, as being an Uber driver is quite a common side hustle for many drivers in Miami Lakes.   

With more cars on the road, accidents are also on the rise. Uber accidents can happen at any time, and it is best to know about your rights and the process to follow after being hit in an Uber car accident. The important thing is to know that you have a voice and that your needs after a traumatic event such as a car crash should be covered. The aid of an Uber car accident lawyer can help you ask for what you deserve.   

How frequent are Uber car accidents?   

According to Uber’s most recently released U.S. Safety Report (2019-2020), the rate of fatal accidents per mile traveled with Uber is half the national average. In 2017 and 2018 combined, 91 fatal crashes involving Uber resulted in 101 motor vehicle fatalities. This accounts for approximately 0.000005% of total trips or one in 20,000,000 trips.   

Vehicle fatalities per VMT (vehicle miles traveled) increased by 7% between 2017-2018 and 2019-2020. While the report sheds light on fatal accidents, it does not include data on non-fatal accidents, which could cause injuries and financial distress for victims.   

The increase in motor vehicle fatality rate in 2019-2020 was primarily due to a rise in occupant fatalities, including both third-party drivers and Uber app users. Numerous factors, such as risky driving and passenger behaviors on the road, may have influenced these changes.   

The causes of Uber accidents   

The causes of Uber accidents can be attributed to several factors; according to Uber’s safety report, NHTSA identified a sharp increase in particularly risky behavior by drivers in 2020 nationwide, including increases in motor vehicle fatalities involving alcohol-impaired driving (+14%), speeding (+17%) and risky driving behaviors by third-party drivers.  

Many fatalities involved third-party drivers engaging in risky behaviors, such as alcohol-impaired driving, speeding, and wrong-way driving.   

Lack of seat belt usage   

Both third-party drivers and Uber riders were observed to have increased rates of not wearing seat belts, contributing to the severity of injuries in accidents.   

Increase in risky passenger behavior   

There was an observed increase in passengers not buckling seat belts, which aligns with the national trend of unrestrained passenger-vehicle occupants and their increased fatality rate.   

Vulnerable road users   

Pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and scooter riders were considered vulnerable road users and accounted for a sizable portion of motor vehicle fatalities. Many pedestrian fatalities occurred in dark areas, on larger roadways, and outside of crosswalks or intersections.   

What to do after an Uber accident?   

It is hard to be involved in a car accident. The experience can be traumatic, and the aftermath can be difficult. A good Uber car accident lawyer could be key in getting the compensation you require after being in an Uber car accident, but you should take care of the basics.   

Safety First    

Prioritize your health and seek immediate medical attention after a car collision. Your well-being should always come first, as even seemingly minor injuries can have serious underlying effects. It is crucial to consult with a medical professional to assess your condition, especially since some injuries may not manifest symptoms immediately following the accident.   

Follow your medical treatment plan diligently, attending appointments, therapies, and rehabilitation sessions as healthcare professionals advise. Adhering to the recommended treatment plan is essential for your recovery and overall well-being.   

Report the Uber accident   

Contact the authorities to report the traffic accident. It is important to provide all relevant details to the police so they can conduct necessary investigations and determine the party responsible for the Uber accident.   

If possible, collect information at the scene. Take photographs, document your injuries, and capture any property damage. Obtain contact information from the Uber driver involved and any witnesses. Always keep important documents such as medical records, bills, and insurance claims.   

Inform your insurance company   

Always inform your insurance company about the Uber accident and provide them with all the required information. Exercise caution when considering settlement offers, and consult with your lawyer before accepting any offers to protect your best interests.   

Why should I call a car accident lawyer after my Miami Lakes Uber accident?   

 It is advisable to have legal guidance from an experienced professional who can handle your case effectively and gather the necessary evidence to protect your rights. Seek the assistance of a skilled Miami Uber accident lawyer. An Uber accident lawyer has extensive experience handling car accident cases and will work diligently to advocate for you.  

A reputable Uber car accident lawyer cares about your situation and can guide you during challenging times. They will strive to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for the accident caused by the Uber driver.   

Who is financially responsible for an Uber accident?   

In an Uber accident, determining who is financially responsible depends on the ride's stage and the incident's circumstances. When an accident occurs, the primary liability initially lies with the at-fault driver, whether the Uber driver or another driver involved.   

However, if the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage is insufficient to address the costs, Uber’s insurance policies come into play. Uber provides a commercial policy with varying coverage levels depending on the ride's stage.   

The specific coverage amounts and conditions vary based on the stage of the ride and the driver’s activity on the app. To navigate the complexities of determining economic responsibility in an Uber car accident, consult with an experienced Miami Uber accident lawyer who specializes in handling rideshare cases and can get you the best Uber accident settlement.  

Uber Insurance Coverage   

TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) are legally obligated to maintain specific liability insurance coverage in a rideshare accident. As per the statute, these requirements include:   

  • $50,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person for death and bodily injury.   
  • $25,000 property damage liability limit.   
  • $50,000 combined single limit for death and bodily injury when multiple individuals are injured in an accident.   

If a TNC driver lacks personal insurance that meets or exceeds these requirements, the TNC must offer liability insurance coverage up to these limits. It is important to understand that these insurance obligations solely apply when the TNC driver is logged into the TNC’s digital network and available to receive passenger requests.   

Keep in mind    

Once a driver accepts a request for transportation services, they are covered by TNC’s liability insurance from the moment they pick up the passenger until the passenger exits the vehicle. The coverage for a rideshare accident during a booked ride is higher than an accident involving a rideshare driver waiting for a ride.   

Moreover, since Florida operates under a no-fault system, rideshare vehicles must also have accident personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. PIP is mandatory for all rideshare drivers and offers substantial coverage in case of rideshare accidents.   

If the Uber app is off while someone is driving, then a passenger or third party is only protected by that driver’s car insurance.   

Who is liable after I get hurt in an Uber accident?   

If you have been involved in an Uber car accident, pursuing a lawsuit directly against the ride-sharing company may not be possible. Uber considers each of its drivers an independent contractor, which allows them to deny liability for any accidents involving their drivers. However, there may still be legal avenues available to you. It is highly recommended to consult a skilled Uber accident lawyer with expertise in handling these cases before taking further steps.   

If another driver, not your Uber driver, is at fault for the accident while you are a passenger, the responsibility may fall under the other driver’s car insurance policy. If their coverage is insufficient to cover all medical expenses and lost wages, Uber has an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy that could apply.   

An Uber accident settlement can vary, depending on several factors. To understand the specific details and potential options available, you must reach out to an experienced Uber accident attorney who can carefully review your Uber accident report and provide guidance based on your unique circumstances.   

What damages can I claim after an Uber accident?   

After an Uber accident, the damages you can potentially claim will depend on the specific circumstances of the accident and the applicable laws in your area. Here are some common damages that may be available for compensation in an Uber accident settlement.  

Medical expenses   

You can claim reimbursement for the medical costs associated with your injuries, including hospital bills, doctor visits, medication, rehabilitation, and future medical treatment.   

Pain and suffering   

Compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish caused by the accident and your injuries.   

Lost wages   

If your injuries result in time away from work, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost income. This includes both current and future lost wages.   

Property damage   

If your private property, such as your vehicle, was damaged in the accident, you can seek compensation for the cost of repairs or the property's reasonable value if it is deemed a total loss.   


If the accident results in a long-term disability or permanent disfigurement, you may be entitled to additional compensation to account for the impact on your quality of life and future earning capacity.   

Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes

If you have been in an Uber accident and the other driver is uninsured, it is important to seek the help of a Miami Uber accident lawyer. These experienced attorneys in Miami Lakes can guide you through the legal complexities of such cases. They will gather evidence, establish liability, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight for fair compensation for injuries and damages. Hiring a dedicated Uber accident lawyer will protect your interests and hold the party accountable.   

If you are looking for an excellent Uber accident attorney in Miami, contact The Ward Law Group. Their team handles vehicular accident cases and prioritizes justice and client satisfaction. They understand your challenges and are committed to providing personalized care and attention. Let us be your voice and ensure your rights are upheld. For the best legal advice and representation, call 855-DOLOR-55.