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Ward Law Group Making Legal Services Accessible to Spanish Speakers

August 24, 2022 |
Ward Law Group Making Legal Services Accessible to Spanish Speakers

Read the full article here: “The Ward Law Group Fills a Niche: Personal Injury Law for Spanish Speakers” Dealing with an accident is difficult enough. Calls to the insurance company, locating the necessary paperwork, and time-consuming litigation can be frustrating to anyone. Imagine the added difficulty of navigating this process if English is your second language. Sadly, those who are faced with a language barrier rarely have access to quality legal services. In fact, the Hispanic community may be more vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals and companies that prey on those who have trouble speaking or understanding English. In recognition of this sad reality, Gregory Ward was recently featured in an article on law.com addressing this exact issue. The Ward Law Group itself started out with the humble beginnings of only Gregory Ward and his wife Jany Martinez-Ward. Together, the Wards set out to provide quality and trustworthy legal counsel to Spanish-speaking individuals involved in car accidents or sustaining other personal injuries. In six years’ time, their law firm grew to more than 50 people—95% of whom speak Spanish.

Why Focus on Helping the Hispanic Community?

The Ward Law Group’s founding partner— Jany Martinez-Ward—immigrated to America from Cuba at the age of only 14. As a result, her family had next to nothing. They struggled and sacrificed to make ends meet. Her challenging experiences growing up have enabled her to connect with accident victims and their families who are going through similar struggles. Of course, it’s not only Martinez-Ward who empathizes with the clients. The entire culture of The Ward Law Group centers around delivering excellent client service. In fact, The Ward Law Group is more than simply a handful of lawyers looking to obtain compensation for accident and injury claims. The firm also employs a wide range of professionals who provide emotional support, case management, and access to other resources. Moreover, working with clients who are hurting on so many levels requires both emotional intelligence and empathy. As such, The Ward Law Group provides extensive training and often role-plays different scenarios to help their staff proactively react to the struggles of their clients. Picture this: Someone is hurt badly in an accident. He or she cannot work or support his or her family. Bills are piling up. Scraping together money for groceries becomes a challenge. How can he or she even think of hiring a quality lawyer? Many people involved in bad accidents or personal injuries have often pondered these same questions. In fact, this fear may even prevent them from seeking out legal advice. What most didn’t know—especially those unfamiliar with the legal system—is reputable legal firms won’t charge you a penny until your case is settled. Known as a contingency fee basis, this means the payment is a fixed percentage of the case only after there is compensation. If the case is not successful, no fees are charged. Of course, The Ward Law Group uses contingency fees consistent with Florida Bar rules. No client is asked to pay for a personal injury case prior to it being settled.

The Ward Law Group: Fulfilling a Niche

Finding a small or medium law firm where 95% of the employees speak Spanish is not an easy task. This means the lawyers, case managers, investigators, paralegals, and other professionals involved in a case can speak directly to a Spanish-speaking client if necessary. No translators. No “trying” to understand each other. No clunky conversation with cell phone translating apps. Just real human-to-human interactions and mutual understanding. Unlike larger law firms, The Ward Law Group is focused on growing organically. We work hard to serve our clients. As a result, several grateful clients have spread the word about our dedicated and caring team at The Ward Law Group. If you were involved in an accident or suffered a personal injury, feel free to give The Ward Law Group a call at 855-DOLOR-55 or send us a quick message.