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Tourists Driving in Florida

August 24, 2022 |
Tourists Driving in Florida

Florida is a destination highly visited by tourists, and many people drive with limited knowledge of the law. This is a short guide to help visitors:

  • Fasten your seatbelt and your passengers at any age, children under the age of 3 must use the safety seat, from the age of 4 can use only the seat belt and must sit in the back seat of the vehicle;
  • Keep right on the road. Speed limits will be posted along every road.
  • The lights should be on from dusk to dawn when it is a foggy or rainy day.
  • If you see a policeman, a crane or a rough car in the shoulder ahead, you should move over a lane and slow down.
  • If you decide to use toll roads, it is ideal to have cash at hand or purchase a SunPass.
  • Drivers will be able to dial from your smartphone *FHP to communicate with the Florida Highway Patrol.
  • It is forbidden to ingest alcohol and drugs while driving, even if your blood level is .08 degrees of alcohol you are committing a crime called DUI (Driving Under the Influence).
Anyone who visits Florida and is involved in an accident that leads to injuries have the right to be compensated. It is only necessary to remain in the country to receive therapy and medical treatment. The Ward Law Group has the experience and knowledge to provide the best legal representation if this is the case. “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry” Psalm 34:15