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Most Dangerous Roads in New York City

June 13, 2023 | Gregory Ward
Most Dangerous Roads in New York City

NYC car accidents are a significant concern in the Big Apple. Motor vehicle traffic crashes are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for residents of the state.

In April 2023 alone, there were 17 reported fatalities and 4,163 injuries resulting from car accidents in NYC.

Alarming numbers demonstrate the importance of addressing the causes of these incidents. These factors include speeding, driving under the influence, distractions, mechanical failures, fatigue, and adverse weather and road conditions.

Understanding the most dangerous roads in the city can help drivers navigate them more cautiously.

With these statistical numbers, you may get involved in a car accident sooner or later. A car accident lawyer in New York can assess your car accident. They can determine if a hazardous road surface or other factors caused the crash.

This can bolster your case and help you win significant compensation. Let’s check a list of some of the roads notorious for their safety risks:

10 Of The Most Dangerous Roads Within NYC


Henry Hudson Parkway

The Henry Hudson Parkway runs parallel to the Hudson River. It stretches from West 72nd Street to the Bronx-Westchester border. It features the Henry Hudson Bridge, which links Manhattan and the Bronx.

This road has three lanes in each direction and no traffic lights. It can be dangerous, especially when drivers are distracted. This can lead to car accidents in NYC.

Grand Concourse

This road in the Bronx spans 5.2 miles and underwent partial restoration in 2017.

Despite renovations, the area still faces challenges. These include lengthy crosswalks, incomplete pedestrian networks, wide lanes encouraging speeding and erratic driver behavior, and irregular bus movements.

These factors contribute to its reputation as one of the most hazardous roads in the city.

Cross Bronx Expressway

Exit 4B on the westbound side of the Cross Bronx Expressway has been identified as the most problematic intersection. It is the most problematic in the whole of the United States.

In 2008, three of the top four intersections were expressway exits. 2007 four of the top five intersections were on the same road.

Some sections of the Cross Bronx Expressway do not meet modern Interstate standards. Another factor is that significant portions of the expressway lack emergency lanes so that minor breakdowns can cause congestion and accidents.

Neptune Avenue

In April 2023, Neptune Avenue saw multiple car accidents. Up to 12 people were injured, including drivers. This equates to an average of 2.5 injured individuals per day.

Belt Parkway

The Belt Parkway traverses the populous boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, which have a population of 5 million. During April of 2023, more than 12 accidents occurred along the Belt Parkway.

This road is considered one of the most dangerous. This is because a high population lives in the area. Therefore, it is likely that car accidents occur.

Upper Broadway, 96th Street

Broadway streets are the most dangerous, especially for pedestrians, causing over 70 NYC car accidents in April 2023. Attention to 96th Street and accessing the George Washington Bridge in Washington Heights.

The FDR Drive

The Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive extends up to 9.68 miles on the east side of Manhattan. It often experiences heavy traffic congestion, and its narrow lanes and frequent merges can contribute to car accidents on NYC streets.

Woodhaven Boulevard

Heavy traffic turning movements result in severe conflicts between cars and pedestrians. Pedestrians in the crosswalk are not visible to vehicles making it a dangerous road.

A study from 2012-2015 revealed that 495 reportable crashes happened at complex intersections. A lack of exclusive left-turn signal phasing and concurrent vehicle and pedestrian movements caused these crashes.

Those facts made Woodhaven Boulevard one of the most dangerous roads in NYC.

Grand Central Parkway

It runs through Queens and connects to major airports like John F. Kennedy International Airport. It experiences heavy traffic, and the numerous exits and entrances can contribute to accidents, especially during busy travel.

Hylan Boulevard

Hylan Boulevard holds the distinction of being the longest street within a single borough in New York City. Hylan Boulevard is a vital thoroughfare on Staten Island. It is a bustling commercial corridor and a heavily trafficked road. Given its high traffic volume, the boulevard poses an increased risk for potential car accidents.

How Can a Road Become Dangerous?

Roads play a crucial role in transportation, connecting people and facilitating the movement of vehicles. However, certain factors can contribute to a road becoming dangerous and increasing the risk of car accidents.

Human mistakes cause most NYC car accidents. However, road conditions, design, and weather can influence the outcome. These factors can have a significant impact.

One of the key factors that can contribute to road dangers is the lack of proper maintenance. Roads deteriorate over time due to heavy usage, weather conditions, and other factors.

Potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces can impair vehicle control, leading to NYC car accidents. Poor maintenance affects road sign visibility. This makes it hard for drivers to know where they are and follow traffic laws.

The design of a road is another crucial aspect that can impact its safety. Poorly designed roads can create confusion. This includes inadequate lane markings, improper signage placement, or confusing intersections. This confusion increases the likelihood of accidents.

Road design should prioritize safety. This can be achieved with clear signage, well-marked lanes, and properly designed intersections. These features enhance driver awareness and reduce risks. Roads without these features are the most dangerous roads.

Weather conditions also contribute to the dangers of a road. Adverse weather, such as rain, snow, ice, or fog, can significantly reduce visibility and affect the traction of vehicles.

Slippery surfaces and reduced visibility can be difficult for drivers. It makes it harder for them to control their vehicles and react to sudden changes on the road. This increases the risk of accidents.

Proper maintenance is necessary to reduce the risks of hazardous weather. Clearing snow and ice, installing proper drainage systems, and improving road surface friction are all important precautions. These steps can help mitigate the dangers posed by adverse weather conditions.

Addressing these issues is crucial to improving road safety and reducing accidents. Implementing improved road design practices, regular maintenance schedules, and effective traffic regulations can significantly enhance the overall safety of roads.

Car Accident Lawyers in New York

No matter what NYC road your car accident was on, if you seek fair compensation for your injuries and other losses, you need an experienced Car Accident Lawyer. The Ward Law Group knows how challenging your situation is. Our team will provide you with support, advocacy, and guidance. We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Gregory Ward

Attorney Gregory Ward is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Ward Law Group, one of the Nation’s largest and fastest-growing accident law firms. Ward is an experienced courtroom lawyer and negotiator. He and his team fight tirelessly to make sure accident victims across the country receive the compensation they deserve for their physical injuries and financial losses.



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