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Law.com highlights a $2M settlement obtained by the Ward Law Group from insurers Hartford and AIG

May 17, 2021 | Gregory Ward
Law.com highlights a $2M settlement obtained by the Ward Law Group from insurers Hartford and AIG

Once again, the work of The Ward Law Group is highlighted in a recognized portal, and we are proud to share it with all our readers and community.  

Notable has been The Ward Law Group's outstanding achievement in settling the $2 million case for their client Marcella Ramirez against AIG and The Hartford, two of the largest insurance companies.  

The remarkable legal expertise of founding partners Jany Martinez-Ward and Gregory Ward in reaching this historic settlement resulted in The Ward Law Group receiving prominent coverage in a dedicated publication on the Daily Business Review website.  

Acknowledging the importance of this court victory, Daily Business Review highlighted The Ward Law Group's skillful representation of the client and dedication to obtaining justice in personal injury law. 

Under the direction of Jany Martinez-Ward and Gregory Ward, the legal team skillfully handled the case's intricacies, taking advantage of the possibility of a trial as state courts recovered from the pandemic. Due to the litigators' successful strategic maneuver, Hartford and AIG were forced to engage in negotiations that resulted in a sizeable $2 million settlement. 

As Mr. Greg Ward has stated on previous occasions: "Every penny matters to our customers." That's something we take to heart because, in our history, we also know what it's like not having enough money. Apart from our offices full of dreams, we also had a debt to the bank when we started.  

So, we know firsthand that every penny matters. And in this case, it was no exception. The firm has gone for the largest settlement possible to ensure that the damages caused to our client are repaired to the greatest extent possible. 

The achievement showcased on Law.com reflects The Ward Law Group's adherence to its core values. Service, tenacity, and a human being approach are not just words but guiding principles that shape every case the firm undertakes. This dedication goes beyond the legalities; it encompasses understanding the human side of each case and empathizing with the challenges faced by the clients. 

The article on Law.com also sheds light on the strategic advantage gained by The Ward Law Group as state courts emerged from the coronavirus pandemic. Navigating the post-pandemic legal landscape required not only legal acumen but also adaptability.  

The firm's ability to leverage the unique circumstances to the advantage of its client speaks volumes about its strategic approach to litigation. 

Beyond the legal victories, The Ward Law Group stands out for its holistic approach to client service. The partners and the entire team are not just legal professionals; they are advocates, supporters, and allies for those who have suffered due to the negligence of others. This comprehensive approach is ingrained in the firm's culture, emphasizing that every client is not just a case but an individual with unique stories and challenges. 

As The Ward Law Group continues its journey, this feature stands as a milestone, showcasing its dedication to justice and the well-being of those it represents.

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Gregory Ward

Attorney Gregory Ward is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Ward Law Group, one of the Nation’s largest and fastest-growing accident law firms. Ward is an experienced courtroom lawyer and negotiator. He and his team fight tirelessly to make sure accident victims across the country receive the compensation they deserve for their physical injuries and financial losses.



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