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Earth Day

April 22, 2024 | Jany Martinez Ward
Earth Day

Nature is a work of art. The theory of the Golden Succession demonstrates this. That spiral can be observed in different natural expressions, such as the eye of a hurricane, the posture of a baby in its mother's womb, or the circles a hawk makes when it takes flight in the sky.

The planet is perfect in its natural composition. The ancient Greeks already knew this and called the earth the Great Gaia, the great living entity that houses the human race. In the same way, the pre-Hispanic peoples of America knew how to call the planet we now know as Pachamama. But Pachamama does not refer to a physical entity but to a spiritual entity that regulates all the biological interactions that occur within it.

The earth is alive! That is why, at The Ward Law Group, we want to leave the planet in good condition for future generations.

We want trees to continue protecting the atmospheric balance and our lungs to breathe clean air without chemicals that alter their composition. Before uprooting a tree, we want you to think about the years it took for it to grow. We want new generations to be increasingly aware of our commitment to the planet.

There is no planet B! We only have this one. And we have to take care of it. We have to adapt the ideas of the ancient people who inhabited the earth, those who knew from the beginning that the earth was not an inanimate being but a living being in constant change. A living being suffers from indifference from humanity, of the absurdity that can represent the unnecessary contamination of rivers, seas, and lagoons.

Climate change is already warning us of the irreparable consequences that could be generated. Moreover, we who love Florida should be aware that the increase in sea levels puts future life in this part of the world at risk. We must be doubly committed to the planet. Contributing as much as possible to its conservation and protection.

Now, we must say Happy Earth Day to all those heroes without capes! Those who pick up the trash of their own free will ensure the waters are clean and travel to the world's jungles in search of preserving species, fighting illegal logging and forest burning.

We must also recognize the merit of those who prefer to ride bicycles for the love of the planet, those who manage to share a ride, and those who ensure that the recycling principles reach more people.

How long will human beings wait to react? Let us remember the teachings of the Native Americans, who, from their vision of the world, always taught us to recognize life in every expression of nature. Knowing that in the planet's Great Spirit also resides a part of us. And it is precisely that part of us that we must care for and preserve forever.

We must let future generations enjoy this marvel, as Louis Armstrong summed it up in awe many years ago.   I see trees of green, Red roses too. I see them bloom for you and me. And I think to myself: What a wonderful world. 

Thus, we all marvel together at creation. The Ward Law Group wishes our planet a happy day.

Happy Earth Day! We will take care to respect you and make your charm shine for millennia, generation after generation, tree by tree, river by river, sunset by sunset. The earth will harbor the dreams of so many people who walk on it, respecting it.

Jany Martinez Ward Author Image
Jany Martinez Ward

Jany Martínez-Ward is a Founding and Managing Partner of The Ward Law Group, PL, a Florida law firm representing victims of car accidents. She focuses her practice on providing legal representation to Hispanic clients that have become injured in a car accident as a result of the negligence of others. In 2018, The National Trial Lawyers Association recognized Jany as one of the top attorneys in the state and among the top 40 under 40 attorneys.


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