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Long Island Slip and Fall Lawyer

Daily routines like preparing coffee at the office, picking up groceries at the store, or going for a workout at your local gym should be reasonably safe activities. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can occur, causing physical injuries. Some fall accidents also cause permanent disability, which affects your quality of life and ability to work. In extreme cases, these accidents can lead to severe impairment and even death.

When slip and fall accidents occur due to another person's negligence, you have the right to sue for compensation for the injuries and pain arising from the accident. However, reaching a settlement means proving liability and damages sustained.

After a slip and fall accident on Long Island, contact a personal injury lawyer at The Ward Law Group to discuss your case and your eligibility to file a claim.

Slip and Fall Accidents on Long Island

Accidents involving trips, falls, and slips are the main cause of premises liability claims. More than 8 million emergency visits occur in the US each year due to falls, according to the National Floor Safety Institute.

Roughly one million of those visits are specifically related to slip and falls. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), defects in floor coverings and materials cause more than 2 million fall injuries annually. Half of all unintentional home deaths occur from falls, and the majority of fall injuries occur at ground level.

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to slips and falls, which can result in serious or even fatal injuries. The National Institute on Aging estimates that 30% of Americans over 65 will fall at some point each year. Ten percent of people who fall will sustain a serious injury.

You may ask, how do you reduce the risk of being involved in this type of unforeseen situation?

There are several aspects to consider. First, we always recommend that you maintain an attitude of absolute body awareness while you are moving from point A to point B. Outdoors as well as indoors. You should always be aware of where you are going, where you are walking, aware of your body, of everything that is going on around you.

Going through the world in a state of lethargy, disconnected from reality, or under the effects of a substance that blurs your concentration or attention to detail, can be a risk factor for this type of slip-and-fall accident. Therefore, you should incorporate body awareness into your life. Be aware of your every movement and the space around you.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Long Island

Let's explore a little further the causes that contribute to the development of these events. During all these years, we have witnessed all kinds of triggers for these events. Some of the most repetitive causes, and the ones you should be particularly cautious about, are the following:

  • Icy and Unsalted Walkways: Slippery sidewalks and pathways during winter months, especially when not properly treated with salt, can lead to dangerous slip and fall incidents.
  • Wet Floors in Public Spaces: Spills or recently mopped floors in public places, such as malls or grocery stores, can pose a slipping hazard if not promptly addressed or adequately marked.
  • Uneven Pavements and Sidewalks: Cracked or uneven surfaces on sidewalks and pavements can catch pedestrians off guard, leading to tripping accidents.
  • Inadequate Lighting: Poorly lit areas increase the risk of slips and falls, as individuals may struggle to identify potential hazards on walkways or stairs.
  • Loose or Worn Flooring: Carpets, rugs, or flooring materials that are loose, torn, or worn down can create tripping hazards, particularly in residential or commercial settings.
  • Lack of Handrails on Stairs: Absence of sturdy handrails on staircases can contribute to falls, especially for individuals who may need additional support.
  • Debris or Obstacles in Aisles: Cluttered aisles in stores or walkways with obstacles can lead to trips and falls, especially if there are no warning signs or barriers.
  • Slippery Entranceways: Entrances with rainwater or melted snow that are not adequately managed can result in slippery surfaces, posing a risk to pedestrians.
  • Negligent Maintenance: Failure to perform regular maintenance on properties, including addressing issues like loose tiles or torn carpeting, can contribute to slip and fall incidents.
  • Spilled Liquids in Restaurants: Restaurants with spills in dining areas, kitchens, or restrooms can create hazardous conditions for both customers and staff.
  • Potholes and Cracks in Parking Lots: Damaged or poorly maintained parking lots with potholes and cracks may cause individuals to trip and injure themselves.
  • Failure to Display Warning Signs: Absence of warning signs in areas undergoing maintenance or where hazards exist can increase the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.

All of these causes could be mitigated or reduced to the extent that proper precautions are taken to maintain workspaces or surfaces in the home in a condition that prevents slipping. In order to anticipate such events, it is necessary to take the necessary practical measures. By ignoring small details, it is sometimes possible to generate complicated situations of greater magnitude.

Paying attention to details is something that will guarantee success in different areas. In the case of avoiding accidents, paying attention to details is undoubtedly something that plays in our favor.

Importance of a Local Slip and Fall Lawyer in Long Island

It can be difficult for an attorney to litigate or defend a case in a jurisdiction he or she is not fully familiar with. As we know, in the case of the United States, each State issues separate laws, and a case may vary in its final outcome depending on the State in which it is tried.

Therefore, knowing about the legal structure of New York, as well as the context of the laws regarding slip and fall accidents within that jurisdiction is already a competitive advantage for any lawyer who wants to take a case forward in this city.

It is important to seek the advice of local long island personal injury attorneys who understand the legal situation in Long Island and can develop a strategy that is consistent with the laws of the area to maximize the benefit to you.

Some key areas where slip and fall attorneys from long island may be able to assist you are as follows:

  1. In-Depth Knowledge of Local Laws: A local attorney thoroughly understands the specific laws and regulations in Long Island related to slip and fall cases, ensuring accurate legal representation.
  2. Familiarity with Court Procedures: Familiarity with local judicial procedures allows the attorney to anticipate necessary steps and present cases efficiently in Long Island courts. For example, statute of limitations deadlines.
  3. Understanding of Local Safety Standards: Knowing local safety standards is crucial to assessing whether a property complied with regulations and determining liability in slip and fall cases.
  4. Network of Local Experts: A well-connected local attorney has access to local experts, such as engineers or safety specialists, who can provide valuable expert testimony in slip and fall injury cases.
  5. Proximity for In-Person Consultations: Geographic proximity facilitates in-person consultations, allowing more effective communication and a deeper understanding of case details.
  6. Previous Experience with Local Properties: An attorney with prior experience in local properties understands the specific challenges that may arise in common Long Island environments, such as shopping malls or residential complexes.
  7. Knowledge of Local Insurance Practices: Understanding local insurance practices is essential for negotiating with insurers and obtaining the compensation you deserve after being affected by slip and fall accidents.
  8. Awareness of Weather-Related Factors: In Long Island, weather conditions can contribute to slip and fall accidents. A local attorney understands how these factors may influence liability and compensation.
  9. Community Reputation and Credibility: A well-established local attorney in Long Island may have a strong reputation in the community, adding credibility and trust to legal representation.
  10. Understanding Local Jury Dynamics: Understanding the dynamics of the local jury is essential for presenting cases convincingly and adapting to the expectations and values of the community.
  11. Swift Response to Local Emergencies: In emergency cases, such as promptly inspecting a slip and fall scene, local proximity allows for a quicker and more effective response.
  12. Customized Legal Strategies for Long Island: Crafting legal strategies tailored to the nuances of Long Island ensures that cases are approached uniquely, taking into account specific regional factors.

Compensation and Damages in Long Island NY Slip and Fall Cases

The list of compensations may vary based on the details related to the slip and fall accident. However, some of these are part of the most common group of compensations. We share it with you so that you can have some idea about it to understand the path to obtain the maximum compensation possible:

  1. Medical Expenses: Detailing compensation for medical bills, including emergency room visits, surgeries, medications, and ongoing treatment related to the slip and fall incident.
  2. Lost Wages: Explaining how individuals may be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages due to missed work resulting from injuries sustained in the slip and fall.
  3. Pain and Suffering: Describing how victims may be entitled to compensation for physical (ex: broken bones) and emotional distress experienced as a direct result of the slip and fall accident.
  4. Rehabilitation Costs: Outlining the potential compensation for rehabilitation services, physical therapy, and other necessary treatments aimed at recovering from injuries. For instance, a traumatic brain injury will need a long rehabilitation period.
  5. Property Damage: Addressing compensation for damage to personal belongings, such as clothing or electronic devices, that occurred during the slip and fall incident.
  6. Permanent Disability: Highlighting compensation possibilities for individuals who have suffered permanent disabilities or impairments due to being injured in a slip, affecting their quality of life and earning capacity.
  7. Legal Fees: Clarifying whether legal fees related to pursuing a slip and fall case may be recoverable as part of the compensation package.
  8. Diminished Earning Capacity: Explaining how individuals may be entitled to compensation if the slip and fall incident results in a reduced ability to earn income in the future.
  9. Home Modifications: Detailing compensation for modifications or accommodations required at home due to injuries sustained in the slip and fall, such as ramps or adaptive equipment.
  10. Loss of Consortium: Discussing potential compensation for the impact the slip and fall may have on personal relationships, including loss of companionship and support.
  11. Punitive Damages: Exploring the possibility of punitive damages in cases where the slip and fall resulted from willful negligence or misconduct on the part of the property owner.
  12. Expert Witness Fees: Informing about the inclusion of expert witness fees, which may be compensated if their testimony is crucial in establishing liability and damages in the slip and fall case.

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