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Long Island Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

If you live on Long Island and frequently visit other cities in New York, you have most likely witnessed or perhaps been a victim of hit-and-run car accidents.

Hit-and-run accidents can leave you with a sense of frustration and anger that is difficult to process—not being able to see the person responsible for the damage to the vehicle you love so much. We know you have questions running through your mind, such as: Why would someone have such a cowardly attitude?

The answer to that question is not simple. Many times, people commit negligent acts for no apparent reason. Several factors almost always cloud the reasoning of this type of driver and lead them to behave uncivilized behind the wheel. What can we do about it?

Many aspects of city life are entirely beyond our control. How can we decide for others to be responsible behind the wheel? How can we counteract the risk of being hit by not entirely fair-minded people? There is not much we can do to change those who have been able to internalize our message.

However, something sets us apart from irresponsible drivers: We have been aware of these issues for a long time. Today, we behave like real adults behind the wheel and avoid childish or immature behavior that could cause irreparable damage.

You may wonder if there is anything we can do as a group to make Long Island a safer roadway area. While there will always be a risk that things will not go as planned, today, more than ever, we have realized the importance of prevention in mitigating the occurrence of these events.

The Ward Law Group, through our hit-and-run lawyers, is constantly sharing valuable information for all drivers who genuinely want to be empowered behind the wheel and live without the fear that something bad could happen.

Common Causes of Hit-and-Run Accidents on Long Island

As previously mentioned, many causes can lead drivers to adopt negligent behaviors. Behind every driver who makes a wrong decision behind the wheel is a personal story. Sometimes, chaotic events are only externalizations of more complex internal situations.

Therefore, we cannot analyze these situations in isolation, as they are part of a system of related events that lead to unfortunate events.

However, it is possible to identify causes repeated over the years, which also teaches us in which aspects we should prioritize prevention work. We have identified these causes since we started in this area, so together with our experts, we have made a list so that you can also identify them at home and take the necessary precautions.

  • Reckless Driving: Hit-and-run accidents often stem from reckless driving behaviors, such as speeding well above the posted limits, engaging in aggressive driving maneuvers, or disregarding traffic signals like running red lights. These impulsive and dangerous actions can lead to a quick escape from the scene.
  • Intoxication: Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs may opt to flee the accident scene to evade legal consequences, especially if they fear a DUI charge. The impaired judgment and decision-making associated with intoxication can contribute to the choice to escape responsibility.
  • Lack of Insurance: Uninsured drivers might leave the scene to avoid potential financial liabilities and legal repercussions. The fear of facing financial penalties for driving without insurance motivates some individuals to flee rather than face the aftermath of their actions.
  • Driver Distraction: Distractions like texting, talking on the phone, or adjusting the radio can contribute to hit-and-run incidents. In some cases, distracted drivers may not immediately realize they've been involved in an accident, prompting them to leave the scene unknowingly.
  • Fear of Legal Consequences: Drivers without valid licenses or with outstanding warrants may flee to avoid arrest and legal consequences. The fear of being detained and facing charges may outweigh the responsibility to stay at the scene and fulfill legal obligations.
  • Panicking: Inexperienced drivers or those lacking knowledge about proper post-collision procedures may panic after an accident. This panic can lead to a hasty departure from the scene as the driver grapples with the stress and uncertainty of the situation.
  • Stolen Vehicles: Hit-and-runs can occur when a driver in a stolen vehicle attempts to escape detection. The desire to avoid arrest and the potential discovery of the stolen vehicle prompts a swift exit from the accident site.
  • Lack of Awareness: Some hit-and-run drivers may not immediately know they caused an accident, especially in minor collisions. Factors like poor visibility or distractions may contribute to the driver's unawareness.
  • Disregard for Traffic Laws: Violating traffic laws and regulations, such as running stop signs or failing to yield the right of way, can lead to hit-and-run incidents. The conscious choice to break these laws may extend to avoiding responsibility for the resulting collision.
  • Hit-and-Run as a Criminal Act: Deliberate criminal acts, such as using a vehicle to commission a crime, may prompt drivers to flee the scene. The desire to escape the scene quickly aligns with criminal intent and avoiding potential witnesses or law enforcement.
  • Unattended Property Damage: Drivers may flee when they damage unattended property, such as parked cars or fences, to avoid facing the consequences. The absence of immediate confrontation may encourage the driver to leave the scene without addressing the damage caused.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Hit-and-run accidents involving pedestrians can occur when drivers fail to yield the right of way or are unaware of the pedestrian's presence. Because pedestrians are vulnerable, drivers must remain at the scene and assist when necessary.

The laws regarding acts such as hit-and-run accidents are clear. Being informed about what the legal effects may be for your attacker or the laws that cover you as a victim will allow you to feel safer if you should be involved in a similar situation. File a claim could be the first step in the whole process, but it is not the end of the story if you were injured in a hit-and-run crash.

If a lawyer for hit-and-run accidents from our law firm takes your case, we will keep you abreast of the legal horizon your case could take and evaluate which laws, rules, and regulations we would support our thesis before a judge. All Long Islanders need to be informed about the legal framework in states such as New York to know how to proceed.

  • Criminal Charges: Hit-and-run drivers in New York may face criminal charges, including but not limited to reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and vehicular assault or manslaughter, depending on the severity of the incident.
  • Misdemeanor or Felony: The classification of criminal charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies based on the extent of injuries or fatalities involved. New York Penal Law differentiates between degrees of offenses, with more severe penalties for felonies.
  • Penalties for Leaving the Scene: New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 600 outlines the legal obligation for drivers to remain at the scene of an accident. Violating this law may result in criminal charges, fines, and potential imprisonment.
  • Vehicular Assault or Manslaughter: If the hit-and-run involves serious injuries or fatalities, the driver may face charges under New York Penal Law Article 120, which addresses offenses related to assault or manslaughter using a vehicle.
  • License Points and Suspension: Convictions related to hit-and-run offenses can accumulate points on the driver's license. Reaching a certain point threshold may result in license suspension or revocation under New York's point system.
  • Civil Penalties: Besides criminal charges, hit-and-run drivers may face civil penalties, including liability for property damage, medical expenses, and other losses victims suffer. Civil lawsuits may be pursued independently of criminal proceedings.
  • Insurance Ramifications: Hit-and-run drivers may encounter difficulties obtaining or maintaining auto insurance coverage from an insurance company. Insurers may consider the driver a higher risk, leading to increased premiums or denial of coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage also needs to be evaluated.
  • Increased Sentences for Repeat Offenders: Under New York law, repeat hit-and-run offenses may result in enhanced criminal penalties. The severity of punishment may escalate for individuals with a history of leaving the scene of accidents. Our car accident lawyers have seen many of these cases, and we know how to ask for proper compensation.
  • Restitution to Victims: Courts may order hit-and-run fault drivers to pay restitution to victims to cover medical bills, property damage, and other losses incurred due to the accident involved in a hit-and-run situation.
  • Victim Impact Statements: New York allows victims of hit-and-run accidents to provide impact statements during sentencing, detailing the physical, emotional, and financial toll the incident has taken on their lives.
  • Driver Responsibility Assessment: Hit-and-run convictions may trigger a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) in New York, leading to additional fines and penalties beyond the criminal and civil consequences.
  • Legal Defense Options: Hit-and-run defendants have the right to legal representation. Effective legal defense may involve challenging evidence, asserting procedural defenses, or negotiating plea agreements to mitigate penalties.

Understanding the legal ramifications for hit-and-run drivers in New York emphasizes the importance of responsible driving behavior and the severe consequences that may follow if someone chooses to flee the scene of an accident.

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At The Ward Law Group, we understand how frustrating it can be to have suffered injuries from a hit-and-run accident and, on top of that, to take care of everything that involves the insurance, the gathering of evidence, trying to find the at-fault driver, and more and more stress that will result in no good things for you.

Our Long Island car accident attorneys are here for you. They will handle everything you need so you can feel secure. Knowing you will be fairly compensated, you will have the time to recover. Call us now at 855-DOLOR-55 for a free consultation, and you will answer all your questions.