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Rideshare applications, such as Lyft, are extremely helpful to (and popular with) Miami Lakes residents. But, unfortunately, devastating accidents can still occur. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger with Lyft, Florida law permits you the right to seek compensation. This compensation covers not only personal injury expenses but also losses incurred as a direct cause of third-party negligence. Victims of these accidents often have no idea how to proceed with filing a claim, collecting evidence, and negotiating with insurance companies. The entire process is understandably overwhelming. During this hectic time, you may find an experienced legal team to be your greatest possible asset.

There are many factors to consider with these cases, as with any car accident. Did a Lyft driver hit you while you were driving? Were you a passenger? Perhaps you were biking or walking when the collision occurred. If so, you should treat your case as though it were any other accident. Immediately, contact a team of experienced attorneys.

In short, you can’t do this alone. You’re really going to need an experienced legal team behind you every step of the way—especially if you’ve been injured. Insurance companies will not make anything about this process easy for you… So, be prepared to take on wily insurance adjusters.

Thankfully, The Ward Law Group is here to help. With nearly a decade of experience, you can rest assured knowing that your claim will be in good hands. Our team is passionate about ensuring that you receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Most insurance companies will try to use your primary language as a barrier against you. But, The Ward Law Group won’t stand for it. We offer legal representation to both the English and Spanish speaking communities in Miami Lakes, FL.

Lyft Accident Statistics for Miami Lakes, FL

The Ward Law Group dedicates ourselves to empowering everyday people to recover losses from Lyft accidents—particularly those losses that result in personal injury. Perhaps no one better understands how to navigate these claims than our firm’s founder, Gregory Ward.

Gregory once represented the insurance companies until he repeatedly witnessed how adjusters would deny the average person their due compensation. Knowing this was wrong, he joined the other team. Now, Gregory Ward and his wife, Jany Martinez-Ward, represent English and Spanish-speaking victims of personal injury against the insurance companies. As such, you can rest assured that The Ward Law Group truly understands the claims process from the inside out.

As you can imagine, Lyft is hesitant to release any accident-related statistics on the internet. However, it is estimated that 2-3% of the number of crashes in a given area are attributed to ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft.

By doing the math, we can estimate that roughly 22 Uber & Lyft accidents occur in the state of Florida every day. That’s over 8,000 rideshare accidents a year! Of course, these are only rough estimates based on official statistics provided by the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles. But, these numbers speak to the seriousness of Lyft accidents in Miami Lakes.

Types of Lyft Accident Injuries

Again, if we examine statistics published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, we can estimate that rideshare accidents result in 332 incapacitating and 408 catastrophic injuries in Florida each year.

Moreover, injuries from car accidents can range widely, from nagging pain to debilitating impairments. Over the years, The Ward Law Group has provided aid to victims of many different types of physical trauma, including:

  • Bone fractures
  • Dismemberment
  • Amputation
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns
  • Internal organ damage
  • …and more.

A good number of these conditions will prevent you from doing the things that you love to do every day. Don’t let the added pressure of financial stress grind you down! The Ward Law Group is here to ensure that you are able to make a speedy recovery without the worry of crippling expenses that come with an accident. To maximize your accident compensation, contact The Ward Law Group of Miami Lakes, FL today!

Lyft Accident Law & Accident Compensation

Florida law requires that all vehicle owners carry a certain amount of car insurance when they head out on the road. These minimums change for Lyft drivers, however. Florida has enacted an additional law that requires Lyft drivers to carry a higher minimum than what the state establishes for your everyday driver.

Lyft drivers must carry at least $1 million in liability coverage for property damage, personal injury, and death. In addition to this, they must also carry the PIP and PDL insurance minimums ($10,000 in personal injury protection and $10,000 in property damage liability). Even in cases in which the Lyft driver doesn’t currently have a passenger, they must also have a $50,000 minimum coverage in physical injury or death liability that applies anytime the driver is active on the app. For such states as Florida, Lyft provides these insurance minimums to all of their drivers.

If you are injured in a Lyft accident, you may be entitled to the following forms of compensation:

  • Medical Expenses: Injuries are expensive. Costs stack up very quickly as a result of trips to the hospital, physical therapy, surgery, and much more.
  • Property Damage: An accident may lead to any number of property damages. This will somewhat depend on your role in the accident. But, even if you were the passenger, you can file a property damage claim for items such as broken laptops and smartphones, etc.
  • Lost Wages & Earning Capacity: If your injury has put you out of work, then you may be able to receive compensation for your lost time. If your injury is permanent and affects your ability to excel in your field, then you may be compensated for lost potential earnings as well.
  • Intangible Damages: This covers emotional pain and suffering that were a direct result of the incident.

The Ward Law Group is Here to Help

The Ward Law Group of Miami Lakes, FL employs a dedicated team of legal professionals who will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation. Don’t let big-name insurance company adjusters fool you into thinking that you aren’t entitled to at least some form of compensation. Instead, contact The Ward Law Group today and optimize your settlement!

Maximizing Your Claim: Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

If you are the victim of an accident that leads to personal injury—especially in instances where you are not at fault—then, take the following steps:

  • Contact the police: You always want to contact the police after sustaining a substantial injury from an accident of any kind. The police will be able to document important events surrounding the nature of your accident.
  • Seek medical attention: You may not even have injuries that are that severe… But, that does not mean that you shouldn’t seek out medical attention immediately. Doctor notes will provide additional documentation of your injuries and will further showcase the negligence of the other party involved.
  • Document the details of the accident: Naturally, you should only do this if you are able-bodied after the accident occurs. If this is the case, then try to take as many pictures of the scene as you can. This includes important elements such as property damage and any other damages to yourself.
  • Seek out legal consultation: This is another step that you want to complete as soon as possible. The sooner you are able to contact our legal team, the better chance you will have at maximizing your settlement. Many insurance processes are time sensitive… so don’t miss out on your window by delaying your claim!

How The Ward Law Group Can Help

Big-name insurance adjusters will always attempt to make certain that you walk away from your claim with the smallest amount of compensation possible. This is only natural, as they are out to make a profit instead of support your welfare. The Ward Law Group will do everything within our power to ensure that insurance adjusters don’t get away with it.

In addition, our bilingual attorneys serve both the English and Spanish speaking communities in Miami Lakes, FL. Don’t let these insurance adjusters use your language to keep you from receiving the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Instead, contact The Ward Law Group today and upgrade your compensation!

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