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Motorcycle accidents are terrifying. Unfortunately, you run a much greater risk of sustaining an injury while riding a motorcycle than you would while driving a car. Of course, there are still benefits to riding a motorcycle. It’s why millions of people do it every day. Many people ride motorcycles because they enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle provides them. Cars can make some people feel caged in, so they turn to motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation. For many people, riding a motorcycle is a way of life—a way to connect with your surroundings in a way that you couldn’t possibly achieve while driving a car.

But again, there’s the elephant in the room. A single motorcycle accident may lead to life-altering injuries. This is only natural, as you are not provided with the same level of safety as you are when you drive a truck or car. Even if you use a helmet or asphalt protective gear, the chances of sustaining serious injuries from a motorcycle accident are high.

Even if you aren’t injured in your accident, the whole ordeal is still very frustrating. It’s very likely that your motorcycle will be damaged to such an extent that you no longer have a reliable mode of transportation. The Ward Law Group is here to help. With nearly a decade of experience, the Ward Law Group has handled almost every type of insurance claim imaginable. With our experience, we know all the right switches to activate when it comes to maximizing your settlement.

In fact, we provide our award-winning legal services to both the English and Spanish-speaking communities. Our team is passionate about providing our representation to as many people as possible. So, don’t let language become a barrier to achieving a successful insurance claim! Contact us today!

Personal Injury & Motorcycle Accident Statistics for Miami Lakes, FL

Florida is one of the most popular states to own and ride a motorcycle. The ideal temperatures and beautiful scenery really speak to the soul of the motorcyclist. That being said, it’s only natural that such a popular motorcycle-riding state is accompanied by a slew of unsettling accident-related statistics.

According to Florida law, motorcyclists who carry certain insurance policies minimums (and who are over 21) are not required to wear helmets while on the road. Without this helmet requirement, Florida motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer from significant brain injuries and head trauma when they suffer a motorcycle accident. This becomes more unsettling when you realize that Florida is one of the leading states in the nation when it comes to motorcycle-related fatalities. In fact, one in every five deaths that were the result of a highway accident involved a motorcycle operator. And, this holds true even though only a small percentage of the state’s vehicle operators are motorcyclists.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides annual reports of accident-related statistics in the sunshine state. Their most recent reports indicate that:

  • There were 9,707 motorcycle crashes
  • 515 of these accidents resulted in fatalities
  • A staggering 7,725 of these accidents led to injury
  • 37 of these accidents led to the fatality of a motorcycle passenger
  • 692 of these accidents led to injury to a motorcycle passenger

The Ward Law Group is Here to Help

As you can see, motorcycle accidents are very serious—and they happen all the time. But, The Ward Law Group is here to help! Our lawyers will fight against big-name insurance adjusters who are out to make sure that you receive the smallest settlement possible for your claim. Don’t let them get away with it! Contact our Miami Lakes, FL lawyers today!

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, roughly 80 percent of motorcycle accidents in Florida result in an injury or fatality of an occupant. And, 94% of these cases involve residents of the state. Injuries for these accidents are very common and should be taken seriously. Here are some examples of injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident:

  • Road rash
  • Bone fractures
  • Disfigurement
  • Burns
  • Limb amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • …and more.

As you can see, riding a motorcycle comes with inherent dangers that simply do not exist with any other motor vehicle. During a motorcycle accident, the likelihood that you will be ejected from your vehicle is astronomically high. This, by its very nature, puts you at risk for a more diverse range of injuries than normal. If your accident led to personal injury and was the result of a negligent driver, then The Ward Law Group is here to help. Our team will make sure that you have all the resources you need in order to support your family. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive compensation for your pain and suffering, work absences, and chronic medical conditions. Don’t leave your settlement up to chance. Contact The Ward Law Group of Miami Lakes today to maximize your claim!

Florida Law & Auto Accident Compensation

Your legal rights and avenues after a motorcycle collision will depend on the nature of your accident. Unlike automobile operators, Florida law does not require motorcyclists to carry Personal Injury Protection. As a matter of fact, even when motorcyclists do have this coverage (because they also own cars), these policies will not cover injuries that you suffer from your motorcycle crash.

Although this may be the case, if another party was negligent and led to your accident, the law gives you the right to hold the other party accountable for your losses. These parties include negligent drivers, motorcycle manufacturers who sold defective motorcycle parts, and even governmental entities that did not properly maintain or repair the roadway that you had your crash on.

Regardless of your circumstance, The Ward Law Group will fight to help you secure the following forms of compensation:

  • Medical Expenses: Injuries are expensive—especially catastrophic, chronic injuries. These costs include your emergency room visit, inpatient care, surgery, and much more. These bills can add up quickly.
  • Property Damage: Your motorcycle will likely have suffered damage in one way or another, which is an additional cost. Handheld electronic devices, your clothes, and even jewelry may be added to this category.
  • Lost Wages & Earning Capacity: This covers both the amount of money that you will lose from being out of work, as well as permanent injuries that affect your ability to perform your job in the long run.
  • Pain & Emotional Distress: Basically, the damage that is not immediately visible or easy to communicate. Your lawyer will be able to calculate these psychological damages for painful conditions and emotional trauma.

The Ward Law Group is Here for You

The Ward Law Group of Miami Lakes, FL will dedicate themselves to securing the maximum possible compensation for your injuries, property damage, and lost wages. In fact, The Ward Law Group recently won a settlement of $1,250,000 for a man who was the victim of a motorcycle accident. Don’t leave these kinds of things up to big-name insurance adjusters. Contact The Ward Law Group today!

Maximizing Your Claim: Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

If you are the victim in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, then there are a few steps that you should take. Don’t forget to:

  1. Call the police: It is absolutely vital that you contact the police immediately after your accident. The police will document important aspects surrounding your situation. Having a police report that states the other party’s negligence will be a massive boon when attempting to maximize your claim.
  2. Seek medical attention: Even if your injuries were only minor, you should seek immediate medical attention after your accident. This way you will have documentation of your injuries as well as the negligence of the other party. If you fail to request a medical exam, you may lose out on a substantial portion of compensation.
  3. Document the details of the accident: Obviously, if your injuries are too serious, then you may not be able to complete this step. If you are able, it is important to take pictures of the damages to your bike as well as to yourself. You do not want the other party to try to provide an inaccurate report of the damages that were the actual result of their negligence.
  4. Contact The Ward Law Group: Again, when you are able, you will want to contact The Ward Law Group as soon as possible to handle the details of your case. The sooner you do this, the more evidence your attorney will be able to amass that proves the negligence of the other party. You do not want to go at this alone, especially if your accident has led to an injury. Contact The Ward Law Group today.

How The Ward Law Group Can Help

Remember, insurance company adjusters have no problem ensuring that you walk away with the smallest settlement possible. These companies are out to make a profit. They are not here to support the welfare of you and your family. But, The Ward Law Group will do everything in our power to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

It does not matter if you speak English or Spanish. The Ward Law Group is here to guide your way. If you need representation for a motorcycle accident in Miami Lakes, then contact our legal team today!

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