In the Media

In the Media

Ward Law Group strives to inform the Hispanic community about their rights and important laws that can affect their lives. As the company’s liaison to Hispanic audiences, Jany has been a regular guest and sponsor on mainstream and Christian television stations in South Florida. Throughout her career, she has been committed to advocating on behalf of Hispanics and creating awareness of changing local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding to car accidents.

Press Conferences

When trauma occurs, victims often feel vulnerable and are at risk of being exploited. Jany and Greg are frequently seen at press conferences advocating for and protecting the rights of their clients.

Our Radio Partners

Thanks to Jany's long relationship with local radio partners, she regularly interacts with Spanish-speaking radio listeners in South Florida. It's her chance to interact with them, answer their legal questions, and keep them informed about relevant laws and regulations.

Articles – Publications – Editorial Press

Ward Law Group has been prominent in local newspapers for several settlements and verdicts achievedfor their clients. In addition, the firm is frequently contacted by the local press regarding car accident cases, due to their expertise in car accident law. Jany and Greg also provide editorial content such as advice for returning safely back to school, safety tips for the public, and information about local, state, and federal traffic laws.