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Biking is a way of life. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of the air rushing by you while you ride your two-wheeler. Even though riding a motorcycle is a special experience, it comes with a handful of inherent risks. Still, this doesn’t stop many people across Florida and the whole world from riding their motorcycles on a regular basis.

However, it is important to acknowledge that motorcycle drivers are more exposed to risk (quite literally) when it comes to accidents. No matter how much you emphasize safety and take all the necessary precautions, accidents sometimes happen. What’s even worse is that you never expect this to happen to you and most people are naturally unprepared.

You need to protect your rights and enlist proper legal assistance even if nobody was injured in the accident. If your motorcycle has been damaged, then you have the right to a settlement that will cover the damages. This is where The Ward Law Group can help you. With extensive experience under our belts, our lawyers handle all types of motorcycle accident and insurance claims with ease.

We have all the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the maximum settlement possible. We provide our services to both English and Spanish speakers in the Kissimmee, FL area. Even if you aren’t a native English speaker, we can deliver our expert guidance.

Personal Injury & Motorcycle Accident Statistics for Kissimmee, FL

Florida is a biker’s paradise with its scenic highways, amazing weather conditions, an extensive community of bikers, and breathtaking scenery. This explains why there are so many motorcycle riders in the state. However, it only takes a moment of distraction for an accident to happen.

Due to the growing number of bikers on the road, Florida has been named one of the leading states in motorcycle accident fatalities.

According to The National Highway Safety Administration and Governors Highway Safety Administration, the number of motorcycle accidents and injuries in The Sunshine State has also been growing over the past decades. For instance:

  • Almost 10,000 motorcycle accidents occur annually in Florida
  • 500 of these accidents lead to fatal injuries
  • Almost 8,000 of these accidents result in some form of significant injury to the rider
  • Around 40 passengers will die in motorcycle accidents each year
  • 700 accidents lead to a motorcycle passenger becoming seriously injured

Even though there isn’t any official data on motorcycle accidents in Kissimmee, FL, Osceola County is located just south of a major motorcycle hub: Orlando. Additionally, many Kissimmee bike accidents are caused by tourists making the long and dangerous commute from Orlando to Miami. All in all, 80% of these motorcycle accidents result in serious injury (or even death) to the drivers and passengers of the bike alike.

Major Reasons for the Number of Motorbike Accidents in Florida

There are many who claim the number of motorcycle accidents in Florida is directly related to its lax helmet laws. According to Florida law, riders older than 21 do not need to wear a helmet if they have insurance.

However, there are many other states that have the same law but don’t have nearly as many motorcycle accidents. Here are some of the proposed reasons so many motorcycle accidents occur in Florida:

  • Reckless driving by motorists and car drivers alike—ignoring stop signs, failing to yield to and not paying attention to bikers.
  • Large numbers of tourists and riders coming into the state.
  • Given the fact that Florida has great weather for riding, many bikers may become too relaxed and start riding at excessive speeds.
  • The long days in Florida are perfect for bike riding throughout the whole day. This means that bikers spend more time than average on the road, contributing to higher accident rates.

Kissimmee, Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you become injured while riding a motorcycle in Kissimmee, FL, then you may be entitled to have your damages, lost wages, and medical bills paid in full. The Ward Law Group has a team of experienced lawyers working in Kissimmee for almost 10 years now. They know all the ins and outs to help you obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Our team is located in Osceola County and will come to your aid very quickly. Additionally, our skilled attorneys have over ten years of experience in handling motorcycle accident claims. Contact The Ward Law Group today and maximize your claim for tomorrow!

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA, Florida has been leading the United States in motorcycle accidents over the past several years. Sadly, a lot of accidents are caused by the negligence of bikers themselves. However, many more accidents involve the negligence of automobile drivers. As such, the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer include:

  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Road rash
  • Muscle sprains
  • Broken bones
  • Injured internal organs

Kissimmee Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

The Ward Law Group of Kissimmee, FL specializes in personal injury claims and we have an entire department dedicated to this type of legal support. It doesn’t matter what kind of injuries you sustained during the tragic event, we have the tools necessary to secure the compensation you deserve.

Even if you haven’t suffered any serious injuries, you have the right to appropriate compensation if someone puts your life in danger. We will make sure that you have the financial security to continue with your life in an unobstructed manner after the incident. You can depend on The Ward Law Group to handle your personal injury case with skill and ease.

Florida Law & Auto Accident Compensation

As we mentioned earlier, a large number of motorcycle accidents that occur in Florida are attributed to laws that do not require bikers to wear helmets. However, even though these riders are insured, their insurance claims can be denied due to lack of protective gear (i.e. a helmet).

However, even in these situations, you may have legal recourse if you employ a skilled personal injury attorney who knows how to handle insurance companies and adjusters. No matter the specifics of your situation, contact The Ward Law Group and receive applicable compensation for:

  • Medical Bills: Treating injuries can be very expensive, especially in the US. A good legal team should be able to help you obtain adequate compensation for surgeries, patient care, medications, and so on.
  • Lost Wages: These compensations are designed to cover for the wages you will be unable to make as you recover from your injury.
  • Loss of Income Potential: If your accident permanently interrupted your ability to perform your job and it affects your long-term income, you may be entitled to this type of settlement.
  • Property Damage: If your bike or any of your property was damaged during the accident, you have the right to ask for compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering: Both emotional and physical pain are major cornerstones for compensation.

The Ward Law Group Will Secure Your Compensation

No matter what kind of motorcycle accident in which you were involved, The Ward Law Group will help you achieve the maximum amount of compensation possible. In fact, our highest motorcycle accident settlement to date was over $1,250,000! So, don’t leave your claim up to chance. Contact us today to learn about your compensation options!

Maximizing Your Claim: Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

In the event that you get into a motorcycle accident near Kissimmee, remain calm and follow the next steps:

  1. Contact the police: Before doing anything, make sure that you call emergency responders first (including the police). People do reckless things in these kinds of situations. The police will maintain order and document facts about the accident that you can later use for your claims.
  2. Ask for medical help: No matter how badly you are injured, you need to get help as soon as possible to ascertain that everything is OK. The medical staff will document your injuries, which will be instrumental in securing a successful insurance claim.
  3. Document the accident on your own: If you aren’t seriously injured, try to document the details of the accident on your own. This will keep you honest and consistent in the days to follow.
  4. Contact us: If possible, call us as soon as you can after the accident. Our attorneys will process the details of your case to ensure that you aren’t unfairly blamed. You need legal help to get through the process, so feel free to give The Ward Law Group a call.

How the Ward Law Group Help

No matter your native language, our legal team in Kissimmee, FL will help you get the compensation that you deserve. Remember that the people who caused the accident will often try to avoid responsibility in any way they can.

At the same time, even if you have insurance, it doesn’t mean that the insurance company will be keen on paying up. This is why you need people who know their tricks and can help you secure compensation. With over a decade of award-winning experience, The Ward Law Group will guide you to your best outcome.

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