The Best Uber Accident Lawyers in Kissimmee, FL

The advent of ridesharing services like Uber has completely revolutionized the way in which we access our city. Gone are the times that we needed to hail a taxi cab in the absence of more reliable (and affordable) transportation options.

Today, you can schedule an Uber and quickly go anywhere in the city. This is especially useful when you’re coming back from a social gathering and happen to be under the influence. Driving in such a state happens to be not only extremely dangerous, but also, a crime.

This is one of the main reasons why Uber and similar ridesharing services are so popular, particularly among younger generations.

However, accidents can still happen. What if you get into an Uber accident? What if you become seriously injured? Typically, people call an Uber because they expect to experience a safer ride, not because they expect to sustain an injury.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat common. Luckily, our team of Kissimmee, FL uber attorneys is here to provide a helping hand.

The Ward Law Group can help you out if you ever get into an Uber accident. Our team has expert personal injury attorneys with years of experience under their belts. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

What’s more, our firm specializes in serving both the English- and Spanish-speaking communities in Kissimmee, Florida. We understand how difficult it can be for a Spanish-only speaking client to translate all the legal particulars from English. In fact, legal jargon can sound almost alien-like even for native English speakers.

Don’t worry if you only speak Spanish. We will make sure that you fully understand the legal landscape and provide you with the legal guidance that you need.

Personal Injury & Uber Accident Statistics for Kissimmee, Fl

According to The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles report, there were an alarming 388,032 crashes in Florida in 2017.

There are no such statistics for Uber accidents in the Kissimmee area, nor for the entire Florida state, for that matter. Florida doesn’t keep statistics on accidents involving rideshare services.

The same report does show, however, that 42,019 of those car accidents involved commercial vehicles.

We also know that only 10 fatal accidents involving Uber were reported in 2016. In 2015, only 5 fatal collisions involving Uber happened. The Uber driver was at fault in only one of the accidents and he was immediately suspended from the ridesharing service.

What can definitely be concluded here is that Uber does make streets safer. The drivers are thoroughly vetted and rigorously trained to ensure their passengers’ safety. However, this still doesn’t prevent even safe drivers from getting into accidents, because there are plenty of other negligent drivers out there.

This is exactly why we’re here. When the unlikely strikes, The Ward Law Group can provide you with professional and personalized representation in legal matters regarding personal injury. We will make sure that you receive the best possible outcome for your settlement. At The Ward Law Group, your needs come first.

Types of Uber Accident Injuries

According to traffic safety facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes.

The Florida Department of Transportation sets the speed limits at 70 mph, 65 mph, and 60 mph on Interstate highways, four-lane divided highways outside an urban area, and other state highways, respectively.

However, a great number of drivers don’t follow the rules. They go way above the established speed limits, thinking that an accident won’t happen to them. But the speed of their travel significantly determines the risk of injury if they get into an accident.

The most common types of injuries related to Uber accidents include:

  • concussions and other head injuries
  • scrapes and cuts
  • whiplash (muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries)
  • fractures (broken ribs, skull fractures, and other broken bones)
  • knee trauma
  • internal bleeding
  • herniated disc
  • lacerations
  • PTSD, and other psychological injuries.

If you ever get into an Uber accident in Kissimmee, Florida and sustain any of these or other personal injuries, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Ward Law Group specializes in personal injury claims, and we have successfully dealt with a huge number of personal injury cases throughout the years. We can protect your rights and help you get compensation for all of your injuries.

Even if you don’t get injured in the accident, you still have the right to proper compensation. Someone has put your life in danger on the road. If that happens, then you can absolutely depend on The Ward Law Group to secure your best settlement.

Florida Law & Auto Accident Compensation

Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents. The Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law requires all Florida drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage of at least $10,000 as part of their car insurance.

However, the Florida legislature recently passed a new law regarding insurance claims following ridesharing accidents.Uber now has a $1 million insurance plan, requiring drivers to carry a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage for injury, property damage, and wrongful death, together with their PIP insurance.

Florida Uber drivers must also carry $50,000 in liability coverage for personal injury or death if they are logged into the Uber app and pick up a passenger without accepting their ride request.

If you were a passenger in an Uber accident in Kissimmee, Florida (or any other statewide areas), you should seek damage recovery from the driver to receive compensation for your injuries.

Even if you don’t sustain physical injuries, some psychological injuries may resurface later. Whichever the case, you have every right to make an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit.

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. The Ward Law Group can help you get compensated for any and all of your injuries. We can help you out with your personal injury insurance claim and provide legal guidance if the driver was at fault and you wish to file a lawsuit against them.

Maximizing Your Claim: Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

If you get in an Uber accident, the first thing you should do is remain calm. As much as it may seem impossible, staying calm will help you think clearly so that you can take all the right steps to maximize your claim.

Immediately following an Uber accident, you should:

  • File a police report: Your Uber driver is responsible for this step, but they don’t often take it. You would need the police report to file an insurance claim, so be sure to talk to the police to obtain a copy of the report.
  • Talk to any witnesses: If anyone was nearby when the accident happened, be sure to speak with them. Their perspective may greatly help with the police.
  • Get in touch with Uber: Talk to Uber associates to see where you stand with the insurance claim. If the driver was at fault for the crash, Uber’s insurance company may choose not to provide the coverage. In that case, you would need to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance company.
  • Hire a personal injury attorney: This is the most important step you should take. A professional attorney who specializes in personal injury claims will know exactly what to do to help you get the right compensation for your injuries, no matter who was at fault.

How The Ward Law Group Helps

The Ward Law Group can help you secure the compensation that you deserve following an uber accident. This includes compensation for medical bills resulting from your injuries, lost wages, and emotional suffering.

We are a client-centered law firm with a dedicated legal team that aggressively represents each client to ensure the best possible outcome for them. We have both English- and Spanish-speaking attorneys who can help you file all the necessary paperwork and furnish legal documentation of your injuries.

Our attorneys pack years of experience into successfully dealing with personal injury claims following car accidents. If you put your trust in us, we can help you return to financial stability following a traffic accident.

Client Testimonials

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Jany Martinez-Ward is a wizard!

I have no idea how she cut through all the hassles and nightmare situations but she figured it out! I never thought I would have a chance at claiming what was rightfully mine when all the cards seemed to be stacked against me.

The staff is also courteous and professional with a broad knowledge in their field. I would highly recommend The Ward Law Group to anyone in need…

- Christopher H.

A sincere interest in helping you!

This was the only firm I found that was willing to hear me and try to help me despite my position. Other firms went straight to weighing the odds of making money out of it and then discarded me without having any kindness toward the fact that I was injured and needed help…

Extra points as they all speak English and Spanish!

- Nela G.

Definitely recommend this law firm 200%!

Ward Law Group is the BEST law firm! The car accident attorney, Jany Martinez Ward, goes above and beyond to help her clients, and she’s passionate about the results. Their customer service goes beyond measure. Ancelys is always resolving all my issues and answering all my questions.

Jany Martinez Ward and her team are definitely heavenly sent!!!

- Eddie N.

The best personal injury law firm out there!

They helped me from the very beginning to receive the best medical attention, therapy, and legal advice.  Great service and super great energy as people. They never give up and are always ready to fight for the good cause.

I would recommend their service without hesitating. They won my case and thanks to them my injuries were treated. We won our case – settled for what we expected plus more!

- Oswaldo R.

Jany Martinez-Ward is the best car accident attorney in South Florida!

The Ward Law Group is an extraordinary firm that rendered absolutely impeccable service to me throughout the entire process of obtaining my car rental and fixing my vehicle. They fought to make sure that I received great compensation for my case while delivering the absolute best service possible. I would recommend this law firm 100% to anyone involved in a car accident!

- Ashley Z.

Best decision of 2017!

Late last year during hurricane Irma, I was heading home from work when an irresponsible driver T-boned me. I had heard of the Ward Law Group from a very close friend and decided to give them a call. I began treatment promptly after speaking to their investigator, Jonathan, and it was a complete success. My case manager, Amalia, along with her assistants, Karen and Lucy, helped my case go along smoothly and because of them, I received optimal results.

- Alex L.

Very thorough with long-distance service!

This law firm was very professional and thorough! I was living in North Carolina throughout the process and although they are located in Florida, they made my experience very pleasant and straightforward! Cindy was in constant communication with me and would explain all the details needed for my case! Cindy never hesitated to help and answer all my questions from start to finish!

- Diego G.

You can count on my recommendation!

I am very thankful to the Ward Law Group. My case was a bit old, but still within the statute of limitations, which meant we all had to work as quickly as possible. Special thanks to Javier, my first point of contact, who listened very carefully to my long, long dissertation and always provided me with a positive attitude. You can count on my recommendation for any future client!

-T. Lopez

Great fit between knowledge & competitiveness!

My experience with the Ward Law Group was impeccable from beginning to end. Each and every person in our process was professional, respectful, and knowledgeable.

It’s not easy to strike that balance between knowledge and competitiveness. Ward Law has it. Thanks!

- Gonzalo S.

Amazing law firm! Amazing team! Amazing results!

Amazing law firm! Amazing team! Amazing results! Beautiful office!

My case manager was Francis and she did a phenomenal job on my case. I will definitely recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you Ms. Ward!

- Willy M

Phenomenal, dedicated, gets work done!

At first, I was having a hard time with my previous adjuster… Then, God sent me Francis, and all I can say about her is “wowww.” She is phenomenal, dedicated, and above all, she gets work done. I will definitely use the Ward Law Group again if needed.

- Gaby R.

Personalized & professional attention!

If you ever need a lawyer to fight for your rights, The Ward Law Group is the one. You will receive their personalized & professional attention.

- Luis C.

All around amazing!

The Ward Law Group made sure that I got the medical care I needed and kept me informed the entire way. They showed that they truly care about their clients.  I only wish I knew about them when my husband was in a car/motorcycle accident last year. Dealing with other lawyers had left me with a negative outlook on the whole process. But it’s safe to say The Ward Law Group restored it.

- Susana L.

Works day & night to take care of you!

I was blessed to have this wonderful team behind me through this journey. Thanks to Ancelys’ and Jany’s hard work, we won the lawsuit. Lawsuits come with mental anguish that can translate into depression or anxiety. My case was long and filled with constant roadblocks. This did not deter The Ward Law Group in the least. If anything, I felt it made them work harder. This team is so multifaceted, they were able to help me with every aspect of my case.

- Jamie L.

Would recommend them with my eyes shut!

This was the first time that I have ever had such an amazing experience with a law group. They have been very supportive and not just regarding my car, health, and financial compensation. In less than 5 months, they satisfactorily solved all of my problems, one by one.  I would recommend them with my eyes shut. Amazing job!

- Lili V.

Definitely the lion in the room!

Gregory Ward is definitely the lion in the room. He takes pride in defending his clients and carries a powerful family energy. Greg has the wisdom and force to show his magnificent mane and ferocious roar when working his cases. He protects his clients as members of his family. Greg shows strength and a willingness to win the case. Professionalism and honesty. I recommend The Ward Law Group highly.


Fought tooth & nail for our case!

I can’t even begin to say how amazing this group of people is. Back in March of 2016, I was involved in a car accident with another person. Since then, The Ward Law Group has fought tooth and nail for our case.  They never ceased to amaze me. We could email Ancelys at 11pm and she wouldn’t hesitate to answer. We are fortunate to have come across such talented professionals. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Kayleen B.

Above & beyond “excellent!”

Being in an accident is very stressful and not just the emotional part of it. My car was damaged and I sustained some injuries to my spine. Since the moment I contacted The Ward Law Group, everything was so much easier. They have gone above and beyond “excellent.”  I highly recommend that if you are ever involved in a car accident that you immediately contact The Ward Law Group to assist you in the whole recovery process.

-Gloria C.

Increased settlement over 10x the initial amount!

The Ward Law Group provided excellent support and clinical accommodations throughout the entirety of my case. Their responses were prompt with regard to my case or any questions about therapy also. They did an absolutely extraordinary job with my settlement as well, being able to increase the initial settlement offer to over 10 times the amount! I really can’t say enough good things about the way I was treated and how my case was handled.

- Eric M.

Peace during a stressful time in my life!

I highly recommend The Ward Law Group without any reservation and I thank them for giving me much peace during a stressful time in my life. The Ward Law Group put my mind at ease every step of the way and handled my case efficiently and professionally. Very few times we actually find good lawyers who work because they enjoy helping others. Much gratitude!

- Maggie K.

Professionalism & speedy turnaround!

The Ward Law Group is just amazing. The day of my accident was confusing, but they walked me through all the details step-by-step and answered all my questions that day and even during the weeks thereafter. No matter the question, they had an answer. I recently used their services again for a civil matter and experienced the same professionalism and speedy turnaround.

-Victor M.

Secured over $100K for my car accident!

I want to thank The Ward Law Group for their excellent treatment, including my accident lawyer Jany Martinez Ward and her work team. Cindy, Lucy, Karen, and Amalia were all there for me when I needed it the most. They fought for me and were able to secure me $100,000 for my automotive accident. I am eternally grateful for the work that they did – 5 Stars! THANK YOU, Ward Law Group!

- Kevin R.

Effortless for me!

Such a great experience. The entire process from beginning to end was almost effortless for me, the client. They handled the majority of the process/legwork and kept me informed along the way. Francis handled my case and she is extremely professional and courteous as well as great at explaining the next step along the way. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Jany Martinez Ward! So pleased with my outcome.

-Kathy G.

What a success story!

What a success story! The Ward Law Group was so professional and informative with details. At the end of my case, I was very satisfied with the process and my results. Gregory and Jany were very sweet and personable. They made me feel comfortable which is very important due to me being in a major car accident while pregnant. I highly, highly recommend them! Thank you, WARD LAW!

- Pamelha M.

VERY good compensation; very professional!

I got into an accident at the beginning of the year. I was hit by a truck from the rear side. I called The Ward Law Group the next day and came to their office. They treated me with the most utmost respect and were very professional. They made everything easy and helpful. At the end, I received a VERY good compensation. I am very happy with their services and highly recommend them to anyone involved in any type of motor vehicle accident. Thank you to the accident attorney Jany Martinez-Ward!

- Franklin A.

Angels waiting to help those in need!

This law firm is the best you can find. Service is amazing. They are always available. Super attentive and ready to do anything in their power to achieve the objectives that will be needed to obtain success. Don’t hesitate to call this firm if you are ever in a situation involving a personal injury. We won our trial thanks to Jany and Greg Ward. You can’t get a better firm than them for this type of service. They are truly angels waiting to help those in need.

-Mariana R.

Greeted me like I was family!

I want to thank accident attorney Jany Martinez-Ward. The whole process was amazing. My car was a total loss and they helped me with that process. When it was time to pick up my check, I went to the beautiful office they have in Miami Lakes. The receptionist greeted me like I was family. I love how they offered me some Cuban coffee – MY FAVORITE! I am extremely happy with my results. Amazing, professional team at Ward Law. I recommend this firm to anyone who is involved in a car accident.

- Jacqueline A.

Amazing, fast, & effective!

The Ward Law Group is amazing, fast, and very effective. I was in a car accident this year and they really helped me out. I had the pleasure of meeting Jany Martinez-Ward who was my attorney. She is awesome. I also worked with Karen and Lucy and they are two of the nicest ladies I have ever met. They took really good care of me. I recommend this law firm to anyone who really needs help.

- Steve W.

Impeccable guidance!

I am very pleased with the service at Ward Law. From beginning to end, their friendliness, availability, walkthrough, and council has been impeccable. I needed guidance and here I found an efficient guide. Thanks again.

-Miguel M.

The best all around!

I want to thank the Ward Law Group for such a positive experience handling my case! Amalia, Karen, and Lucy went above and beyond, always keeping me up-to-date on my case and getting back to me as fast as they could with any questions I had. Very professional, compassionate, and efficient team. I would highly recommend! Extremely satisfied with their service. Thank you again, Jany Martinez Ward and the entire team for everything. The best all around!

- Nathali H.
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$600,000 – Rental Car Accident
Tourist in a rental car, Oscar Ciriaco, was the victim of a hit-and-run accident that caused serious injuries.
$265,000 – Rideshare Accident
Pregnant woman, Maria Cevallos, was involved in an accident while she was a passenger in a rideshare service.
$600,000 – Truck Accident
Father of two boys as well as twins, Elias Herández, suffered a truck accident on the way to work.
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Cuban immigrant and urban music singer suffered a car accident and with his compensation, he bought a new house.
$121,000 – Commericial Trucking Accident
Christian music singer, Jasmin Vidal, was involved in a commercial truck accident.

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