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Florida’s sunshine, warm temperatures, and incredible natural beauty make it home to countless bicycling aficionados. With this mode of transport representing a healthy, convenient and cost-effective method of getting from one place to another, it stands to reason that growing numbers of active natives and visitors to the Sunshine State participate in it each and every day.

Of course, bicycling carries very real risks, with a startling number of injuries and deaths occurring annually. Those involved in injuries need to get in touch with a skilled injury lawyer quickly following their accidents. If you have been harmed by another party’s negligence while traveling in this way, a consultation with a Kissimmee bicycle accident lawyer is necessary.

Bicycle Accident Basics

Statistical information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that in the year 2013, there were more than 900 bicyclists killed while riding, with another 494,000 subjected to injuries of a nature severe enough to require treatment in an emergency room setting.

It is also worth noting that adolescents and younger adults, combined with those older than 40 are the age groups that experience the highest rates of fatality as a result of bicycle accidents.

Kids and young adults under 24 years of age have been found to suffer the most non-life-threatening, yet serious bicycle injuries. It is evident that the dangers faced by bicyclists are quite real and cannot be ignored.

Potential Injuries

Given the physical forces at play and the lack of protection around those on bicycles, profound harm is a very likely outcome in the event of an accident. The injuries experienced in incidents of this type run the gamut from fairly minor (bruising, cuts and contusions) to those that are permanently disfiguring and disabling.

Spinal cord harm, traumatic brain injury, bone fractures and the like have the ability to produce a lifetime of suffering and financial distress for families. CDC data indicate that medical costs and productivity losses from bicycle accidents total more than $10 billion per year.

Damages Available to Bicycle Accident Claimants

Few things are more tragic than when someone who is simply engaging in a favorite pastime suffers debilitating harm due to the negligence of someone else. Situations of this type routinely yield unexpected financial obligations and employment losses capable of bringing families to the edge of disaster.

For these reasons, the legal system offers victims the ability to pursue payment for:

  • Medical bills (past, present, and future)
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical pain/suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Lasting disfigurement
  • Loss of marital and other relationships
  • Funeral expenses
  • Financial support for dependents left behind in cases of fatality

It must always be borne in mind that the window of time provided for victims to seek redress through the courts is strictly limited by Fla. Stat. §95.11, therefore necessitating prompt consultation with a Kissimmee bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident happens.

Common Types of Accident Scenarios

Bicycle accidents can unfold in any number of ways, and that is why a practitioner with significant experience handling this unique type of claim is critical to a plaintiff’s success. Frequently observed fact patterns producing serious harm to Florida cyclists include:

  • A governmental body’s failure to repair defective street surfaces or properly maintain roads
  • Collisions between emergency response vehicles, city buses or commuter trains
  • Presence of road debris allowed to remain in the path of riders
  • Collisions with fellow cyclists
  • Impacts with car doors suddenly and negligently opened onto the street
  • Dog or other animal pursuits that cause crashes

Given the wide array of ways in which harm can and often does occur, it pays to have the help of an attorney familiar with the most effective ways to establish causation, demonstrate the liability of others and quantify the losses actually experienced by plaintiffs.

Contacting a Kissimmee Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The time period immediately following a serious bicycle crash tends to be characterized by confusion, anger and a vexing uncertainty about where to turn for help.

If you or a loved one have experienced substantial losses and tangible harm because of the negligent acts or omissions of others, a Kissimmee bicycle accident lawyer will waste no time in asserting your right to receive justice.

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