In The Media

Our TV Partners

As the company's liaison for Hispanic audiences, Jany Martinez-Ward is a regular guest on national television programs and local networks in South Florida. Her expertise is often sought out by Univision, Telemundo, Mega TV, America TV, and other stations looking to educate their audiences about changing local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding car accidents. Every opportunity she gets, Jany makes sure to raise awareness about federal laws and regulations that often impact her clients and their loved ones the most. She is known in the community for her dedication to protecting the rights of displaced immigrants. By speaking with the media, she ensures that they are made aware of the rights they are not generally aware of.

Press Conferences

When trauma occurs, victims often feel vulnerable and are at risk of being exploited. Jany and Greg are frequently seen at press conferences advocating for and protecting the rights of their clients.

Our Radio Partners

Thanks to Jany's long relationship with local radio partners, she regularly interacts with Spanish-speaking radio listeners in South Florida. It's her chance to interact with them, answer their legal questions, and keep them informed about relevant laws and regulations.

Articles – Publications – Editorial Press

TMZ.com - Antonio Brown Case

"In his suit, Tumanov -- who was represented by Jeffrey R. Davis of Jeffrey R. Davis P.A. and Michael Lotto of the Ward Law Group in the case -- claimed Brown snapped on him when the two got into a dispute over payment for the services."

Local10.com - Pastor Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

"‘It’s a miracle’: Pastor wakes up after coma to treat head injury from hit-and-run crash A video shows the black Mercedes-Benz that a troubled former porn star said she was driving when she ran over a pastor and left him on the street to die, police said."

WSVN.com - Elderly Couple Speaks Out

"An elderly couple is speaking out about a car crash in Miami that left them with broken bones and bad bruises. Officials said a drunk driver smashed into their car, and the person who made the dangerous decision has now been arrested."

South Florida Business Journal - Best Places to Work 2022

"The Ward Law Group credits its success to its guiding principles of service, accountability, loyalty, leadership and faith. As leaders of the Miami Lakes-based, family-owned law firm, partners Jany Martinez-Ward and Gregory Ward encourage two-way communication, whether with accident victims from within the Hispanic community, or with the firm’s employees."