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People in the South Florida, Hollywood area experience accidents and severe injuries every day. Whether you experience a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall accident, nursing home abuse, or one of the many other types of personal injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced Hollywood personal injury law firm can help accident victims determine their rights and whether or not they can receive compensation for damages.

Who Can Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury victims in Hollywood, Florida who were involved in an accident and injured can potentially file a personal injury claim. Since Florida is a no-fault state , regardless of who caused the accident, your insurance company will cover 80% of your expenses, up to $ 10,000, under your insurance policy.

However, while you can independently file a claim to receive compensation, consulting with a knowledgeable Broward County personal injury law firm for legal advice can help you recover more compensation than what the insurance companies offer. Often, insurance adjusters will quote you a low offer in a personal injury matter, expecting you to accept it. With legal counsel, your personal injury lawyer will know how to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the monetary results you deserve.

Who is Responsible For My Damages?

The answer to this question will entirely depend on the type of accident you are involved in. For an automobile accident, such as a car accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident, the negligent party that caused the accident will likely be responsible for your damages. However, the negligent party (or the negligent party’s insurance company) will only be liable for the damages that exceed the amount your insurance company will pay.

Liability can potentially fall on the following parties in these other common Hollywood personal injury lawsuits.

  • Slip and Fall Accidents. In a premises liability case, the property owner who failed to keep the premises safe for visitors would likely be responsible for any injuries sustained on their property.
  • Nursing Home Abuse. Liability can fall on the abuser as well as the nursing home itself for failing to protect the patient or resident on their site.
  • Truck Accidents. In addition to potentially holding the fault driver responsible, you may also be able to hold the employer responsible if they failed to abide by any mandatory regulations for truck companies.
  • Medical Malpractice. In medical malpractice cases, the doctor, and potentially the hospital, can be held responsible for damages.
  • Boating Accidents. The boat driver who was driving the boat and caused the accident could potentially be held responsible.
  • Bus Accidents. The bus driver and employer may be held responsible. 

Also, in many situations, if there was a defect in the vehicle, you may potentially hold the manufacturer responsible for any damages you incurred from the accident.

Florida’s negligence laws state that Florida is a comparative fault state . This Florida law states that anyone who sustains injuries in an accident will have the total amount of entitled compensation decreased by the amount of fault they played in the accident. This means that if you were 25% at fault for an accident, the total amount of compensation you would be entitled to will be reduced by 25%.

Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyers

What Kind of Cases Does a Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer take on?

Personal injury law encompasses many practice areas. We are experienced personal injury lawyers that can take on many types of cases, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Boating accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Lyft/Uber accidents
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Construction accidents
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Insurance claims

Each of these types of cases can involve some form of negligence. To prove negligence, you must be able to show that the other party 1) owed you a duty of care, 2) breached that duty of care, 3) that breach caused your injuries, and 4) you actually sustained injuries.

Common Causes of Accidents That Lead to Personal Injury Lawsuits in Hollywood

Though negligence is the commonality in all personal injury lawsuits, there are various common reasons for each type of personal injury claim. The most common causes for Hollywood auto accidents include:

  • Distracted driving (such as sending text messages while driving, making a phone call while driving, eating while driving, not paying attention to the road, or anything else that distracts one while driving)
  • Drunk driving
  • Failing to abide by traffic laws (such as running red lights or failing to stop at stop signs)
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Dangerous conditions for weather
  • Fatigue

The most common causes for nursing home neglect and abuse claims include:

  • Inadequate staffing
  • Underfunding
  • Stressed and overworked staff
  • Improper training
  • Failing to properly vet employees
  • Hiring without running background checks
  • Failing to give residents medications when needed
  • Improper medical care for health problems and physical pain
  • Failing to move residents and patients regularly
  • Failing to report signs of illness or infection
  • Isolating vulnerable residents
  • Failing to provide wheelchairs, walkers, or canes
  • Failing to change clothes regularly
  • Failing to bathe residents
  • Failing to change clothing or bedding of residents who soil themselves
  • Not cleaning residents’ rooms
  • Providing unsafe food or water to residents

The most common causes for slip and fall accidents include:

  • Wet floors
  • Uneven floors
  • Spills on floors
  • Environmental conditions
  • Unsafe ladders
  • Unsafe stairs
  • Improper safety practices
  • Lack of fencing
  • Loose or unanchored mats or rugs
  • Property owners failing to keep an area safe

The most common causes for boat accidents include:

  • Drunk operation of the boat
  • Driver inattention to surroundings
  • Driver inexperience
  • Speeding
  • Machinery failure
  • Violating navigational rules
  • Dangerous waters

The most common causes for medical malpractice claims include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Issues at childbirth
  • Communication errors
  • Failure to treat

Each of these accidents can lead to serious injuries, including:

  • Back injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Death

The amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive will depend on your specific case and the information collected; However, if you have minor injuries, serious physical injuries, or property damage, you should contact experienced attorneys for free legal consultation to learn about the compensatory damages and punitive damages you may be entitled to receive.

How Do No-Fault or PIP Benefits Apply to a Florida Case?

As we mentioned, Florida is a no-fault state. This legal implication means that regardless of who caused the accident in the FL area, you will always go to your own insurance company first to recover compensation for your claim.

The state utilizes the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance requirements to provide injured drivers with immediate medical coverage for up to $10,000, rather than forcing drivers to go through the difficult process of court order to receive compensation from the other party. However, this does not mean that you cannot recover from the at-fault party or another third party. For any expenses over $10,000, you may be entitled to recover from the negligent party that caused your injuries.

It is crucial that you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn about your legal rights and the best way to recover compensation from another party that caused your injuries. Seeking guidance is a very important decision – visit our website today to see if we can help.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for My Injuries?

The amount of compensation a personal injury victim could potentially receive for their injuries will vary based on the facts of each case. A lawyer will help you evaluate each of the following factors to determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical costs and medical expenses
  • Any lost wages due to missing work
  • Loss of future income (due to your inability to work or if you are filing a wrongful death lawsuit)
  • Loss of companionship (this would only be applicable in a wrongful death claim)
  • Any pain and suffering you experienced (also known as non-economic damages)
  • Emotional distress in the daily lives of victims and families

An insurance adjuster will try to offer the lowest amount possible to you. It is a good idea to not accept any settlement offer before consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

What Should I Do After a Personal Injury in Hollywood, Florida?

Injuries are widespread in Hollywood Florida. In such an instance, you should always first ensure that you are safe. If you are injured, you should immediately seek medical attention. Whether you go to the emergency room, your general doctor, or a healthcare clinic, your injuries must be checked to make sure you can get the medical help you need. Even if you do not feel like you are injured, you should consider going to a medical professional anyways, as some injuries do not appear until after the accident.

Once you’ve received medical attention, you should gather all of the relevant evidence and documents to support your claim. This can include a police report, any witness statements, any notes you had about the accident scene, and all of your medical records before and after the accident. These medical records will provide proof of your medical expenses and help secure the correct amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

You should consult with a Hollywood Personal Injury Law Firm as soon as possible to receive personal attention on your case. A knowledgeable law firm will ensure that you understand your rights and file any claim before the statute of limitations runs out. A personal injury lawyer will help handle all communications with the insurance companies and other parties involved in the lawsuit, they will help advise you through any investigation procedures, they will handle your sensitive information with care, and they will help you gather all of the evidence you need to support your claim.

How Can I Prove my Injuries in a Personal Injury Case?

To prove your injuries, you must have detailed records of the following to help support your claim:

  • Notes from the accident scene
  • Photographs from the accident location
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Any written reports (i.e., police reports) of the accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records before the accident
  • Medical records after the accident
  • Emergency room records
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts for any medical expenses
  • Receipts and records for rehabilitation costs
  • Psychological records (if available)
  • Hospital records
  • Work records

It can be overwhelming to not only experience an accident but also have to gather evidence for your case. A Hollywood personal injury lawyer can help you throughout the entire process, ensuring you gather everything you need to support your lawsuit. With our team, you are in good hands.

How can I File a Personal Injury Claim in Hollywood, Florida?

Hollywood Florida waterways with boats

First, you should determine whether your PIP coverage will cover the entire amount of your damages or if you need to pursue a legal claim against the other party. This step is necessary because it will be difficult to calculate the total amount of damages you may be entitled to without understanding the extensiveness of your costs; nonetheless, it may be a daunting task.

For this reason alone, it is vital to contact a lawyer with extensive knowledge who can help you determine the amount of damages you currently have and any future damages you expect as a result of the accident.

When Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

You will have to ensure that you file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out. Florida’s statute of limitations with respect to personal injury claims is four years. This means that Florida law permits you to seek compensation from the other responsible party if you file your lawsuit within four years from the accident date.

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Why Should I Hire a Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer?

Studies have shown that those who hire a personal injury lawyer to help them pursue a claim end up receiving more in total compensation than those who don’t. Besides the total amount of compensation you may be entitled to, a personal injury lawyer is there for you during a challenging time to help make your life easier.

A compassionate legal team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you understand your rights and what is happening in the legal process. They will also handle all negotiations and communications with the other parties and insurance companies to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

How Much do Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid?

While some Hollywood personal injury law firms work off an hourly rate or fixed rate of attorney fees, here at Ward Law, we charge no fee unless you recover compensation for your injuries. This is known as a contingency fee basis and aligns the law firm’s goals with the client’s goals.

What Should I look for When Hiring a Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer?

When looking for a Hollywood personal injury lawyer, you should always make sure that the person you choose as your legal representative is:

  • Transparent with their processes
  • Timely with all of their work
  • Knowledgeable about all personal injury claims
  • Has good communication skills with their clients and each other

Here at Ward Law, we pride ourselves on exemplifying all of these qualities; we are here to help you through this difficult time. Fill out this contact form for a free case evaluation , so that we can help you determine your rights as an injury victim.

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