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Were you injured in a car accident in The Hammocks, Florida? If another driver’s negligence caused your injuries or damages, you might be entitled to compensation. The experienced Hammocks car accident lawyers at Ward Law can help you determine your legal rights and whether or not you have a claim. We help guide victims of car accidents every step of the way to receiving financial compensation.

How common are car accidents in The Hammocks?

Traffic accidents are a serious problem throughout the United States and certainly in Central and South Florida. Each year, there are thousands of car accidents in Miami-Dade and surrounding counties, including Palm Beach County. In Miami-Dade County, in 2019 alone, there were 65,143 crashes, resulting in 31,698 injuries and 298 fatalities. Almost every day, there are news stories about car crashes on the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike, where thousands of people commute into Coral Gables and Miami from The Hammocks, corporate home of computer hardware company Alienware.

What types of car accidents do The Hammocks car accident attorneys handle?

No matter what type of motor vehicle or auto accident individualsJany Martinez-Ward and Greg Ward experience, it is crucial to receive a free case evaluation to determine whether you can receive recovery from the responsible party. You do not have to go through this difficult time alone. The Hammocks car accident attorneys at Ward Law handle a wide range of different types of accidents.

  • Buses. Many residents of The Hammocks take buses to commute to work in nearby Coral Gables, Miami, and surrounding areas. Our attorneys are highly trained to handle accidents involving the public, charter, and school buses, which can often differ greatly from a typical car crash, given the sheer mass of buses and the fact that buses carry many more passengers than average vehicles.
  • Trucks. Like buses, crashes involving commercial trucks are different from a typical car crash. The incident may involve multiple cars, and the trucking company, rather than an individual owner, is often sued. Our attorneys will perform legal research to determine the truck owner and, therefore, the correct person or entity to sue after you’ve been injured in an accident involving a truck.
  • Drunk driving. This is a serious problem in Florida and specifically in Miami and surrounding areas. Every day in Miami-Dade County, drunk drivers cause crashes on our roads, inflicting serious injuries on the victims.
  • If a drunk driver injured you in The Hammocks, you have the right to recover money from them for your injuries. Our attorneys can help you recover compensation for your injuries. We have experience handling all types of drunk driving accidents, including T-bone collisions, hit-and-run accidents, sideswipe crashes, accidents involving bicycles and motorcycles, property damage caused by a drunk driver, and others. If a drunk driver injured you, the attorneys at Ward Law can explain your legal options and remedies, including who may be held liable in a drunk driving accident.
  • Victims of a drunk driving accident often don’t know that several persons (not just the drunk driver) may be held liable and be required to pay for the victim’s injuries. Persons who may be held liable for a drunk driving accident could include the driver himself, the bar owner who served the alcohol to the drunk driver, a party host who served alcohol to the drunk driver, a doctor or other medical professional who neglected to warn the impaired driver of potential side effects of prescription medication, and a truck or bus driver’s employer if the employer had reason to know the driver was impaired.
  • Ride-sharing. More than ever, people living in The Hammocks use ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber to commute to and from the Miami area. Ride-sharing services raise unique issues with regard to liability for injuries caused by car accidents. Specifically, Lyft is considered a technology firm rather than a taxi service, which means that drivers for Lyft are considered independent contractors, not employees. If you’re involved in an accident while using Lyft, your claim likely will be against the Lyft driver rather than the Lyft company. Because lawsuits against Lyft and other ride-sharing services differ greatly from lawsuits involving normal car accidents, it’s important to contact an attorney who can assist you in determining the person or entity to sue to recover for your injuries.
  • Head-on collisions. Perhaps the most dangerous type of car accident you’ll ever be in is a head-on collision. Head-on collisions are often caused by distracted or fatigued driving, but sometimes it’s because a drunk driver is driving in the wrong lane altogether. For obvious reasons (the speed of the cars, plus the force of them colliding), head-on collisions can be particularly dangerous and lead to severe injuries, even death. It’s important to contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you’re involved in a head-on collision so the attorney can start to assess your injuries and investigate your claim. With distracted driving head-on collisions, the attorney’s research may include subpoenaing cell phone records to determine whether either driver was texting just before the accident. Victims’ injuries from head-on collisions may include brain damage, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, whiplash, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and even dismemberment. If you are injured in a head-on collision, it is critical to contact a car accident attorney immediately. It’s also important to start documenting your claim by gathering evidence from the crash, including photographs, the police accident report, and other documents.
  • Others. Other accidents where we help our clients file a personal injury claim include motorcycle accidents, wrongful death cases, and fatal accidents.

Whether you experienced severe damages or serious injuries, the first step is to contact experienced personal injury lawyers to understand the details of your case. Accident victims should never accept a settlement offer from insurance adjusters without first consulting with an experienced law firm.

What are the common causes of car accidents in The Hammocks?

No one wants or expects to be in a car accident, but the fact is that most people are involved in three to four car accidents during their lifetime, with most of us having been in at least one accident by the age of 34. The most common types of car accidents in The Hammocks and surrounding Miami areas are caused by distracted driving, drunk driving, reduced visibility due to bad weather, aggressive driving, mechanical failures, and speeding.

Why is a lawyer important to my car accident case in The Hammocks?

If you are injured in a car accident in The Hammocks, a personal injury attorney is invaluable to helping you understand your legal rights and how you can recover the highest amount of compensation for your claims. Insurance companies have a financial interest in paying out the lowest amount of coverage possible for your claim. Without an attorney representing you, you may not receive nearly as much as you deserve for your injuries. Therefore, it’s imperative to contact an attorney immediately after you’ve been injured in a car accident.
An attorney will work hard to make sure that you receive the most compensation possible for your injuries. Your attorney will gather valuable evidence from your accident to piece together the car accident’s causes and determine who was at fault. Important documents and records include the police report, your medical records documenting any medical care following the accident, photographs or videos of the crash or crash site, driving records, and expert witness statements. Your attorney can gather all of these important documents and records and will also handle all communications with insurance companies and third parties, such as medical providers.

What damages can I receive after a car accident?

When another person’s careless or negligent driving has caused you injuries, you have the right to recover different types of compensation. These include the following:

  • Property damages, including physical damage to your car and numerous hidden costs, like towing fees and rental car costs.
  • Medical costs, such as medical bills for hospital or doctor visits, occupational or physical therapy, and emergency surgery.
  • Lost wages, like earnings for missed work after the injury while you recover.
  • Loss of earning capacity, which refers to a decreased earning capacity in the future due to a severe, long-term injury.
  • Injuries for pain and suffering, which include emotional distress and trauma.

Should I see a doctor after a car accident?

Yes. You should immediately see a doctor if you’re in a car accident so the doctor can assess your injuries. You should also follow up with your doctor weeks or even months after the accident because sometimes injuries aren’t apparent immediately after the accident.

Who is liable for a car accident case in Florida?

Florida is a comparative fault state, which means that if you’re partially at fault for the accident, then a court may reduce your damages according to your degree of fault.
For example, if the court finds that you were 20% percent at fault, then the court would reduce the amount of money it awards you by 20%.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover all of my expenses?

Florida law requires every driver to maintain $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This means that if you’re in a car accident, up to $10,000 should be paid by your insurance company. Because injuries often exceed the PIP amount, it’s important to have a personal injury attorney on your side. Your attorney can explain to you the most money you may be entitled to recover, as well as the process you’ll go through to obtain your money (i.e., taking legal action against the at-fault party).
It’s important to have an attorney because damages in car accidents often exceed what insurance will cover. Also, the insurance company may try to get you to accept an amount of money well under what an attorney can get for you. Don’t leave it up to the insurance company to determine what your claim is worth.

When do I have to file a claim by in Florida?

Florida law requires you to file a lawsuit within four years of the time of your accident. If you don’t file a claim within four years, you may be barred from initiating your case. It’s important to contact a lawyer soon after your car accident, while the records are still fresh and your injuries may be the most apparent. At the least, your lawyer can start early in building your case to make sure that your lawsuit is filed well before the four years runs.

Why is a Hammocks personal injury lawyer important to my case?

If you’re injured in a car accident in The Hammocks, it’s important to get an attorney on your side to represent you. Insurance companies want policyholders to accept the lowest amount of coverage possible. An attorney will explain your legal rights and will fight for your right to obtain the highest amount of money possible for your damages.

How much will a car accident law firm charge me?

A car accident law firm charges nothing upfront for legal services and will be paid only if you win your lawsuit. If you win your lawsuit, most personal injury attorneys will charge what is called a contingency fee. When we agree to represent you in your case, we will explain your contingency fee in detail, and there will be no hidden fees. Remember, you pay us nothing upfront for legal representation, and we only get paid for our services if you win your case.
If another person injured you in a car accident in The Hammocks, our attorneys are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us immediately if you’ve been injured. The initial consultation is free.

When should I contact The Hammocks car accident lawyer?

If you’re in a car accident in The Hammocks, you should call a personal injury attorney immediately. Our attorneys have numerous offices in Central and South Florida, including Miami, Miami LakesKissimmee, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. Fill out our contact form, call or send a text message to us at Ward Law for a free consultation.

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